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  • Family Crisis: Coming to Terms - Mama June: From Not to Hot

    June 21, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction June is shocked by Anna's custody plans for her daughter Kaitlyn. Josh surprises Pumpkin as she explores a new career. Alana & Dralin's future is uncertain as he heads to court. With Anna's health declining, Pumpkin considers having a family party.
  • The Machine Who Would Be Empire - My Adventures with Superman

    June 22, 2024

    Animation Kidnapped and far from home, Superman bonds with his cousin KARA…and discovers the TRUTH about Krypton from the last Kryptonians in existence!
  • Get Me Off this Rollercoaster - Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

    June 20, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction Jade and Sean's newlywed bliss ends as they homeschool Kloie. Maci gives Bentley his first driving lesson. Cheyenne and Cory clash over holiday plans. Leah finds her dad a treatment center. Briana is shocked when Roxanne discusses her substance misuse.
  • Love Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry - Tyler Perry's Sistas

    June 19, 2024

    Drama Andi and Hayden make a shocking discovery on the Marie-Willis case. Danni seeks advice on how to best apologize to Tony.
  • Opportunity Cost - Alone

    June 20, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction As five new survivalists begin their first days in the Mackenzie River Delta they are met with an abundance of challenges in the uncharted Arctic terrain. When opportunity presents itself to the participants, will they be able to capitalize on the moment? One participant loses a critical item while another embarks on the hunt of a lifetime.
  • Enter the Circle - Alone

    June 13, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction In Alone's most remote location, ten new survivalists must survive north of the Arctic Circle as they face the cold and dwindling sun for a chance to win $500,000. While the participants prepare for frigid temperatures and dangerous predators, the Mackenzie River Delta begins to test each survivalist. With signs of grizzly bears and wolves all around, one survivalist learns the biggest danger could be himself.
  • The Heirs of the Dragon - House of the Dragon

    August 21, 2022

    Drama Viserys hosts a tournament to celebrate the birth of his second child. Rhaenyra welcomes her uncle Daemon back to the Red Keep.
  • Is This My Life? - Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up

    June 17, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction During a whirlwind trip to New York City, Gypsy Rose comes face to face with her newfound celebrity status, but quickly starts to question if she's cut out for the spotlight. As the outpouring of love on social media suddenly gives way to hateful DMs and death threats, Gypsy tries to tune out the noise and focus instead on her journey towards self-acceptance and planning a wedding reception with Ryan.
  • So This Is Freedom? - Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up

    June 3, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction With the world watching in anticipation, and her family eagerly awaiting a reunion, Gypsy Rose Blanchard is released from prison after serving eight and a half years for her role in the murder of her mother. In her first 12 hours of freedom, Gypsy is chased by paparazzi, threatened with a parole violation if she doesn't leave the state of Missouri immediately, and reveals whether she has consummated her marriage. Gypsy's first taste of freedom leaves her fearful of going back to prison.
  • Cruising to a Win - Top Chef

    June 19, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction For the season's final challenge, the three remaining chefs must create the best four-course progressive meal of their careers.
  • Independence is Scary - Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up

    June 10, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction Fearing a violation of her probation, Gypsy works to resolve issues with her parole officer. Ryan questions Kristy's motivations when he learns she's been in contact with Gypsy's ex-fiance, Ken. Gypsy settles into her new life in Lake Charles, but having been dependent on her mother her entire existence, she worries about what she can contribute to her marriage with Ryan. Rod and Gypsy share a father-daughter moment three decades in the making.
  • Milk Duds, A Ring, And a Baby - Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

    June 13, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction Leah's ex Jeremy harasses her at work, leaving Addie in the crossfire. Jade and Sean's newlywed bliss ends as they homeschool Kloie. Amber questions her future with Leah. Mackenzie and Khesanio celebrate their anniversary. Cate lets Nova to see April.
  • Don't Cross the Caro-line - The Real Housewives of Dubai

    June 18, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction Caroline Stanbury undergoes hypnotherapy to confront her past. Lesa tries to convince her mother to move to Dubai.
  • Gifts & Receipts - The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    June 16, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction Hostility remains at an all-time high between Teresa, Louie and the Fudas following their attempted sit down. Dolores discusses Paulie's recent job proposal with her mom and daughter.
  • All For the D - Tyler Perry's Sistas

    June 12, 2024

    Drama Gary's savagery continues as he plants a seed in Jordan's head about Andi, all while screwing Hayden's girl right in their home. When Karen finds out Danni is telling her business, the tension between the women grows, resulting in a heated argument.
  • Magic Xylophone - Bluey

    October 1, 2018

    Kids & Family As Bluey and Bingo squabble over their magic xylophone (that has the power to freeze Dad in space and time) Dad seizes control and freezes Bluey, leaving Bingo as her only hope.
  • The Delaneys - Apples Never Fall

    March 14, 2024

    Drama When retiree Joy Delaney suddenly disappears, her children suspect foul play.
  • The Rogue Prince - House of the Dragon

    August 28, 2022

    Drama Rhaenyra oversteps at the Small Council. Viserys is urged to secure the succession through marriage. Daemon announces his intentions.
  • Graves Concern - The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

    June 18, 2024

    Nonfiction When a former Navy pilot and UAP whistleblower visits the ranch, an incredible event takes place that leaves the entire team in disbelief.
  • Draft Day - All American

    June 17, 2024

    Drama With Draft Day around the corner, Spencer (Daniel Ezra) celebrates the big day by making some lavish purchases. Meanwhile, Olivia (Samantha Logan) unveils her book to her family but worries that no one will show up to her first book signing. Elsewhere, Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) stresses over who his best man will be, and Asher (Cody Christian) faces an uncertain future at Coastal.
  • A Wiener Schnitzel and Underwear in a Tree - Young Sheldon

    February 15, 2024

    Comedy News of the tornado reaches Sheldon and Mary in Germany. Also, with the Cooper house in chaos, Missy steps up, on the season seven premiere of Young Sheldon.
  • Drifting Standards - Below Deck Mediterranean

    June 17, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction Capt. Sandy welcomes back a charter guest with high expectations. A deckhand and a guest drift too far away at sea, leaving Capt. Sandy questioning her bosun.
  • The Black Queen - House of the Dragon

    October 23, 2022

    Drama While mourning a tragic loss, Rhaenyra tries to hold the realm together, and Daemon prepares for war.
  • The Secret of the Spoons - American Gods

    June 8, 2017

    Drama As Mr. Wednesday begins recruitment for the coming battle, Shadow Moon travels with him to Chicago, and agrees to a very high stakes game of checkers with the old Slavic god, Czernobog.
  • My Big Fat Greek Yacht Emergency - Below Deck Mediterranean

    June 3, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction Capt. Sandy embarks on a new charter season in Athens, Greece. She welcomes back familiar face Aesha Scott to serve as her chief steward.
  • Gimme Shelter - Law & Order

    September 22, 2022

    Drama A young girl is shot and Cosgrove teams with Det. Jalen Shaw to track down her killer.
  • Reunion, Pt. 2 - Summer House

    June 13, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction The dramatic reunion concludes as West and Ciara consider their future. Amanda makes an emotional revelation about her health.
  • Jeremy & Alex - Catfish: The TV Show

    June 18, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction In his small town, Jeremy struggled to find other gay men to date until Alex. But when Alex dropped a bombshell that he wasn't the man who Jeremy thought he was dating, Nev and guest co-host Arlissa dig deep for the crazy truth!
  • Funeral - Young Sheldon

    May 16, 2024

    Comedy YOUNG SHELDON ends its seven-year run with a must-see two-episode series finale. Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik reprise their roles as Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler in an unforgettable hour of television, on the series finale of YOUNG SHELDON.
  • Memoir - Young Sheldon

    May 16, 2024

    Comedy YOUNG SHELDON ends its seven-year run with a must-see two-episode series finale. Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik reprise their roles as Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler in an unforgettable hour of television, on part two of the series finale of YOUNG SHELDON.
  • Head Full of Snow - American Gods

    June 8, 2017

    Drama Shadow questions the terms of his employment when Mr. Wednesday informs him of his plan to rob a bank (because, naturally, every army needs a source of funding).
  • Gen X Auditions - MasterChef: Generations

    June 19, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction The auditions conclude as the Gen X chefs take over the kitchen. Each contestant has 45 minutes to prepare a signature dish that will impress the judges and secure one of the final five spots in the competition.
  • The Old Folks Wished Them Well - Unexpected

    June 18, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction Lilly asks Kim to help her with school drop-off as Lawrence works. Aniyah and Dakwon bring their families to an ultrasound. Things take a turn as Aniyah ends up in the ER. Emalee tells her dad about her plans to move in with Nate's family.
  • Winter Is Coming - Game of Thrones

    April 17, 2011

    Sci-Fi & Fantasy Series Premiere. A Night's Watch deserter is tracked down outside of Winterfell, prompting swift justice from Lord Eddard 'Ned' Stark, and raising concerns about the dangers in the lawless lands north of the Wall. Returning home, Ned learns from his wife Catelyn that his mentor, Jon Arryn, has died in the Westeros capital of King's Landing, and that King Robert is on his way north to offer Ned the position as the King's Hand. Meanwhile, across the Narrow Sea in Pentos, Viserys Targaryen hatches a plan to win back the throne by forging an allegiance with the nomadic Dothraki warriors by giving its leader, Khal Drogo, his lo
  • One Hundred Years is Nothing - Yellowstone

    November 13, 2022

    Drama John Dutton is sworn in as Governor of Montana. As John settles into the powers of his new office, he makes bold moves to protect the Yellowstone from his opponents. The bunkhouse and the Duttons enjoy the Governor's ball.
  • Second of His Name - House of the Dragon

    September 4, 2022

    Drama Daemon and the Sea Snake battle the Crabfeeder. The realm celebrates Aegon’s second nameday. Rhaenyra faces the prospect of marriage.
  • Daybreak - Yellowstone

    June 20, 2018

    Drama Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton, patriarch of a Montana ranching family, and owner of the largest ranch in the U.S. It's the story of Dutton's fight to defend his land and his family from the modern-day forces that threaten his way of life.
  • The Sopranos - The Sopranos

    January 21, 1999

    Drama In the series premiere, after suffering a series of mysterious anxiety attacks, New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano agrees to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Jennifer Melfi. As he opens up to the doctor, Tony reveals details about his problems at home and at work that involve his wife Carmela, his kids Meadow and Anthony Jr., his Uncle Junior and his domineering mother Livia.
  • Who Can I Run To - Tyler Perry's Sistas

    June 5, 2024

    Drama Andi is presented with an offer to help take Gary down once and for all. Danni and Fatima can't seem to keep Karen's big news to themselves.
  • The Green Council - House of the Dragon

    October 17, 2022

    Drama While Alicent enlists Cole and Aemond to track down Aegon, Otto gathers the great houses of Westeros to affirm their allegiance.
  • Git Gone - American Gods

    June 8, 2017

    Drama Alternating between the past and the present, Laura’s life and death are explored—how she met Shadow, how she died, and how exactly she came to be sitting on the edge of his motel room bed.
  • Tooth Crack Down - 60 Days In

    June 20, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction Three more participants enter general population as Corey's dental distress sends him over the edge.
  • Rude Awakening - Alone Australia

    March 27, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction 10 participants arrive in New Zealand's South Island. It's a whole new environment, where they'll have to contend with brutal conditions, flash flooding, earthquakes and very different flora and fauna. This time participants can hunt with a bow and arrow with stout and red deer on the menu.
  • Margs & Marriage - The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    June 9, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction Teresa invites Jackie over for a friendly visit. An innocent conversation between Dolores and Paul takes a sour turn when his divorce becomes the focus.
  • A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture - Young Sheldon

    May 9, 2024

    Comedy George Sr. gets an exciting job offer, and Sheldon prepares for his move to California.
  • Cigarettes, Whiskey, A Meadow and You - Yellowstone

    December 11, 2022

    Drama The Duttons and the Yellowstone enjoy an almost perfect day branding cattle. Montana gets an unexpected visitor from outside. Sarah continues to sink her teeth into Jamie. Rainwater deals with a challenger from within.
  • Watch 'Em Ride Away - Yellowstone

    December 4, 2022

    Drama John tells Clara to cancel his Capitol meetings to brand cattle with the Yellowstone cowboys. Beth's disdain for a perceived rival reaches a boiling point.
  • Dance Moms: The Reunion - Dance Moms

    May 1, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction Includes new interviews with fan favorite dancers as they look back at the most memorable moments of the series and discuss the good, the bad and everything in-between including the lasting impact on their entertainment careers. Joined by moms Jessalynn Siwa, Kelly Hyland, Jill Vertes, Kira Hilliker and special appearance by Christi Lukasiak, the original Dance Moms cast discusses some of the most controversial headlines since the show aired, catches fans up on what they are doing now and provides some shocking revelations as the Dance Moms drama comes full circle.
  • Things Done Changed - All American

    April 1, 2024

    Drama It’s the start of a new school year and Spencer (Daniel Ezra) and Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) are officially eligible to enter the NFL draft, placing Spencer at the center of the media spotlight. Olivia (Samantha Logan) returns to LA after being changed by her time in London. Layla (Greta Onieogou) plans for the opening of her new lounge which will feature Patience’s (Chelsea Tavares) first performance since being stabbed. Elsewhere, Asher (Cody Christian) and Jaymee (guest star Miya Horcher) navigate their new lives as parents to baby AJ. Bre-Z, Monet Mazur and Karimah Westbrook also star.
  • The Next Episode - All American

    June 10, 2024

    Drama When a couples’ trip doesn’t go as planned, Spencer (Daniel Ezra) volunteers the Vortex’s help at South Crenshaw High’s production of Romeo and Juliet. Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) and Layla (Greta Onieogou) receive news from their wedding venue that leaves them each feeling conflicted. Elsewhere, a new development in Miko’s trial leads Coop (Bre-Z) to make a risky move. Finally, Laura (Monet Mazur) prepares for her first date, and Asher (Cody Christian) and Jaymee (guest star Miya Horcher) attempt to reconnect.
  • Till Death Do Us Part - Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

    May 30, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction The moms come together to celebrate and cut loose at Jade and Sean's wedding! But with a court date looming will Jade's mom be able walk her daughter down the aisle? Cheyenne and Zach clash over having another baby while Ashley contemplates divorce.
  • Sneak, Sip, and Sink - Below Deck Mediterranean

    June 10, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction The charter guests find themselves still without provisions, but two deckhands save the day by securing a surprise from a neighboring boat.
  • Desmond's Big Day Out - Smiling Friends

    January 9, 2022

    Animation A small company dedicated to bringing happiness to the world receives a simple request to help a woman's unhappy son smile again, but the job turns out to be more complicated than it seems.
  • Ecw - Biography: WWE Legends

    June 16, 2024

    Nonfiction During the mid-90s, a cultural awakening was taking place in American society. Grunge music and crash TV were all the rage, and a wave of brazen attitude was sweeping the country. Spearheaded by brash industry visionary Paul Heyman, a small upstart wrestling promotion in Philadelphia harnessed this societal shift and began presenting a completely alternative product. Tables & barbed wire replaced handshakes & headlocks, authentic personalities replaced the cartoon characters come-to-life, and the live audience evolved from mere spectators to being an integral part of the show. Unfortunately, the same risky presentation tha
  • Lemon Scented You - American Gods

    June 8, 2017

    Drama Trying to work things out with his dead and unfaithful wife, Shadow’s emotional reunion is interrupted when he and Mr. Wednesday are kidnapped by the New Gods.
  • A Roulette Wheel and a Piano Playing Dog - Young Sheldon

    February 22, 2024

    Comedy Sheldon realizes he is the weakest student in his class; Meemaw is looking to expand her gambling business.
  • The Dream Is Not Me - Yellowstone

    December 18, 2022

    Drama John deals with a problem with his herd. Senator Perry delivers news to Rainwater. Jamie and Sarah plan their next move. The entire Yellowstone enjoys a rare evening of fun together. Beth discusses a new business plan with the ranch in mind.
  • A Knife and No Coin - Yellowstone

    January 1, 2023

    Drama Jamie goes through with his plan. John has an ask for Monica, and lends support to an unexpected friend. The Yellowstone cowboys embark on a big change. A flashback reveals a source of Rip's loyalty.
  • Pilot - Miami Vice

    September 16, 1984

    Drama Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson), an undercover cop for the Miami Vice Department and Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas), a New York street cop, unwillingly team up on assignment to apprehend a Colombian cocaine smuggler in this two-hour pilot episode of the explosive, groundbreaking detective series, "Miami Vice".
  • Beach - Elmo's World

    August 13, 2007

    Kids & Family Elmo and friends learn all about the beach; where beaches are located, what sand is made of, what creatures live there, and more!
  • A Long Time Coming (Part 3 Of 3) - NCIS: Los Angeles

    January 9, 2023

    Drama While Agent Rountree and Fatima are searching for Kilbride, who has been MIA, they are ambushed and learn that every member of the team has a $200,000 bounty on their head via the dark web.
  • Maybe This Is the Gary For You - Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

    June 6, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction Mackenzie is back and on a new adventure with her boyfriend Khesanio. Amber surprises the moms with her new boyfriend and navigates tension with Leah. Cheyenne sees a fertility doctor. Cate keeps her daughters from her mom. Leah offers to help her dad.
  • Friendship On the Rocks - The Real Housewives of Dubai

    June 11, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction Caroline Brooks continues to spiral over Caroline Stanbury's comments. Ayan launches a new business venture.
  • The Magical Red Jewel (aka Tyler Gets Fired) - Smiling Friends

    June 16, 2024

    Animation The Boss and Pim fight for their lives in a mysterious world called Spamtopia. Meanwhile, Charlie confronts Allan over something serious.
  • Most Eligible Superman - My Adventures with Superman

    June 15, 2024

    Animation Lois and Clark’s relationship is pushed to the breaking point when SUPERMAN is named METROPOLIS’ MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR! Meanwhile, Jimmy gives a cute girl a tour of the city…a girl on a mission to FIND HER LONG-LOST COUSIN…
  • King of the Narrow Sea - House of the Dragon

    September 11, 2022

    Drama After Rhaenyra cuts short her tour of Westeros, Daemon introduces the princess to the Street of Silk after dark.
  • The Lord of the Tides - House of the Dragon

    October 9, 2022

    Drama Six years later. With the Driftmark succession suddenly critical, Rhaenyra attempts to strike a bargain with Rhaenys.
  • The V.V.I.P. - The Real Housewives of Dubai

    June 2, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction The ladies of Dubai are back and bringing the heat. Caroline Stanbury and Sergio's new home renovation puts their relationship to the test.
  • A Murder of Gods - American Gods

    June 8, 2017

    Drama On the run after the New Gods’ show of force, Shadow and Mr. Wednesday seek safe haven with one of Mr. Wednesday’s oldest friends, Vulcan, God of the Fire and the Forge.
  • A Prayer for Mad Sweeney - American Gods

    June 8, 2017

    Drama Her brief reunion with Shadow over far too quickly, Laura turns to an unlikely travel companion to find her way back to life, and back to Shadow. Mad Sweeney’s long, winding, and often tragic past is explored.
  • Quarter-Million Dollar Cleanup - Hoffman Family Gold

    June 22, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction As melting permafrost makes mud out of pay dirt, Andy devises an engineering longshot to prove the Lost Cut is rich with gold. As Todd and his crew dial in the wash plants, anticipation grows for what could be the Hoffmans' biggest gold weigh of all time.
  • The Sting of Wisdom - Yellowstone

    November 13, 2022

    Drama As John makes a passionate speech to the state of Montana, a new formidable opponent from Market Equities arrives in Montana on a private jet. The cowboys on the Yellowstone deal with a new problem.
  • Horses in Heaven - Yellowstone

    November 27, 2022

    Drama John makes swift changes at the Capitol, and later gets some advice from Senator Perry. The venom between Jamie and Beth reaches a boiling point. Rip updates John on his solution to the wolves, and the Yellowstone cowboys brand calves.
  • Dad Baby - Bluey

    March 29, 2020

    Kids & Family When Dad shows the kids how to use their old baby-harness, a new game is born: Dad Baby! But dad is unprepared for the harsh realities of giving birth to a baby Bingo.
  • Pilot - Breaking Bad

    January 20, 2008

    Drama A high school teacher finds out he has cancer and decides to become a drug dealer.
  • The Name of the Game - The Boys

    July 26, 2020

    Drama When a Supe kills the love of his life, A/V salesman Hughie Campbell teams up with Billy Butcher, a vigilante hell-bent on punishing corrupt Supes — and Hughie's life will never be the same again.
  • New Blood - Who Killed WCW?

    June 18, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction WWF writer Vince Russo is hired to help save WCW, but the brazen New Yorker clashes with the company's top stars as WCW enters an ominous downward spiral.
  • Smoking Gun - Beyond Skinwalker Ranch

    June 18, 2024

    Drama Andy and Paul return to a Colorado cattle ranch that has had 16 mutilations over the last 25 years and features a mysterious bridge that may contain a dimensional portal, uncovering shocking scientific evidence that ties directly to Skinwalker Ranch.
  • Come to Jesus - American Gods

    June 8, 2017

    Drama On the eve of war, Mr. Wednesday must recruit one more Old God: Ostara, né Easter, Goddess of the Dawn But winning her over will require making a good impression, and that is where Mr. Nancy comes in.
  • Part One: Perception - Six Schizophrenic Brothers

    June 11, 2024

    Nonfiction Don and Mimi Galvin's dream of raising a picture-perfect family in Colorado Springs is thwarted as their eldest son, Donald, begins to act strangely. What starts as sibling rivalry and bullying develops into a series of bizarre, unexplainable rituals.
  • Donar the Great - American Gods

    April 14, 2019

    Drama Shadow and Mr. Wednesday seek out Dvalin to repair the Gungnir spear. But before the dwarf is able to etch the runes of war, he requires a powerful artifact in exchange. On the journey, Wednesday tells Shadow the story of Donar the Great.
  • Pilot - Gossip Girl

    September 19, 2007

    Drama The privileged prep school teens on Manhattan's Upper East Side first learn that Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants") is back in town the way they learn all the important news in their lives -- from the blog of the all-knowing albeit ultra-secretive Gossip Girl. No one knows Gossip Girl's identity, but everyone in this exclusive and complicated vicious circle relies on her website and text messages for the latest scoop. Even Serena's closest friend, Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester, "Entourage"), is surprised to find that Serena has suddenly ended her self-imposed exile to boarding
  • Tall Drink of Water - Yellowstone

    November 20, 2022

    Drama Beth heads to Salt Lake City to take care of unfinished business. A trap is set for Jamie. Kayce makes an important decision for his family. Rainwater deals with mounting pressure.
  • Pilot - Young Sheldon

    September 25, 2017

    Comedy For 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper it isn’t easy growing up in East Texas. While the gifted and somewhat naïve Sheldon deals with the world, his family must find a way to deal with him. His father, George, is struggling to find his way as father to a boy he doesn’t understand. Sheldon’s mother, Mary, fiercely protects her son in a town where he just doesn’t fit in. Sheldon’s older brother, Georgie, does the best he can, but it’s tough to be cool when you’re in the same class with your 9-year-old brother. Sheldon’s twin sister, Missy, sometimes resents all the attention Sheldon gets, but she’s the one person w
  • The Cone Zone - The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

    June 11, 2024

    Nonfiction During a high-tech laser experiment at the Triangle, the team makes a shocking discovery that may explain the strange phenomena on Skinwalker Ranch.
  • Long Day's Journey Into Night - From

    February 20, 2022

    Sci-Fi & Fantasy The Matthews’ family road trip takes a horrifying turn when they are detoured to a small pastoral town from which they cannot leave.
  • Episode 1 - The Life & Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson

    June 1, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction 18-year-old Nicole Brown meets 30-year-old superstar OJ Simpson while hostessing at a restaurant, embarking on a whirlwind romance that propels her into the spotlight. But while she maintains an exterior of the perfect housewife and mother, Nicole privately suffers OJ's abuse and control, culminating in a horrific night that leaves her fearing for her life. After years of torment, Nicole files for divorce, entering an exciting new phase of her life which includes a dangerous dalliance with one of OJ's best friends. But after repeated harassment from OJ and a reconciliation gone awry, Nicole draws a final line in the sand t
  • There Is No Line - Hacks

    September 4, 2022

    Drama An entitled young writer and a waning comedy legend must put aside their differences to save their careers.
  • Next Level - Tyler Perry's Sistas

    May 29, 2024

    Drama Maurice and Grayson have a serious conversation about their future together. Andi delivers devastating news to Jordan, causing him to show another side of himself.
  • Glitz & Blitz - The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    June 2, 2024

    Reality & Nonfiction Dolores mulls over the next steps in her relationship with Paulie. Jennifer Aydin and Melissa sit down for a tense discussion about their ongoing issues.
  • Love and War: Episode 2 - North and South

    May 5, 1986

    Drama Second episode of Book Two, as the honor and friendship of two men fighting for what they believe is right remain steadfast through the carnage of a brutal war.
  • Driftmark - House of the Dragon

    October 2, 2022

    Drama As the families gather on Driftmark for a funeral, Viserys calls for an end to infighting and Alicent demands justice.
  • The Drop - Alone Australia

    August 10, 2023

    Reality & Nonfiction In the premiere episode, ten outdoor survivalists are dropped into Tasmania's remote wilderness in the middle of winter. The challenge is simple: they must survive alone and unaided for as long as possible. The last person standing wins $250,000 (AUD).
  • The Beguiling Man - American Gods

    March 17, 2019

    Drama Promising vengeance for the death of a beloved Old God, Mr. Wednesday begins preparation for a great battle. Meanwhile Laura and Mad Sweeney chase Shadow’s diminishing light. Shadow encounters an associate of Mr. World.
  • Muninn - American Gods

    March 24, 2019

    Drama As he is tracked by Mr. World, Shadow makes his way to Cairo, thanks to a ride from Sam Black Crow. Mr. Wednesday gains Laura’s help in forging a powerful alliance. Mr. World introduces Technical Boy to New Media and assigns them an important task.
  • Blackout - All American

    April 22, 2024

    Drama After celebrating his 21st birthday, Spencer (Daniel Ezra) enlists Coop’s (Bre-Z) help to figure out what happened at his party the night before. Elsewhere, Olivia (Samantha Logan) and Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) reminisce about their childhood with Billy, and Asher (Cody Christian) deals with the fallout of a tough decision he’s made. Greta Onieogou, Karimah Westbrook and Chelsea Tavares also star.
  • A Strudel and a Hot American Boy Toy - Young Sheldon

    February 29, 2024

    Comedy Sheldon explores Germany behind Mary’s back, Missy attempts to pull a fast one on George Sr. and Meemaw and Dale adjust to living together.
  • "Do You Know What It Means to Be Loved By Death" - Interview With The Vampire

    May 19, 2024

    Drama Armand joins the interview; he and Louis tell Molloy how they met.
  • Mighty Pups vs. The Mayor of the Universe - PAW Patrol

    October 30, 2023

    Kids & Family Liberty and the Poms team up with the Mighty Pups to save Adventure Bay from being crushed by a giant, flying top hat.