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  • Build Your Chest Without Machines

    Sophie Godard & Sandrine Coucke-Haddad

    Sport en buitenleven Do you practice a sport that only exercises the lower part of your body? Do you want to develop the upper part as well? This book proposes 10 exercises to develop your pectoral muscles, shoulders and arms.
  • The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Essential Guide

    David Villanueva

    Sport en buitenleven Having been involved in the hobby of metal detecting or treasure hunting since the early 1970s I have a good idea of the problems metal detectorists face. A couple of years ago I asked a large group of detectorists what their biggest problem was with regards to the metal detecting hobby. I have to say the results didn’t particularly surprise me. One quarter (25%) of respondents replied: obtaining search permission and almost as many (24%) said: research and finding sites. Archaeological and Establishment interference accounted for another 13%, while choosing a metal detector and overcoming detector limitations accounted for another 10% each. The remaining 18% of the group were fairly evenly split amongst a number of concerns, which included: identifying and preserving finds, ethics, coping with buried trash, choice of coil and techniques for locating finds and gold. Although I have written books on site research and obtaining permission, I was interested to read an article by Ryan W
  • Golf: 21 Tips and Tricks To Enhance Your Game of Golf And Play Like The Pros

    Kevin Anderson

    Golf Are You Ready To Consistently Break 90? Get ready to shave off strokes from your game in no time when you grab your copy of "21 Tips & Tricks" today! Golf is one of the most difficult sports to master.  The difference between a successful drive and a ball that drops straight into the pond is just millimeters.  Hitting that perfect spot each and every time you're up can take years of practice and dedication, but don't let that deter you from getting "good enough".  Being good enough means having a correct understanding of the fundamentals that you can build on in the correct way, and I teach you that in this book.  In fact, I'm so confident in this book that I state right in my introduction that if you apply the 21 tips & tricks within this book, your buddies will be buying the Saturday afternoon beer for losing every single weekend.  I guarantee it!  How's that for bragging rights? Here Is A Sneak Peek Of The Tricks I'll Teach You.. -The #1 Golden
  • Everywhere We Go

    Dougie Brimson & Eddy Brimson

    Voetbal "Probably the best book ever written on football violence" - Daily Mail  The Shocking Truth Behind Football Violence  Everywhere We Go gives the most remarkable and frightening insight into the behaviour of the football thug. Written by two people who know the world of the hooligan from the inside, this book features many first-hand accounts of incidents, from both perpetrators and victims, that make chilling reading.  It builds up to provide the most comprehensive look behind the matchday madness that has yet been published, explores: - The changing face of football violence - Who gets involved - and why - How the 'firms' operate, both home and away - The role of 'scouts' and 'spotters' in planning violence - The football establishment - and how they can help solve the problem  - The involvement of the far right in football and the issue of racism  Reviews for Everywhere We Go: "Offers a grim Insight into the mind of the football thug" - Daily Mirror  "T
  • Abs Workout

    Sophie Godard & Sandrine Coucke-Haddad

    Sport en buitenleven Do you want to remodel your abs and get the famous "flat as a pancake" appearance? This book presents 10 exercises that target the abdominal muscles for the most impressive results.
  • Chapitre bonus Guinness World Records

    Guinness World Records

    Sport en buitenleven Entrez dans les coulisses du Guinness World Records ! Vous suivrez notre directeur artistique Michael Whitty dans ses reportages, à la rencontre de sympathiques compagnons à quatre pattes, de concepteurs d’objets XXL très novateurs, d’un astronaute chanteur, d’hommes et de femmes au talent remarquable. Plus : tous les records de la coupe du monde de football et un grand quiz.
  • Yoga: 40 Exercises for Beginners

    Sophie Godard

    Sport en buitenleven Flexibility, balance, relaxation ... The benefits of yoga are numerous! These exercises for beginners enable you to practice this multifaceted discipline at home. They will help to relieve stress, strengthen your muscles and your mind so that you can focus on yourself and free yourself from tension.
  • Roeien als Denksport

    Fred van de Biezen

    Watersport Leren roeien vanuit de leerling beschreven. Vanaf de aller eerste les tot aan het examen: scullen, sturen, commando's, glad roeien, boot handling en skiffen. Uitgebreide toelichting bij de commando's en veel fotomateriaal uit de praktijk van het roeien, boottypen, bootonderdelen en waar nodig ondersteund met korte filmfragmenten. Een boek dat je helder introduceert in het plezier en de verfijndheid van roeien. How to row. Described from the point of view of a novice. From the very first lesson up to the exams of: sculling, commands, shell rowing, boat handling and skiff rowing. Extensive notes onto the commands and illustrated by many photos about: boat types, boat equipment, sometimes supported with short film fragments. A book that introduces your into the fun and refinement of rowing.
  • Golf Swing pro

    Peter Heywood

    Golf Whether your a man or a woman , if you play golf then this book is going to help a lot in how you play golf. The book covers 25 chapters off improving your golf swing. Chapters include : 3 Golf Swing Drills to Improve Your Putting Achieving the Golf Swing of Pro Golfers An Empty Box Can Help Your Golf Swing Basic Golf Swing Mechanics Golf Swing Fundamentals Golf Swing Aids to Improve Your Game Golf Swing Tips Golf Swings Are Just One Aspect to Win the Game How To Fine Tune Your Golf Swing How To Improve your Golf Swing How to Improve Your Golf Swing 2 How to Improve Your Rusty Golf Swing How to Make the Proper Golf Swing like the Pros Improving Your Golf Swing to Amp Up Your Game Making the Perfect Golf Swing Practice Makes Perfect after Working on Some Golf Swing Drills Supplemental Training for Your Golf Swing Muscles Take the Slice Away from Your Golf Swing The Simple Golf Swing The Anatomy of a Golf Swing The Making of a Bad Golf Swing The Perfect Golf Swing Three Golf Swing Tips
  • Duiken op Kreta

    Pierre Gorissen

    Sport en buitenleven Een kort fotoverslag van een duikvakantie op Kreta. Het is geen compleet verslag van alle duikspots op Kreta of van alle onderwaterleven dat je er kunt tegen komen. Het is een vakantieboek met foto's, samengesteld op een iPad met behulp van Book Creator.
  • Pilates for Beginners

    Sophie Godard

    Sport en buitenleven Pilates exercises selected for beginners to practice in your own home without machines. They will enable you to sculpt your body while improving your flexibility and sense of well-being. The results are visible after only a few sessions.
  • Underwater Photography Made Easy

    Annie Crawley

    Sport en buitenleven Underwater photography and video changes your life and your diving. Once you see how easy it is to capture your experience and share it with your friends and family, you want to do it again and again. This enhanced eBook will help you learn about underwater photography and video considerations. SeaLife Cameras are a great way to capture memories underwater whether you are a beginner diver or more advanced and want to start underwater imaging. Professional underwater photographer and filmmaker Annie Crawley created this guide for SeaLife Cameras to give you professional tips and tricks so you can take amazing underwater photographs and video with your system. Through this enhanced eBook, you will learn easy to apply tips and tricks to help you create great images. Five quick review steps to make sure your SeaLife camera system is ready before every dive, plus neutral buoyancy tips to help you take great underwater photos & video with your SeaLife camera system. Included are section
  • The Unforgettable World Cup: 31 Days of Triumph and Heartbreak in Brazil

    The Wall Street Journal

    Voetbal The 2014 World Cup brought with it excitement, drama, artistry and disappointment -- both on and off the field. This e-book from The Wall Street Journal collects dispatches from our coverage of the sights, sounds and culture of the world's favorite sport as seen in Brazil, its spiritual home. We’ve collected highlights from The Journal's coverage of the tournament, added an introductory essay from WSJ Sports Columnist Jason Gay and more to bring you the most interesting, unexpected and insightful reporting from the Journal's correspondents in Brazil and around the world. It looks at everything from the sport itself to the people, places and culture that make the World Cup one of the most engaging sporting events on the planet.
  • Technology In Golf

    Peter Gunawan

    Golf Hey all, this book is mainly what it says it is. Technology in golf and how it affects golfers today. I hope you enjoy reading it and please give me some feedback afterwards.
  • Speed of Light

    Jesse Alexander

    Sport en buitenleven Motorsport photography legend, Jesse Alexander, presents 70 of his favorite images, along with personal audio narration from the 1971 Grand Prix and endurance racing season, including exciting shots from Monaco, Brands Hatch, Nürburgring, Paul Ricard, Silverstone, Ontario, Watkins Glen, Laguna Seca and Le Mans. Among the race car drivers pictured is world champion, Jackie Stewart, who won an astonishing six Grand Prix races in 1971.  Speed of Light  features audio narration with writer, photographer and Porsche historian, Randy Leffingwell.   Jesse Alexander is one of the most famous race car photographers in history. His images of vintage automobiles, drivers, designers and spectators on the European race circuit, during the 1950s, 60s and 70s, are collected and exhibited by museums and galleries throughout the world.
  • Seven Great Golf Tips

    Gregor Grund

    Golf Seven Great Golf Tips is a compilation of effective golf tips that will help you to improve your game of golf immediately. You'll learn things like "How to Take Your Game From the Range to the Course", "The Three Golden Keys to Shoot Lower Scores Today" or "Effective Things to Do With Little Time" and much more.
  • 10 Tips To Inspire Your Running Life

    Patrick B. Reed

    Sport en buitenleven Join veteran runner and coach Patrick Reed as he shares more than 10 insightful and inspiring tips to help you jumpstart your fitness future. Start your running streak today!
  • The Survival Kit

    John A. Heatherly

    Sport en buitenleven This comic is a great resource for building your own Survival Kit.
  • Reflections On the Game

    Arnold Palmer & Thomas Hauser

    Golf In celebration of the 2012 Arnold Palmer Invitational, NBC Publishing and the Golf Channel are pleased to offer this download of Palmer’s poignant essay, “Reflections on the Game.” The essay is featured in the new eBook, Arnold Palmer: A Personal Journey by Thomas Hauser with Arnold Palmer—a stunning tribute to an American sports hero and the most intimate portrait ever of the man behind the legend.
  • Golf Course Management

    Karl Danneberger

    Golf Developed as a complement to the Ohio State University Golf Course Management Certificate Program, the ebook covers the major topics in the certificate program.  Topics include the primary turf grass species, cultural practices and major pests on golf courses.
  • Bubba Watson: Victory at the Masters

    Golf Channel Staff

    Golf “I don’t play the sport for fame. I don’t try to win tournaments for fame. I don’t do any of that. It’s just me. I’m just Bubba. I goof around. I joke around. I just want to be me and play golf.” —Bubba Watson Widely recognized as one of the game’s longest hitters for the better part of a decade, Bubba Watson has successfully reinvented himself since picking up his first PGA Tour victory in the summer of 2010. In this collection, the staff of Golf Channel profiles the enigmatic player whose stunning victory in the 2012 Masters featured four birdies on the final six holes of regulation and one of the most memorable shots in tournament history on the second hole of a sudden-death playoff. Relive Bubba’s monumental victory day by day as Golf Channel’s writers examine his game before and during the incredible win in Augusta. Included are a prologue and epilogue from John Hawkins, thoughts about what’s next for the Masters Champion, a photo gallery capturing Bubba
  • The Greatest Cars of Formula 1

    Edwin Saliba

    Sport en buitenleven The Greatest Cars of Formula 1 is the first book written by Edwin Saliba. It is a book with detailed information on Formula cars that introduced innovations in the sport that other teams tried to copy. Cars with many highly controversial inventions.
  • Golf to the Max!

    Max Geurts

    Golf In this book you will learn all about the basics of golf; equipment, grips, the short game and the long game!
  • Eagle Walk Alpine Stories

    Irene Prugger

    Bergbeklimmen The Eagle Walk lies at the heart of Tirol. This long-distance hiking trail leads from the west to the east of this beautiful region, crossing one stunning mountain chain after another. Each mountain chain is full of stories: about how the mighty peaks themselves were formed, about legends from days gone by, and about the achievements of brave early alpinists. These stories have made many of these peaks famous in their own right, just as it has made their explorers modern-day “heroes”. It was these people – members of the Alpine Club, hut landlords and “Alpine sherpas” – who made the fearsome mountain world accessible to the general public by building paths and shelters in the most challenging conditions. It was they who conquered many mountain summits for the first time and scaled rock faces more difficult than anything that had been climbed before. Hikers who know these stories will see the mountains, landscapes and trails with totally different eyes. Join us on a hike wi
  • Starke Bauchmuskeln:10 Übungen

    Sophie Godard & Sandrine Coucke-Haddad

    Sport en buitenleven Sie möchten Ihre Bauchmuskeln gut definieren und den berühmten „Sixpack” ausbilden? In diesem Buch werden Ihnen 10 Übungen vorgestellt, die den Bauchbereich trainieren und zu äußerst ästhetischen Ergebnissen verhelfen.
  • Handbal

    JG Mulder

    Trainen Handbal in het onderwijs. Methode, tips en leerlijn voor handbal in de lessen lichamelijke opvoeding
  • Better Tennis

    Peter Heywood

    Racketsporten In Tennis, a chop stroke is a shot where the angle towards the player and behind the racquet, made by the line of flight of the ball, and the racquet traveling down across it, is greater than 45 degrees and may be 90 degrees. The racquet face passes slightly outside the ball and down the side, chopping it, as a man chops wood. The spin and curve is from right to left. It is made with a stiff wrist. Want to know more and be better at tennis , then grab this book with 10 chapters to improve your tennis.
  • Dit was mijn laatste marathon ....., toch?

    Gerard Legerstee

    Sport en buitenleven Dit was mijn laatste marathon .…, toch? Nee, dus. In dit boek legt de schrijver op luchtige manier uit hoe afmattend en tegelijk prachtig het lopen van een marathon is. Hij beschrijft zijn eigen ontberingen, inclusief gevechten tegen de kramp, tijdens marathons in Rotterdam en enkele buitenlandse steden, maar zoomt ook in op de vele gezondheidsvoordelen die hardlopen met zich meebrengt. Daarnaast is er ruim aandacht voor vele andere aspecten van de hardloopsport en bijzondere prestaties van toplopers. Dit boek zal een extra inspiratiebron voor vele hardlopers zijn en zelfs hardloop-haters doen twijfelen over de aanschaf van een paar hardloopschoenen.
  • Triathlon: The Beginners Guide

    Terry Stevennson

    Sport en buitenleven Finish Your First Triathlon and Impress the Doubters Who Said You Couldn’t Veteran Triathlon Coach with students in over 35 countries across the globe wants to add you to the First Time Finishers List. Are you thinking about getting into triathlon or attempting your first race? Maybe you’re curious about this whole “Triathlon” thing and want to know if its right for you? If you've ever thought about doing a triathlon, you’re in the right place. Triathlon: the Beginners Guide Will Be Your Trusted Guide Triathlon can be confusing.   Let me help you get started.  Don’t be intimidated by skinny 20-somethings squeezed into lycra. Don’t rush into dangerous amounts of joint-pounding training; risking your health. Don’t be fooled into buying tons of expensive and unnecessary equipment. The Beginners Guide will act as your road-map to Triathlon success.   It covers every aspect of your triathlon, including: which Triathlon distance is right for you how to swim an
  • Bushcraft: Bushcraft Skills For Beginners

    The Blokehead

    Buitenleven There are different motifs for studying and learning bushcraft. Some do it purely for the thrill of abandoning the security of civilization and venturing into an unknown area with a burgeoning vulnerability as his sole companion. Others do it for practicality’s sake – so they could be prepared for disasters and emergencies. There are also those who do it to gain a pseudo connection and a better understanding of their ancestors who lived with primal means. And, of course, there are also those who want to escape the four walls of the technology age and reconnect with nature. Whichever the reason, all of them are bound by a common goal: to learn how to adapt to and survive in the wilds.
  • Golf Course Management: Advanced

    Karl Danneberger

    Golf Golf Course Management: Advanced covers the major environmental stresses of turfgrass.  The major sections discussed as they pertain to the management of turfgrass is light, temperature, moisture, and water quality.  The book was developed as a learning aide for advanced golf course management certificate at The Ohio State University.

    Leon Meijer

    Sport en buitenleven Two years ago Frank Imbach began thinking about a book, intended for French kiteboarding schools and hosted by the French federation. At the same time Leon Meijer did the same and wrote some informative eBooks with the goal, “warming-up” sessions for kiteboarders.
  • All About Football

    Nick Hoyt & Martin Hoyt

    American football This book is a book that completely changes what you think about football. This is a preview edition, but once there is ten downloads a full version will be released. These books will include positions, position descriptions, what is football, terms, and much much more. Follow me on Twitter @nhoyt10 for more information.
  • BSM

    Alexander van der Kooi

    Sport en buitenleven Een frisse kijk op BSM. Een reader gemaakt voor de leerlingen van CSG De Goudse Waarden die het van BSM hebben gekozen. Voorafgaand aan elke module lees je de module door en bekijk je de filmpjes.
  • Running Capacity

    Justin Windle

    Sport en buitenleven Running Capacity is humorous, serious, philosophical, self-helping, and fun all wrapped-up in one book. It is the perfect read for lovers of the sport of running and/or lovers of the sport of life. It was easy to write about my friend, my father. Richard Windle is an amazing person, and I hope this idea shines through as you learn about who he is through his son's eyes.
  • Olympic Games

    Louis Byun

    Sport en buitenleven This eBook includes interactive materials and videos. The evolution of the Olympic Movement during the 20th and 21st centuries has resulted in several changes to the Olympic Games. Some of these adjustments include the creation of the Winter Games for ice and winter sports, the Paralympic Games for athletes with a physical disability, and the Youth Olympic Games for teenage athletes. The IOC has had to adapt to the varying economic, political, and technological realities of the 20th century. Table of Contents Preface 1.Ancient Olympics 2.Modern Games 3.International Olympic Committee 4.Commercialization 5.Symbols 6.Ceremonies 7.Sports 8.Controversies 9.Citizenship 10.Champions and medalists 11.Host nations and cities 12.Upcoming London 2012 13.Olympic Songs 14.References
  • A Handbook for Every Basketball Player

    Christopher Goertzen

    Basketbal This is an interactive, thorough and authentic guidebook that gives an overview on the basics of the game to people both with and without basketball knowledge and experiences.  It is also divided into three sections (Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced), so that everyone can use this handbook to improve their basketball skills and elevate their game to the next level. Enjoy!
  • Cross Stitch Alphabets

    Madeleine Dupuis

    Sport en buitenleven More than 30 cross-stitch alphabets patterns. A lot of topics: sea, animals, flowers, children...
  • The Secrets of Mental Tennis

    Miguel A. Jimenez

    Racketsporten Are you interested in learning how to become a better tennis player regardless of your ability? The Secrets of Mental Tennis is intended to serve as a framework and a point of reference that you can use to build your own mental and strategic plans that will help you get to the next level in your game and beyond. For many players, the mental side of the game just means “positive thinking” and telling yourself to "focus." Focus on what? What should you be thinking and when? The mental part of the game is composed of several different aspects that work together .This program is designed to incorporate in a more methodical way all the intangibles of the game into the tangible aspects of it in order to produce measurable and consistent results. The book/program is divided into: - Strategy - Tactics - Rituals - Visualization - Mental Toughness - Emotions It is my hope that after you read the book, you will have tools that you can easily implement in your game that will allow you to win
  • Strength Training Diet & Nutrition: Key Secrets To The Best Strength Training Diet Plan For You

    The Blokehead

    Sport en buitenleven Whether you’re trying to enhance your performance as an athlete or just attempting to lose weight, including some form of strength training into your exercise regime is crucial. However it’s also important you make sure you’re following the right sort of strength training diet and nutrition plan to really reap the benefits. If you aren’t eating the right kinds of foods then you won’t actually make the most of each strength training session you undertake
  • A Novices Guide to Long Course Triathlon

    David Hollyoak

    Sport en buitenleven The Novices Guide to Long Course Triathlon. A starting point for those about to take on the challenge, the author takes you through his experiences and what works for him.
  • The Joys of Yachting

    Andy Lear

    Sport en buitenleven Crammed full of Insightful and sometimes humorous personal experiences, this book takes the reader from lounging on deck with a gin and tonic through to full-on yacht racing where the sailing (and sometimes the drinking) is definitely not for the faint of stomach. Cast off your mooring lines and join Andy as he navigates through the vast area that is yachting. Find out why he was once seen going backwards at full pelt in Portsmouth harbour with the spinnaker billowing out the front. Prepare to be offended at a somewhat risqué joke in chapter nine. The wind is fair and the tide is right. Welcome to the wonderful world of yachting.
  • Tips & voorbereiding Wintersport

    Ruud Couwenhoven

    Wintersport In dit eBook vind je veel tips over de voorbereiding op een wintersportvakantie. Het eBook is inclusief een handige Wintersport Checklist zodat je niets kunt vergeten mee te nemen. Verder geeft het eBook antwoord op vragen zoals: “Hoe zorg je voor een goede conditie” en “wat zijn de regels op de piste?”. Maar ook “Hoe je rij je veilig naar de wintersport?”, “Veiligheid op de piste?”, “waar is een skihelm verplicht?” en nog veel meer tips die een goede voorbereiding van de wintersportvakantie mogelijk maken.
  • Big Man Drills

    Hans Sanne

    Basketbal This is the first book in my basketball drills series, focusing on Big Man Drills. Special thanks to Tactic3D for their product Tactic3DBasket!
  • Build Your Own Flyfishing Lanyard

    Tim Rolston

    Sport en buitenleven Lanyards offer a simple and effective alternative to zingers, those need little self retracting reels that hold all your gizmos.. Here is how to make your own.
  • The Top 21 Soccer Players Under 21 2013

    Tiber Worth

    Voetbal A list of the top 21 soccer player in the world under 21 years old, this book contains pictures, statistics, and biographies about each.
  • This Is Windsurfing

    Rory Ramsden

    Sport en buitenleven We are confident that windsurfing has a bright future as one of the critical entry points for young people into the sport of sailing. Windsurfing remains one of the most exciting, accessible, safe and cost effective forms of sailing today. As an athletic, dynamic and tactical sailing sport, many an illustrious career started in junior windsurf racing and moved on through the youth program to the Olympic fleets and then... Well, Knut can tell that story :) National Sailing Federations have an obligation to attract new participants to remain viable. Given the success of the Techno 293 as one of the key drivers in training new racing talent, windsurfing will remain integral to any ‘Connect to Sailing’ or Discover Sailing’ program across the World. Windsurfing deserves its place in the Olympic sailing program for Rio 2016 and long into the future...
  • Soccer Domain Football Club

    Kieran Patrick

    Voetbal Introduction to Soccer Domain Football Club (SDFC). - Rules & Guidelines - Club Outline - Curriculum
  • All About Gymnastics

    Maya Byrne

    Sport en buitenleven Do you want to know about the world of gymnastics? This book has everything you need to know.
  • The Martial Apprentice

    Roy Dean & Glen Morris

    Sport en buitenleven Sent to Japan as a 16 year old exchange student, Roy Dean stepped into the world of martial arts through the sport of Judo. Returning to the USA, he pursued even more intense study, becoming a live in apprentice to a Japanese Jujutsu and Aikido master. This is a recollection of a life changing journey, the lessons learned by living in a dojo, and his introduction to the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
  • Wrecks Red Sea

    Blue Water Dive Resort

    Sport en buitenleven Hier findest Du die wichtigsten und interessantesten Wracks vom gesamten Roten Meer. Mit vielen Bildern, Skizzen und technischen Details. Die Informationen sind in Deutscher und Englischer Sprache. Über eine Bewertung würde ich mich als Author sehr freuen. Ich hoffe dieses Buch wird Deinen Urlaub am Roten Meer angenehmer und hilfreicher gestalten.
  • Tai Chi & Qigong

    John Gundry

    Sport en buitenleven Class notes to be shared free with my fellow students of Tai Chi & Qigong.
  • The World’s Biggest Cycle Race

    Paul Stevens

    Sport en buitenleven A keen cyclist and interested in the world's biggest timed cycle race? Find out the inside story here...
  • Eric van den Munckhof

    Rick Bolt & Hans van der Vleuten

    Sport en buitenleven Een spannend verslag van de up's en downs van Supercar Challenge-coureur Eric van de Munckhof en zijn Ford Focus Sport, met prachtige foto's.
  • My First Triathlon

    Guy Burton

    Sport en buitenleven A short account of my experience training and racing my first triathlon as an amateur athlete.
  • Yachting On the Cheap

    Andy Lear

    Sport en buitenleven If you think that even setting foot on a yacht would involve spending the next year living on a diet of mud and navel fluff then this is the book for you. From tiny wooden yachts to three masted tall ships if there is a cheap way onboard this book will help you to find it.
  • Champions League


    Voetbal Livro digital com as informações de todos os clubes que participarão da edição 2013/14 da maior competição de clubes do planeta, a UEFA Champions League.
  • The Long Term Development Program

    SA National Archery Association

    Sport en buitenleven The Feathers & Arrows Archery development program is suitable for all wanting to learn how to shoot properly.  The program takes you through seven stages and aims to have the novice archer progress to the formal competition field in a two year period.  It is the official development program of the South African National Archery Association.
  • Tamburello

    Martin Zustak

    Motorsport Tamburello is an attempt to resolve the mystery surrounding the death of racing driver Ayrton Senna. The book - which contains comprehensive, never seen before evidence and analysis - addresses the fundamental question of what caused Senna's car to veer off the track at 310km/h on Lap 7 of the San Marino Grand Prix 1994 at Imola, Italy.
  • boxGP Magazine #03


    Sport en buitenleven Especial de Final de pretemporada de Fórmula 1tras los últimos test del Circuito de Cataluña. Reportaje sobre los nuevos escapes presentados por Red Bull racing en el RB8 Análisis de los problemas con los escapes del ferrari de Fernando Alonso y Massa. Entrevista con el piloto de F1 Jules Bianchi Revista dedicada a la Fórmula 1, MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, NASCAR, IndyCar, WEC, WRC, DTM, F1 y todo el Motorsport. Análisis y opinión de toda la actualidad del motor a dos y cuatro ruedas, con la actualidad la pretemporada de F1 y MotoGP, con el resumen de las principales noticias y entrevistas exclusivas. Para más información
  • Introduction to Marathon Training

    Chris Wasmann

    Sport en buitenleven A beginners guide to marathon training.  This book will allow the reader to understand how to train for their first marathon.
  • Biomechanics and Running: A Student Primer

    Peter Walder

    Sport en buitenleven This book serves as a primer to learners studying the kinematics and kinetics of running as part of a Sport Science based degree or course
  • The Ultimate Gun Book Volume One: By Gunz 101 Firearms Talk

    Bryan Vetor

    Sport en buitenleven An intro guide for beginners and veterans on the purchase of fine firearms, as well as general knowledge about these firearms. I am not the owner or manufacturer of any of the firearms mentioned. This guide is to be taken as purely suggestion and general knowledge only. Enjoy!
  • Basketball Plays Baseline Out of bound

    Hans Sanne

    Basketbal This is the part one of my upcoming series of basketball plays. We start of with Baseline out of bounds plays. Special thanks to Tactic 3D for their software used for animation!
  • Soccer 150 Years

    José Eduardo de Carvalho

    Voetbal In its one and a half century of life, soccer has helped telling the story of societies in transformation. Under the eye of such simple and at the same time magnetic game, passionate, tragic, sublime and dramatic moments have been registered. Like a faithful portrait of the people who adopted it, soccer witnesses both social barbarities and episodes of collective joy; it has suffered threats and been unfair; it has distributed pleasures and ecstasies with the same agility it has produced traumas and minor suffering, but it has always been there. It is not by chance that this original and skilful form of group competition which highlights individualities is the only human activity known to be followed every day of the week, anytime and anywhere by nothing less than four billion people. There are neither geographical frontiers nor social barriers for those who appreciate the game. The spectacle of soccer may be expensive and unaffordable, the guts of the sport may be obscure, like so ma
  • Doping with RC Cola and a Moon Pie

    D. Patrick Miller

    Sport en buitenleven The true story of how the author wandered off the track of competitive bicycling, never to return. This shocking confessional reveals the final, dirty little truth behind the Floyd Landis scandal and the rumors swirling around Lance Armstrong: the sport is just too damn hard!
  • Holy Surfer Dude

    Peggy Toolen

    Sport en buitenleven Short story about a great surfer and a great guy.
  • Weather4D Routing & Navigation User Guide

    Francis Fustier & Olivier Bouyssou

    Watersport Weather4D Routing & Navigation is a powerful application based on weather and ocean forecast files in GRIB format. It displays 3D weather forecasts in one or two screens with an extremely smooth temporal animation. Many models of weather and ocean forecasts are available, and requests and downloads are fully customizable. Weather4D Routing & Navigatione displays the combined data as layers. All the data of a selected model is displayed by an animation in continuous time scrolling or in manual scrolling on the chart. The routing module allows to optimize sailing, boating, or mixed sail-motor routes. From a theoretical route, a motor routing will take into account current forecasts, and also wind force and wave height constraints for optimization of comfort and safety. In sailing, a polar speed combined with wind and current forecasts will be used for optimization of performance and safety. Multi-routing allows you to compare the results of different options: prediction models,
  • Sea Kayak Essentials Vol 1

    Nick Cunliffe & Matthew Giblin

    Watersport This book will compliment the Sea kayak Essentials DVD. It can also be used as a stand alone resource.
  • Martial Arts against Multiple Opponents

    Lor Mun Mak

    Vechtsporten en zelfverdediging Learn what is more important than takedowns, strikes and kicks when defending against multiple opponents. Fighting strategies have shown to be less than effective when dealing with multiple attackers and their weapons. What appears effective on the training floor will perform poorly against an effective fighting group that really wants to take the individual down. Toughness and aggression can only get you so far. This book explores and completes a program that challenges the current wisdom of the use of fighting techniques. Read the book and try a Corner Trap exercise or some Alley Training as a more realistic approach to develop truly effective skills.
  • BJJ E-Cademy

    Jonathan Shapiro

    Vechtsporten en zelfverdediging This is a beginners guide to submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Pictures are included.
  • Fliegenfischen im Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

    Frank Weissert

    Sport en buitenleven Fliegenfischen und Freizeitmöglichkeiten in Mittersill und Umgebung In diesem ebook erhalten Sie einen Überblick über die vielfältige Freizeitgestaltung rund um Mittersill. Besonders die Möglichkeiten zum Fliegenfischen werden mit Filmen, Bildergallerien und vielen begleitenden Informationen zu Gewässern und Ausrüstung ausführlich beschrieben. Interaktive Karten geben eine erste Übersicht, welche Gewässer zur Verfügung stehen. Auch weitere Freizeitmöglichkeiten, vom Wandern bis zum Skifahren werden beschrieben. Nutzen Sie dieses Buch als ständigen Begleiter in der Region.
  • Prepared: The 8 Secret Skills of an Ex-IDF Special Forces Operator That Will Keep You Safe - Basic Guide

    Roy Shepard

    Buitenleven Learn the 8 secret skills of an ex-IDF Special Forces operator that will keep you safe and prepare you for any situation - from a street mugging all the way to a full blown global catastrophe! This is a great start to becoming more prepared for any situation. Our world is truly strange that so many good and helpful people find themselves preyed upon by the criminal elements. In case of an emergency or a catastrophe those odds may become even worst. My name is Roy Shepard and I’m a former IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) Special Forces Operator. During my military service, I took part in countless missions behind enemy lines and later trained young cadets as a Master Sergeant. I specialize in weapons training, stealth and camouflage, and Krav-Maga. I’ve been in active reserve duty for the past 20 years and spent much of that time formulating and implementing defense strategies and drills in military bases all over Israel. Highly trained in martial arts, I specialize in Judo, Jiu-Jitsu,
  • Golf Tales Volume I

    RJ Smiley

    Golf Volume I of Golf Tales contains "nice guy" story about Terrible Tommy Bolt and a tale about a broker who gets the "shits" on the golf course. In addition this volume contains a wonderful story of a young caddy's first adrenaline rush while caddying for his father in a big championship.
  • Running Your Half

    Samuel Cooke

    Sport en buitenleven Running is the basis of nearly every physical sport we do.  When you are bowling, you run.  When you play tennis, you run, even when you throw javelin, you run. This book has been designed to help and guide you along your path to running a half marathon.
  • Fly Fishing Under the Big Sky

    J.P. Yorchak

    Sport en buitenleven Fly fishing in Montana is something every fisherman should do at least once. The abundance of rivers, streams, and lakes make it an ideal destination regardless of one's skill and experience. This book is basically a travelogue of my most recent trip. During the week of July 22nd, 2012 I was able to fish the Gallatin, Madison, Big Hole, and Wise rivers with a few lakes thrown in as well. Check out some of my experiences and a few of the fish I caught on video with my GoPro HD camera. The book is free so I hope you enjoy it, and if you don't, you got what you paid for!
  • History of World Cups

    José Eduardo de Carvalho

    Voetbal Never in the last 110 years, has the World Cups’ trajectory been disconnected from the socioeconomic reality of the world’s nations whether they have taken part in the championship or not. Even before becoming a multibillion dollar event that involves billions of people as well, this international football championship, which takes place every four years, has been marked by countless ups and downs in the international political scenario, doubts and tragedies, growth and technical evolution, social mobilization and use of vested powers.  The landmark of a World football championship as an independent event, aside from the Olympic Games, was firstly thought of at FIFA’s very foundation, in 1904, but effectively launched after the First World War, being the first Host country (Uruguay) defined in 1929, during FIFA’s congress, which was held in Barcelona, being the atmosphere of yet intense geopolitical unrest. At that meeting, it was decided that the championship should be h
  • 2013 JR Golf Lesson Plans

    Graham Cunningham

    Golf Welcome to the 2013 junior golf lesson plan manual.  This manual is designed to help guide us through the 2013 junior golf season.  It provides each instructor with instant access to the full junior golf curriculum on their mobile device
  • K2, Concordia and Gondogoro La - A Trekking Guide

    Mark Caines

    Sport en buitenleven In the north of Pakistan, three mountain ranges collide.  The Hindu Kush spills over from Afghanistan, the Himalayas push in from China and Tibet, and the Karakorams rise seemingly out of nothing.  Above them all, rises K2, flanked by three other 8,000m peaks, and surrounded by countless other 7,000m mountains.  Dazzling white glaciers seem to tumble from deep blue skies into a bleak yet beautiful landscape.  And every year for a few brief months, a handful of trekkers and climbers make their way to Concordia - the “throne room of the mountain gods”.  Trekking in the Karakorams is a very different experience to trekking in Nepal or India.  The terrain is often and surprisingly less steep, although that does not mean it is necessarily easy: you spend much of your time walking on glaciers and will need to be comfortable sleeping above 4,000m night after night.  You leave villages far behind, so have to be much more self-sufficient than on a Nepales
  • Taekwondo Kicks

    Jackie Lau

    Vechtsporten en zelfverdediging A  kick ( 차기 chagi)  is a physical strike using the foot, leg, or knee. As the human leg is longer and stronger than the arm, kicks are generally used to keep an opponent at a distance, surprise him or her with their range, and inflict substantial damage. The application of kicks is thus a question of the tradeoff between the power that can be delivered vs. the cost incurred to balance. Since combat situations are fluid, understanding this tradeoff and making the appropriate decision to adjust to each moment is key. Front Kick ( 앞차기 ap-chagi ) Side Kick ( 옆차기 yeop-chagi ) Roundhouse ( 돌려차기 dollyeo-chagi ) Spin Kick ( 뒤후려차기 dwi-huryeo-chagi ) Jump Kick ( 뛰어차기 ttwieo-chagi ) Back Kick ( 뒤차기 dwi-chagi ) Hook Kick ( 후려차기 huryeo-chagi ) Axe Kick ( 내려차기 naeryeo-chagi ) Outward Crescent Kick ( 바깥차기 bakkat-chagi ) Inward Crescent Kick ( 안차기 an-chagi ) Scissors Kick ( 가위차기 kawi-chagi ) Repeating Kic
  • Minimalist Shoe Buying Guide

    Nicholas Pang

    Sport en buitenleven Minimalist Shoes Buying Guide with the latest available minimal shoes or barefoot-style shoes (includes running, casual, golf) for Fall-Winter 2012 from: Adidas Running Altra Zero Drop Brooks Running Inov-8 Leming Footwear Merrell Mizuno Running New Balance Saucony Skechers SKORA Running TRUE Linkswear Vibram Five Fingers VIVOBAREFOOT Xero Shoes ZEMgear
  • Handballspiele gezielt variieren

    Klaus Feldmann

    Coachen Handball-Trainer finden in diesem Buch praktische Anregungen, wie das Spiel 6gegen6 und Zweimal 3gegen3 variabel gestaltet werden können. Die beschriebenen Variationen sind für nahezu alle Alters- und Leistungsstufen anwendbar.
  • Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid: Lose Fat, Build Muscle & Defy Aging With The World's Healthiest Food Pyramid

    Ben Greenfield

    Trainen Why the current Food Pyramid Is Wrong And What You Can Do About It. Do you feel that becoming the best you can be is more than difficult? That you are held back from achieving your best by frustrating issues like body fat, sore joints, irritated bowels and brain fog? Interestingly, a consistent pattern in food pyramids around the world puts cereals, grains, bread, pasta and other starchy carbohydrates at the base of the food pyramid diet. And good fats from healthy sources are at the top as a "use sparingly" category. This is exactly opposite of what a well-balanced diet should be. This model has been proven to lead to a myriad of health problems such as: - Excessive weight gain - Risk of heart disease due to high cholesterol levels - Higher blood sugars leading to diabetes and other related diseases - Brain fog and much, much more... Ben Greenfield, has listened to requests from his coaching clients, readers and listeners to design a "Ben Greenfield Endorsed" food pyramid. His new de
  • March 2014 - Supercars, Lifestyle, Locations, Events

    Exotic Street Stars

    Sport en buitenleven Exotic Street Stars is an online car magazine, specializing in exotic vehicles, mainly on Lake Constance and is expected to later spread throughout Germany and Switzerland. Young people are interviewed about their exotic cars. This provides insight, experience and first-hand reports. In addition to that, you will find reports on the latest and most luxurious car concepts and the lifestyle of the owners in which they live such as Restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc. The unique selling point ( UPS ) of Exotic Street Stars is the unique and exclusive reports of individual persons. The readers should be able to see, understand, and feel the owners’ point of view and get an idea of what having such a car feels like. There are also fascinating reports of the locations of these Street Stars and their legendary lifestyle. The magazine will also serve as motivation and inspiration and make its reader realize that everything is possible.
  • Climbing Tools: Basic Three

    Mike Barter

    Bergbeklimmen The first in a series that teaches the fundamentals to the advanced in climbing techniques.

    Klaus Feldmann &

    Coachen Handball-Trainer finden in diesem Buch Argumente, die begründen, warum und in welchen Situationen die Spieler das Dribbling gezielt einsetzen sollen. Exemplarische Übungsformen zeigen, wie die Technik zusammen mit Wahrnehmungsaufgaben geschult werden kann.
  • The Top 21 Soccer Players Under 21 2012

    Tiber Worth

    Voetbal A list of the 21 best soccer players under 21 years of age and stats and bios. **2013 Version out now!** Check it out in the iBookstore!
  • Quintet & Oostzee 2013

    Henk Y. Deinema

    Sport en buitenleven 'Altijd al het idee gehad om lange reis te maken. Samen met mijn vriend Rob begonnen te fantaseren om, “later”, de Franse kust te doen. Jaarlijks maakten we zeiltochten in Friesland, op het IJsselmeer en de Wadden. Eerst met een Sturgeon 22(Griet) en later met de Quintet, een zeilkajuitcatamaran(Heavenly Twins) van 8 bij 4 meter. Het “later” komt sneller dan je denkt.'
  • Innovative Übungen im Handballtraining

    Jörg Madinger

    Sport en buitenleven In diesem Buch finden Sie Übungen aus allen bisher vom Sport-Fachverlag veröffentlichten themenbezogenen Bibliotheken. Neben Beispielübungen zu den einzelnen Themenblöcken im Handballtraining ist auch eine komplett ausgearbeitete Trainingseinheit enthalten. Diese beschreibt beispielhaft den Trainingsaufbau vom Einlaufen über den Hauptteil, bis hin zum Abschlussspiel. Wie in allen Bibliotheken und Trainingseinheiten von, wird sehr viel Wert auf die Umsetzung im Training gelegt. Die einzelnen Übungen sind einfach und schnell umsetzbar. Lassen Sie sich von den Möglichkeiten inspirieren
  • Die Spielfähigkeit optimieren

    Klaus Feldmann &

    Coachen Handball-Trainer finden in diesem Buch eine kurze Einführung in das Konzept der "offenen Situationen". IM Praxisteil werden acht Spielformen beschrieben und in Form von Videosequenzen dargestellt.

    Derek Tate

    Sport en buitenleven The Ski Instructors Assistant is a very useful tool to assist ski instructors with delivering great lessons for their customers. It contains a host tips and ideas in an easy to understand and useable format. It is ideally suited to the iPad as instructors can easily refer to it before and after lessons or during lunch breaks while back at the locker room. The book is set up to in a logical progression from snowplough turning to parallel skiing and then carries on with carving, handling steeps, variable conditions and bumps. Each section contains tips under headings such as creating awareness, team building, problem solving and specially for kids.
  • Strength Training For Runners: 3 Basics Of Weight Training For Runners

    The Blokehead

    Sport en buitenleven If you are a runner and you choose not to do any form of strength training then you are going to increase the chances of having to stop as you develop some kind of injury. Many runners that do not believe that lifting weights is crucial are sadly mistaken. In fact even though running itself may not actually cause an injury it does help to highlight any weaknesses that you have and which may prevent you from seeing any improvements taking place even though you may be running every day. There is no better way to determine what needs to be done to improve our bodies than by listening to it when out running and making changes.
  • Hockey

    Gareth Tucker

    IJshockey Hockey Lessons used by Elite Youth Sports within their PE lessons. Lessons have been carefully structured and designed to enhance the children’s ability and to keep children active for sustained periods of times.
  • Exercise and Physiology

    Tai Kao-Sowa & Edward Zhou

    Sport en buitenleven This book is a collaboration to provide a head start for the beginner and warn them of pitfalls and roads to take in an attempt to shorten the trial and error process that the beginner typically goes through when developing interest in exercise. A combination of a scientific approach and a collection of past experiences, this book will provide the beginner information on all things exercise and physiology.
  • Selecao Objectif 2014

    Laurent Mommeja

    Voetbal Sacré champion du monde à cinq reprises, le Brésil est incontestablement le « pays du football ».  Le 12 juin 2014 s'ouvrira la vingtième Coupe du Monde de la FIFA et mettra aux prises 32 sélections désireuses de succéder à l’Espagne, sacrée championne du monde 2010 en Afrique du Sud.  Le Brésil, dont le dernier titre date de 2002, rêve de remporter « sa » Coupe du Monde et pourra s’appuyer sur un vivier important d’espoirs du football. Partons à leur découverte ...
  • Eine kurze Einführung ins Geocaching

    Amadeo Vergés

    Buitenleven Eine kurze, einfache Einführung ins Geocaching, die Schatzsuche mit GPS.
  • The Complete Golfer

    Harry Vardon

    Golf An historic golfing volume, originally published in 1905. The author, Harry Vardon, was the best golfer of his day, six-time British Open Champion (1896, 1898, 1899, 1903, 1911, 1914), 1900 U. S. Open Champion, and a force in golf for over thirty years.
  • Fishing With Andrew

    Casey Ehlert

    Sport en buitenleven A short story with Andrew Ehlert. Andrew does a lot of bass fishing with his Dad. He has lots of tips for Spring time Bass fishing. Also has interactive pictures to look at. Take a look at one of Andrew's go to lures to catch large bass. Once you read this book you will want to grab a rod and head to the nearest body of water to try and catch some fish. Always remember to wear a life jacket any time you fish from a dock or in a boat.
  • The eNotated Sailing Alone Around the World

    Joshua Slocum & Chris Thomerson

    Sport en buitenleven Though most eBooks are simple conversions of paper books, the "eNotated Sailing Alone" is a completely new approach that takes advantage of the potential eBook technology offers to extend and enrich Slocum’s writing in a way that’s convenient to use while still unobtrusive to the reader. Based on the 1901 edition of "Sailing Alone Around the World" and including more than 60 original illustrations, this eNotated edition extends Slocum’s writing by providing a new layer of information behind the text the reader can access before, during, and after each chapter. For instance, in Chapter 15, when Slocum writes, “Taking things by and large as sailors say…,” Thomerson’s eNotation tells us Slocum means “Overall, or in most cases” and that “Sailing ‘by’ means toward the wind, sailing ‘large’ means away from the wind. Hence ‘by and large’ encompasses most of the possible options and implies ‘most of the time’”. Joshua Slocum was the first person to sail s
  • Ducking Kisses in Three Cushion Vol. 4

    Andreas Efler

    Sport en buitenleven The test program offers the opportunity to check the trainee’s ability to find solutions and avoid kisses. Similar positions can be found in all three already released volumes of “Ducking Kisses in Three Cushion”. I want to encourage the reader to approach some problems open-minded in a creative and exploring way.  In the first part of this chapter a position is depicted where only the three balls with the coordinates are given. In order to guarantee a precise positioning of the balls, I also depicted aid lines (dotted) which run from B 1 through B 2 and the according reference point on the rail. After marking the position exactly on the cloth, you can start to look for a solution.  In the second part my preferred solution is presented. However, the reader should also here stay open-minded and should consider other solutions and strategies and try them out.  In most of the solutions you will find a hint about in which chapter of which volume the respective strateg