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  • Het leven van Mohammed

    Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad

    Biografieën en memoires Het onderhavige boek is de biografie over de profeet Mohammed (vrede zij met hem) geschreven door Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, de tweede khalifa van de Ahmadiyya Moslim Gemeenschap (God verblijde zich in hem). De khalifa geeft door de samenhangende, verhalende stijl de mogelijkheid om ons in te leven in het leven van de profeet. Het is een leven van geloof, van vriendschap, van trouw en succes, maar ook van grote moeilijkheden die de profeet samen met zijn metgezellen trotseerde. Er is een apart gedeelte gewijd aan een beschrijving van de deugden van de profeet, zijn menslievendheid en zijn liefde voor de Schepper. Omstreden punten worden tot in detail behandeld, zoals de relatie van Mohammed (vrede zij met hem) met de joodse stammen van Medina en de oorlogen met de Arabische stammen. Hieruit blijkt keer op keer de diepe rechtvaardigheid en de vergaande opofferingen van het voorbeeld van de moslims, de Heilige Profeet Mohammed (vrede zij met hem).
  • Twelve Years a Slave

    Solomon Northup

    Biografieën en memoires An Apple Books Classic edition. In 1841, Solomon Northup was a free, educated Black man living in Saratoga Springs, New York—until the day that two men kidnapped him and sold him into slavery in Louisiana. This is Northup’s account of those years, when he learned about “the measure of ‘man’s inhumanity to man.’” Northup endured unconscionable mental and physical abuse, but he never lost hope that his family would rescue him…if he could just find a way to contact them. Twelve Years a Slave was published as abolitionists throughout the U.S. were campaigning to end slavery, and it has stood the test of time as a blistering indictment of slavery. In 2013, Northup’s story was adapted into an award-winning movie. Northup’s story remains important—and the question he addresses to us readers continues to resonate: “What difference is there in the color of the soul?”
  • Make Something Wonderful

    Steve Jobs

    Biografieën en memoires A curated collection of Steve’s speeches, interviews and correspondence, Make Something Wonderful offers an unparalleled window into how one of the world’s most creative entrepreneurs approached his life and work. Across the pages of this book, Steve shares his perspective on his childhood, on launching and being pushed out of Apple, on his time with Pixar and NeXT, and on his ultimate return to the company that started it all. Featuring an introduction by Laurene Powell Jobs and edited by Leslie Berlin, founding executive director of the Steve Jobs Archive, this beautiful handbook is designed to inspire readers to make their own “wonderful somethings” that move the world forward.
  • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

    Frederick Douglass

    Biografieën en memoires An Apple Books Classic edition. Self-educated speaker and author. 1872 vice-presidential nominee. The 19th century’s most photographed man. Frederick Douglass, an enslaved man, went on to become one of the most celebrated freedom fighters in U.S. history. His autobiography, published in 1845, maps out his life story in vivid, often heartbreaking detail. After learning the alphabet from a slaveholder’s wife, Douglass covertly learned to read with the help of some white children in town. Once he was sold to a slaveholder known for his cruelty, Douglass risked his life to escape north, disguised as a free Black sailor. Ten years later, that daring escape was almost for naught when the release of his book brought him attention that could have led to his recapture. Douglass initially fled the country, but returned when his supporters raised the funds to secure his status as a free man. For the rest of his life, Douglass continued to speak out against slavery, becoming famous for his im
  • Laat niet zien hoe goed je bent

    Nico Niessen

    Biografieën en memoires Nico Niessen schreef eerder "Dictaturen, anders denken over verhoudingen in organisaties". Daarin beschrijft hij zijn persoonlijke ervaringen met dictatoriaal gedrag in organisaties en geeft een denkrichting aan voor de toekomst. Lezers stelden hem de terechte vraag hoe zijn eigen houding mede aanleiding is geweest in de conflictsituaties waarin hij terecht kwam.  Dat werd mede aanleiding om expliciter te kijken naar zijn eigen leven en naar de relatie met zijn ouders en dan met name die met zijn vader. Al schrijvende ontstond daardoor dit boek. Niets nieuws, maar wel op een rijtje, waardoor verbanden in dat verleden helderder worden. Terugkijken, onder ogen zien en begrijpen kan leiden tot acceptatie en vrijheid is zijn overtuiging. Jezelf laten zien zoals je wilt zijn, wilt worden leidt door reacties van anderen volgens hem tot ontwikkeling.
  • Alexander the Great

    Jacob Abbott

    Biografieën en memoires Alexander gained the world, but at what cost? This book is an easy but fascinating read, providing insights and details into the life of one of history's most prominent, yet puzzling, figures.
  • Vietnam: A Soldier's Journal

    Jack Durish

    Biografieën en memoires Vietnam: A Soldier's Journal by Jack Durish is a personal memoir of the author's tour of duty in Vietnam during the war that tore America's heart in half. It is a tale of his adventures and misadventures while serving in the rear echelons of the 9th Infantry Division. This telling of the Vietnam story is not politically correct, just true.
  • Eminent Victorians

    Giles Lytton Strachey

    Biografieën en memoires "Eminent Victorians" marked an epoch in the art of biography; it also helped to crack the old myths of high Victorianism and to usher in a new spirit by which chauvinism, hypocrisy and the stiff upper lip were debunked. In it, Strachey cleverly exposes the self-seeking ambitions of Cardinal Manning and the manipulative, neurotic Florence Nightingale; and in his essays on Dr Arnold and General Gordon, his quarries are not only his subjects but also the public-school system and the whole structure of nineteenth-century liberal values.
  • Legendary Mystic Persian Poet Rumi

    Dr. Heady Delpak

    Biografieën en memoires Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī (Persian: جلال‌الدین محمد رومی‎), also known as Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī (جلال‌الدین محمد بلخى), Mevlânâ/Mawlānā (مولانا, "our master"), Mevlevî/Mawlawī (مولوی, "my master"), and more popularly simply as Rumi (30 September 1207 – 17 December 1273), was a 13th-century Persian [1][7] Sunni[8] Muslim poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mysticoriginally from Greater Khorasan.[7][9]
  • Imam Bukhari

    Naima Sohaib

    Biografieën en memoires Imam Bukhari is the most prominent name among the Islamic scholars of Hadith sciences. Born in Bukhara (now part of Uzbekistan), he travelled all over the Islamic world, learning from many notable scholars. His biggest contribution is his Hadith collection Sahih al-Bukhari, which is regarded by Muslims as the most authentic book in existence after the Holy Quran. In addition, he wrote several other books, the first of which he finished when he was merely 18 years old. He had a brilliant memory and a sharp intellect, and knew over 300,000 Ahadith by heart. He was also a humble, generous and pious man who led an exemplary life.
  • Incidents In the Life of a Slave Girl

    Harriet Jacobs

    Biografieën en memoires Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl An Apple Books Classic edition. Harriet Jacobs was born into slavery on a North Carolina estate, where she remained for the first six years of her life. Harriet and her mother served the mistress of the house, who taught Harriet to read and write and promised the enslaved girl freedom. That promise was broken when Harriet was sold into worse circumstances. She went on to have two children with a white man in the hopes of staving off the attentions of her cruel master, but when her plan backfired, Harriet decided to save her children by risking her own life—and running. Published in 1861, Jacobs’ autobiography captured what life was like for a fugitive: always afraid, always on the move…for years. Hers is one of the first such accounts written by a woman, offering an intimate perspective on the dehumanizing horrors inflicted upon enslaved women. Jacobs’ autobiography helped mobilize many people to the growing abolitionist movement, and the
  • Khadija

    Naima Sohaib

    Biografieën en memoires Khadija was the first wife of Prophet Muhammad. Her extraordinary personality and strength cause her to stand out on the pages of history. She was the first person to embrace Islam, and she stood behind the Prophet and lent him strength as he went through unbearable stress and suffering. A highly successful businesswoman, she was the one who proposed to the Prophet despite being 15 years older and a widowed mother. Her devotion as a believer, her loyalty as a wife, her success as a businesswoman and her admirable skills as a mother make her an inspiration and a role model for Muslim women today in every phase and domain of life.
  • Intervista a Jussi Adler-Olsen

    Jussi Adler-Olsen

    Biografieën en memoires ESCLUSIVA EBOOK: l'intervista all'autore danese di maggior successo e gli estratti di tutti i casi della SEZIONE Q finora pubblicati: "La donna in gabbia", "Battuta di caccia", "Il messaggio nella bottiglia"... ne diventerete totalmente dipendenti! Jussi Adler-Olsen, prima di dedicarsi alla scrittura, ha svolto i lavori più vari: redattore di riviste e fumetti, coordinatore del movimento per la pace danese, caporedattore di settimanali e trasmissioni televisive. Con la serie della Sezione Q guidata da Carl Mørck ha ottenuto un grandissimo successo di critica e pubblico, vendendo milioni di copie nel mondo.
  • Lenin

    Maximo Gorky

    Biografieën en memoires Es la biografia de famoso politico Lenin el reformador social de Rusia.
  • Cleopatra

    Jacob Abbott

    Biografieën en memoires Of all the beautiful women of history, none has left us such convincing proofs of her charms as Cleopatra, for the tide of Rome's destiny, and, therefore, that of the world, turned aside because of her beauty.
  • Kanker is een cadeau?

    Jip Keijzer

    Biografieën en memoires Per jaar horen in Nederland ongeveer 2200 jonge mensen tussen de 18 en 35 jaar dat zij kanker hebben. 2200 x een mens, 2200 x een gezin of partner. Een mens die in de kracht van zijn leven hoort dat zijn toekomst niet meer zo vanzelfsprekend is. En dat het leven langs andere paden zal gaan dan gedacht. Voor hen. Voor hun dierbaren. Eén van hen is Jip Keijzer. Dit is het dagboek van Jip Keijzer, een jonge, knappe vent van 25 jaar die midden in het leven staat. Dan blijkt in juli 2008 dat hij botkanker heeft. Vanaf dat moment mailt hij vrienden, familie en collega’s over de ontwikkelingen over zijn ziekte en over zijn gevoelens en ideeën. Ideeën die hij opdoet tijdens zijn behandelingen om de kanker een halt toe te roepen en een bron van inspiratie zijn om de zorg voor jonge mensen met kanker vooral méns-gericht te maken. Zo lanceert hij het idee voor een veilige digitale ‘hangplek’ voor jonge kankerpatiënten en vindt hiervoor oor bij de afdeling Medische Oncologie. Het mondt
  • 13 Years in America

    Melanie Steele

    Biografieën en memoires After moving to the United States in 1998, a young newly-wed spends 13 years chasing the American Dream through crises, economic downturns, divisions, turmoil, and discontent. Torn between a dream she cannot find and a hope she will not abandon, she examines the realities of life in the Land of Opportunity. At once a moving personal story and a sharp look at the death of the American Dream.
  • To The Lighthouse

    Virginia Woolf

    Biografieën en memoires To the Lighthouse is a 1927 novel by Virginia Woolf. A landmark of high modernism, the novel centres on the Ramsays and their visits to the Isle of Skye in Scotland between 1910 and 1920. Following and extending the tradition of modernist novelists like Marcel Proust and James Joyce, the plot of To the Lighthouse is secondary to its philosophical introspection. The novel includes little dialogue and almost no action; most of it is written as thoughts and observations. The novel recalls childhood emotions and highlights adult relationships. Among the book's many tropes and themes are those of loss, subjectivity, and the problem of perception. The novel is set in the Ramsays' summer home in the Hebrides, on the Isle of Skye. The section begins with Mrs Ramsay assuring her son James that they should be able to visit the lighthouse on the next day. This prediction is denied by Mr Ramsay, who voices his certainty that the weather will not be clear, an opinion that forces a certain tension
  • Love for a Deaf Rebel: Schizophrenia on Bowen Island

    Derrick King

    Biografieën en memoires Love for a Deaf Rebel is the true story of a tumultuous romance. With pathos and nostalgia, the author recounts his roller-coaster ride with Pearl, a vivacious deaf maverick, who, unknown to him, had paranoid schizophrenia. We follow their encounters through actual notes written before Derrick learns sign language; we go on their motorcycle ride to Mexico and Guatemala; we watch as the happy couple moves to Bowen Island, a British Columbia community with just three paved roads. Pearl and the author marry and build their dream home and hobby farm. They encounter one obstacle after another while building their life together as Pearl’s perception of reality—and, crucially, their perception of each other—begins to change. The author learns what it means to be deaf, what it means to struggle with mental health, and what it means to love such a woman unconditionally—the ecstasy and the agony.
  • The Confessions of St. Augustine

    Saint Augustine

    Biografieën en memoires The young Augustine does, however, catch a passion for the pursuit of Philosophical truth, learning the doctrines of Manicheism, skepticism, and Neoplatonism. This last philosophy will have a profound influence on him-- theConfessions are perhaps the most masterful expression of his intricate fusion of Catholic theology with Neoplatonic ideas. Moving back to Thagaste, then back to Carthage again, and on to Rome and Milan, Augustine continues to wrestle with his doubts about what he has learned and with his budding interest in Catholicism, the faith of his mother, Monica. He also continues to pursue his career as a teacher of rhetoric (an occupation he later frowns upon as the salesmanship of empty words) and his habits of indulgence in sex and other pleasures of the sensual world. Things change in Milan, where Augustine finally decides that Catholicism holds the only real truth. Convinced of this but lacking the will to make the leap into a fully devoted life (including baptism a
  • Geboren in Oorlogstijd

    E.P. Visscher, J. Visscher & C. Emmelot

    Biografieën en memoires Tijdens de tweede wereldoorlog verwacht de familie Visscher in Dordrecht hun derde zoon. Dit dagboek beschrijft de historische en persoonlijke gebeurtenissen rondom zijn geboorte in oorlogstijd.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte

    John Stevens Cabot Abbott

    Biografieën en memoires Napoleon is a man who continues to fascinate us. Military genius, dictator (benevolent or otherwise), administrator, law-giver — he was all of these. He was believed to be short in stature — 'The Little Corporal' — but seemed to be one of those rare individuals who could fill a room with his presence. (He has been reported in various works as being five-feet, five-inches tall, and five-feet, seven-inches tall — not significantly different from the average height of men in his time.) He could be charming, cruel, unreasonable, generous, insightful and periodically incompetent. He solidified the aspirations of the French Revolution and then retracted some of the freedoms that had been gained from it. He fought the English but admired them. He sought to create an empire in Europe and North America, and then gave away 800,000 square miles of it for four cents an acre to Thomas Jefferson.
  • Theodore Roosevelt - An Autobiography

    Theodore Roosevelt

    Biografieën en memoires In his vital, illustrative and dynamic autobiography, Theodore Roosevelt let us into the life that formed one of the greatest and outspoken presidents in American history. Not only are we privy to the formation of his political ideals, but also to his love of the frontier and the great outdoors.
  • Hannibal

    Jacob Abbott

    Biografieën en memoires There are certain names which are familiar, as names, to all mankind; and every person who seeks for any degree of mental cultivation, feels desirous of informing himself of the leading outlines of their history, that he may know, in brief, what it was in their characters or their doings which has given them so widely-extended a fame. Consequently, great historical names alone are selected; and it has been the writer's aim to present the prominent and leading traits in their characters, and all the important events in their lives, in a bold and free manner, and yet in the plain and simple language which is so obviously required in works which aim at permanent and practical usefulness. This volume is dedicated to Hannibal.
  • Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee

    Press Association

    Biografieën en memoires Explore six decades of history with Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, a stunning photographic portrait of Her Majesty’s incredible 60-year reign from the archives of the Press Association.   From the Coronation to the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, relive the defining moments since The Queen acceded to the throne with this companion to the 2012 Diamond Jubilee celebrations.   Featuring more than 250 rarely-seen archive images, this visual journey through time includes 15 galleries telling the stories that made a monarch.
  • The Autobiography of Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin

    Biografieën en memoires Darwin wrote the book, which he entitled Recollections of the Development of my Mind and Character, for his family. He still stands as the leading figure of that revolution in scientific thought which followed the publication of the Origin of Species in the middle of the 19th century, a revolution soon involving all realms of knowledge. But posterity must continually reassess the past, and accurate contemporary sources are specially needed to provide insight into those stormy seasons when the wind of accepted belief changes. The great figures must be seen in their own setting and their own words must be heard, cleared of the posthumous growth of later dogmas. In the Autobiography Charles Darwin tells the story of the slow maturing of his mind and of his theories, leading to the publication of the Linnean paper with A. R. Wallace in 1858, and of the Origin of Species in 1859. The time has come for restoring the suppressions made in 1887. The occasional ast
  • Andre Kuipers

    Rob de Ruiter

    Biografieën en memoires Op zondag 1 juli 2012 na 193 dagen in de ruimte en na een stevige landing keerde Andre Kuipers weer veilig terug op de steppe van Kazachstan. Dit multimedia boek met schitterende foto’s, prachtig filmmateriaal en interessante 3D modellen zet André Kuipers en de ESA ruimtemissie in breder perspectief door meer achtergrond informatie te geven over de bemande ruimtevaart vanuit het verleden met de Apollo, Skylab en de Spaceshuttle.  Na zijn terugkomst op aarde is Andre Kuipers altijd in het nieuws gebleven en bezig geweest om zijn reisverhaal en diepere boodschap te vertellen. Dit boek gaat ook over deze postflight periode en zal daarom tevens nog incidenteel toekomstige updates ontvangen.
  • The Diary of a Young Girl

    Anne Frank

    Religieuze biografieën en memoires The Diary of a Young Girl , also known as The Diary of Anne Frank , is a book of the writings from the Dutch language diary kept by Anne Frank while she was in hiding for two years with her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. The family was apprehended in 1944, and Anne Frank died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945. The diary was retrieved by Miep Gies, who gave it to Anne's father, Otto Frank, the family's only known survivor, just after the war was over. The diary has since been published in more than 60 languages.
  • Alexander the Great

    Sean Patrick

    Biografieën en memoires If you want to learn about one of history’s greatest military commanders and uncover some of his secrets of drive—drive that enabled him and his small army to first subdue all of Greece and then the mighty Persian Empire—then you want to read this book. Some people like to think that geniuses are so inherently extraordinary that they navigate their journeys with clairvoyant ease.  This simply isn’t true.  Greatness does not come lightly. It requires that you make sacrifices of time, interests, and—sometimes—possessions. The further you move toward greatness, the more greatness demands from you. But all barriers yield to one mythical quality: drive. The will to persist and overcome. To never give up. To never accept defeat.  Few stories better illustrate this better than the life of one of the most extraordinary warriors the world has even known; a man of legendary ambition, will, and grit: Alexander the Great. In this book, you’ll be taken on a whirlwind j
  • Plum Loco

    Linda Boltman

    Biografieën en memoires Plum Loco is a humorous, heartwarming story about a single woman's quest to replace her favorite red plum tree after firefighters are forced to cut it down in an attempt to save her home during the San Diego Witch Creek Fire of 2007. Grateful for the firefighters' extreme efforts to save her house, she was devastated at the loss of the tree. She had nurtured and loved it since it was a sapling and it had grown into a beautiful twelve foot tree that was a haven for butterflies and hummingbirds. Lost without it, the author goes on a quest to find a replacement. The resulting story is her journey to bring the red plum home.
  • Abraham Lincoln

    James Russell Lowell

    Biografieën en memoires There have been many painful crises since the impatient vanity of South Carolina hurried ten prosperous Commonwealths into a crime whose assured retribution was to leave them either at the mercy of the nation they had wronged, or of the anarchy they had summoned but could not control, when no thoughtful American opened his morning paper without dreading to find that he had no longer a country to love and honor. Whatever the result of the convulsion whose first shocks were beginning to be felt, there would still be enough square miles of earth for elbow-room; but that ineffable sentiment made up of memory and hope, of instinct and tradition, which swells every man’s heart and shapes his thought, though perhaps never present to his consciousness, would be gone from it, leaving it common earth and nothing more. Men might gather rich crops from it, but that ideal harvest of priceless associations would be reaped no longer; that fine virtue which sent up messages of courage and security
  • The Life of Buddha and Its Lessons

    Henry Steel Olcott

    Biografieën en memoires THE thoughtful student, in scanning the religious history of the race has one fact continually forced upon his notice, viz., that there is an invariable tendency to deify whomsoever shows himself superior to the weakness of our common humanity. Look where we will, we find the saint like man exalted into a divine personage and worshiped for a god.
  • Jane Eyre

    Charlotte Brontë

    Biografieën en memoires Jane Eyre /ˈɛər/ (originally published as Jane Eyre: An Autobiography) is a novel by English writer Charlotte Brontë. It was published on 16 October 1847 by Smith, Elder & Co. of London, England, under the pen name "Currer Bell." The first American edition was released the following year by Harper & Brothers of New York. Primarily of the bildungsroman genre, Jane Eyre follows the emotions and experiences of its eponymous character, including her growth to adulthood, and her love for Mr. Rochester, the byronic master of fictitious Thornfield Hall. In its internalisation of the action – the focus is on the gradual unfolding of Jane's moral and spiritual sensibility and all the events are coloured by a heightened intensity that was previously the domain of poetry – the novel revolutionised the art of fiction. Charlotte Brontë has been called the 'first historian of the private consciousness' and the literary ancestor of writers like Joyce and Proust. The novel contains e
  • Barry van de Klundert

    Barry van de Klundert

    Biografieën en memoires Barrel is een pseudoniem. De man achter Barrel is geboren en getogen in Breda. Inmiddels is hij achttien jaar woonachtig in het Zeeuwse en op zijn  zachte 'g' na aardig geïntegreerd. De liefde bracht hem naar Zeeland en schonk hem een zoon. Helaas strandde zijn huwelijk maar de liefde liet hem niet in de steek. Hij werd gelukkig met een Friezin die voor hem naar Zeeland verhuisde. Samen met haar kreeg hij nog een zoon. Maar ook deze relatie kwam helaas aan een eind. Als vader heeft hij co-ouderschap over beide zoons (13 en 2).  Zijn wel en wee... en dat van zijn kinderen zet hij graag op papier en deelt dat sinds kort online. Naast schrijver is hij fulltime werkzaam in de wereld van de projectmeubelen.
  • Chopin : the Man and His Music

    James Huneker

    Biografieën en memoires A biography of the Polish composer and virtuoso pianist Frédéric Chopin and a critical analysis of his work by American music. This classic in music biography and criticism reflects the intimate knowledge of Chopin's music acquired and Part 1 deals with Chopin's life and comments on his teachings and performances; the second part offers a brilliant, piece-by-piece analysis of the entire body of his music.
  • Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie

    Andrew Carnegie

    Biografieën en memoires The story of any man's life, truly told, must be interesting, as some sage avers, those of my relatives and immediate friends who have insisted upon having an account of mine may not be unduly disappointed with this result.
  • David Crockett

    John Stevens Cabot Abbott

    Biografieën en memoires It Opens to the reader scenes in the lives of the lowly, and a state of semi-civilization, of which but few of them can have the faintest idea. It has not been my object, in this narrative, to defend Colonel Crockett or to condemn him, but to present his.
  • Ten Women with a Past

    Will Coe

    Biografieën en memoires Articles are: Belle de Jour by Samuel Pepys; Carla Bruni-Sarkozy by Joséphine de Beauharnais; Cheryl Cole by Helen of Troy; Josephine Bernadette Devlin McAliskey by Grace O'Malley (Grainne Ni Mhaille); Kate Middleton by Wallis Simpson; Gillian McKeith by Hippocrates; Sarah Palin by Lizzie Borden; Katie Price by Nell Gwynn; Delia Smith by King Alfred the Great; JK Rowling by the Brothers Grimm
  • Nero

    Jacob Abbott

    Biografieën en memoires Nero! The name is both a shame and a shudder. In his life we are presented with an astonishing picture of human greed, cunning, and selfishness at its worst. And thanks to his prominent position, Nero's example of monstrosity has stood as a lesson and a warning to all men since.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    John Stevens Cabot Abbott

    Biografieën en memoires This is a biography of American Patriots, the name of Benjamin Franklin who was great struggle, in which he took so conspicuous a part, which secured the Independence of the United States.
  • Up from Slavery: An Autobiography

    Booker T. Washington

    Biografieën en memoires An Apple Books Classic edition. “I was born a slave…in the midst of the most miserable, desolate, and discouraging surroundings.” Thus begins Booker T. Washington’s account of his incredible journey from a child enslaved on a Virginia plantation to one of the leading speakers and educators of the late 1800s. Washington shares formative experiences. He recalls carrying books to school for his master’s children while wishing he himself could learn and tells the story of how, after his family was emancipated, he walked almost 500 miles to enroll in a new school for Black people. Washington went on to found the famous Tuskegee Institute so that he could help others in his community receive a good education. Throughout his personal anecdotes, Washington expresses his belief in the importance of education for creating a future free from oppression, particularly for Black people. His autobiography, and the ideas expressed within its pages, continue to spark conversation today, more
  • Steve Jobs

    Zoltán Géczi

    Biografieën en memoires A kiadványban szakírók, IT- és médiaszakértők, újságírók foglalják össze Steve Jobs pályafutásának és az Apple történelmének legfontosabb fejezeteit, illetve megszólal Steve Jobs egyik volt kollégája is, aki 1990 és 1994 között dolgozott együtt az Apple alapítójával. A kiadó szándéka szerint a korabeli interjúk és médiaszereplések anyagait is feldolgozó kötet változatos és érdekfeszítő portrét rajzol az IT korszak ikonjáról. Steve Jobs (1955–2011) küldetésének érezte, hogy megváltoztassa a világot. Intellektusa és megalkuvásra képtelen természete, vezetői és üzleti képességei segítségével a földkerekség egyik legnagyobb vállalatává tett egy kaliforniai garázscéget. Emberközpontú technológiát, mindenki által használható eszközöket alkotott, és a digitális kor ikonjává vált. Úgy élte az életét, hogy távozása után is örökre köztünk maradjon, mint az információs társadalom farmernadrágos
  • Queen Elizabeth

    Jacob Abbott

    Biografieën en memoires There are certain names which are familiar, as names, to all mankind; and every person who seeks for any degree of mental cultivation, feels desirous of informing himself of the leading outlines of their history, that he may know, in brief, what it was in their characters or their doings which has given them so widely-extended a fame. Consequently, great historical names alone are selected; and it has been the writer's aim to present the prominent and leading traits in their characters, and all the important events in their lives, in a bold and free manner, and yet in the plain and simple language which is so obviously required in works which aim at permanent and practical usefulness. This volume is dedicated to Queen Elizabeth.
  • 100+ Quotable Quotes by & about Dr. Ron Paul~ a Real Amer-I-Can!

    Steve Nelson

    Biografieën en memoires 100+ Quotable Quotes By & About Dr. Ron Paul~ A Real Amer-I-Can! is a collection of quotes By Dr Ron Paul & About Dr. Ron Paul. In this collection you will read from celebrities and many other Extra Ordinary Amer-I-Cans! Because there are NO Ordinary Amer-I-Cans! Plus you can read from a selection of Veterans as well and site addresses where YOU can learn more! What does Jay Leno think of Dr. Ron Paul? Find Out! What does Oliver Stone think of Dr. Ron Paul? Find Out in this FREE eBook! In this no cost eBook You Can learn of one of the Greatest Amer-I-Cans of our time! You can Learn that YOU Too are an Amer-I-Can!
  • Pirates

    Charles Johnson

    Biografieën en memoires This is 18th century account of the lives of famous pirates. It includes a set of contemporary biographies of some of the most important figures of the “Golden Age of Piracy” (roughly 1700-1725) as well as descriptions of trials, ships, battles and more. Many modern historians believe that Captain Johnson was actually Daniel Dafoe, author of Robinson Crusoe, and often this book is found under his name.
  • What to Do When You Hate Your Job

    George Dutch

    Biografieën en memoires “90% of the Working Population isn’t in Their Right Work” American Management Association, the Menniger Clinic and Psychology Today estimate that as much as 90% of North America’s working population is not in their right work...resulting in tremendous consequences to their personal health and quality of life. “And It’s All How We Choose Our Work...” The reason why is unfortunately simple: surprisingly few of us purposefully chose the work we are doing today...and, if we did, we often chose it for all the wrong reasons, such as: • I got a job, and here I am 10 years later. • I had to take a transfer...or quit. • It seemed like a good idea at the time. • I wanted to be a , but my Dad/Mom/Guidance Counselor insisted on this career instead. Free yourself from career pain...and start on the road to JobJoy – get our free report “What to Do When You Hate Your Job” and learn: • The secret to why you hate your job • How to avoid the two most expensive mistakes w
  • Johann Sebastian Bach, his Life, Art, and Work

    Johann Nikolaus Forkel

    Biografieën en memoires This book is aimed toward a musical audience, those who understand what makes a concerto great, or how harmony and melody differ, rather than one looking to understand more about Bach from a historical perspective. It provides a brief, encyclopedic overview of his life and death, then delves into discussions on his music and what makes him shine in his roles as composer and teacher.
  • The Life of Cicero

    Anthony Trollope

    Biografieën en memoires Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43BC) was an orator, statesman, philosopher and prolific correspondent, who rose as a ‘new man’ in Rome in the turbulent last years of its republican government. Anthony Trollope, best known as a novelist, admired Cicero greatly and wrote this biography late in life in order to argue his virtues against authors who had granted him literary greatness but questioned his strength as a politician and as a man. He takes a personal approach, affording us an insight into his own mind and times as well as those of his subject.
  • The Life of a Stripper: Special Bonus Edition

    Romana Van Lissum

    Biografieën en memoires For 17 years (and counting), Romana Van Lissum has been a cocktail waitress in a popular Vancouver strip club. In between slinging brews and burgers, Romana decided to get some answers to the questions we all want to know about exotic dancers. As a fixture in the industry, Van Lissum has the unique position to capture the stories of three generations of strippers both working and retired in a candid, confessional style. The stories range from alcohol addiction, stalkers, prostitution, sexual abuse and porn to a near death experience, breaking the law and a dead beat husband. Van Lissum has collected 5 true stories from BC's top entertainers. "The Life of a Stripper: Special Bonus Edition" gives a vivid glimpse into the mystery of exotic dancers. Welcome to the inside view of the world of exotic dancing. Get ready to find out the secrets, mechanics and drive behind the beautiful women that take their clothes off for a living.
  • More Letters of Charles Darwin — Volume 1

    Charles Darwin

    Biografieën en memoires More Letters of Charles Darwin, a sequel to The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin of 1887.contains almost entirely new matter although some extracts and a few whole letters are also found in Life and letters. It also contains a brief autobiographical piece.
  • Famous Men of the Middle Ages

    Addison B. Poland

    Biografieën en memoires This book Starts with myths, moves to waves of tribes in Europe and Asian leaders. Thus tracing an accurate and wonderful life sketches of these famous men. 33 biographies sketch significant characters from the stream of European history during the Middle Ages.
  • Peter Stuyvesant, the Last Dutch Governor of New Amsterdam

    John Stevens Cabot Abbott

    Biografieën en memoires It is impossible to understand the very remarkable character and career of Peter Stuyvesant, the last, and by far the most illustrious, of the Dutch governors of New Amsterdam, without an acquaintance with the early history of the Dutch colonies upon the Hudson and the Delaware. The Antiquarian may desire to look more fully into the details of the early history of New York. But this brief, yet comprehensive narrative, will probably give most of the information upon that subject, which the busy, general reader can desire.
  • De Profundis

    Oscar Wilde

    Biografieën en memoires From his cell in prison, Oscar Wilde wrote "De Profundis, " the detailed and unsparing revelation of his love and tragedy.
  • William the Conqueror

    Jacob Abbott

    Biografieën en memoires There are certain names which are familiar, as names, to all mankind; and every person who seeks for any degree of mental cultivation, feels desirous of informing himself of the leading outlines of their history, that he may know, in brief, what it was in their characters or their doings which has given them so widely-extended a fame. Consequently, great historical names alone are selected; and it has been the writer's aim to present the prominent and leading traits in their characters, and all the important events in their lives, in a bold and free manner, and yet in the plain and simple language which is so obviously required in works which aim at permanent and practical usefulness. This volume is dedicated to William the Conqueror.
  • Lorenzo de Medici

    Charles L. Mee, Jr.

    Biografieën en memoires Lorenzo de' Medici was never an old man. He died in 1492 - the year Christopher Columbus first set foot on American soil - at the age of forty-three. He came to power in fifteenth-century Florence at the age of twenty. In the twenty-odd years of his rule, this banker, politician, international diplomat, free-wheeling poet and songwriter, and energetic revolutionary helped to give shape, tone, and tempo to that truly dazzling time of Western history, the Renaissance. This Quick Read, by award-winning author Charles L. Mee, Jr., is the first in a six-part series on the life of Lorenzo de' Medici and of the times in which he lived.
  • Mary Queen of Scots

    Jacob Abbott

    Biografieën en memoires This is biography of Mary Stuart of Scotland, was queen of Scotland from 1542 to 1567. Mary the only surviving legitimate child of King James V of Scotland. In 1567, she was forced to abdicate in favor of James, her one-year-old son. After an unsuccessful attempt to regain the throne, she fled southwards seeking the protection of her first cousin Queen Elizabeth I of England. Mary had previously claimed Elizabeth's throne as her own. Perceiving her as a threat, Elizabeth had her confined in a number of castles. After eighteen and a half years in custody, Mary was found guilty of plotting to assassinate Elizabeth, and was subsequently executed.
  • Roald Dahl

    Ms. Hirschhorn

    Biografieën en memoires A demo of an eBook created for my students about famous author Roald Dahl's life and books.
  • Mozart: the man and the artist, as revealed in his own words

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Biografieën en memoires In this collection of excerpts from Mozart's letters to family and friends, and from his other writings and reported conversations.
  • 17 Deadly Women Through the Ages+

    Stephanie Glover

    Biografieën en memoires TRUE CRIME: WOMEN SERIAL KILLERS Our society can barely account for evil in males, let alone imagine it in females. The female nests, creates, and nurtures doesn’t she or is it that we just want to believe in the intrinsic non-threatening nature of women? Yet, history is full of instrumentally violent women: women who have fought wars and battles throughout the world, with no less ferociousness than men, women such as Dynamis of Bosphorous, who starved her husband to death and took control of his kingdom, or Artemisia, the queen of Halicarnassus in the 5th century, who conducted a brilliant but brutal military campaign against the Greeks. Mary Tudor, Queen Mary 1 of England, in 1553 became known as “Bloody Mary,” for her extreme cruelty and willingness to execute people. In this short book meet 17 less known but equally murderous cold blooded women. After reading it you may find your perception of the gentler sex changed irrevocably. Enjoy.  
  • The Life of Flavius Josephus

    Flavius Josephus

    Biografieën en memoires Now, my father Matthias was not only eminent on account of is nobility, but had a higher commendation on account of his righteousness, and was in great reputation in Jerusalem, the greatest city we have. I was myself brought up with my brother, whose name was Matthias, for he was my own brother, by both father and mother; and I made mighty proficiency in the improvements of my learning, and appeared to have both a great memory and understanding. Moreover, when I was a child, and about fourteen years of age, I was commended by all for the love I had to learning; on which account the high priests and principal men of the city came then frequently to me together, in order to know my opinion about the accurate understanding of points of the law. And when I was about sixteen years old, I had a mind to make trim of the several sects that were among us. These sects are three: - The first is that of the Pharisees, the second that Sadducees, and the third that of the Essens, as we have frequen
  • Klee Wyck

    Emily Carr

    Literaire biografieën en memoires An Apple Books Classic edition. One of Canadian artist Emily Carr’s paintings sold for more than $3.3 million in 2013, setting a record for work by a Canadian woman. And Carr was just as gifted as an author as she was a painter. In Klee Wyck she shares literary sketches of her experiences among the First Nations of Canada’s west coast. We travel alongside Carr as she meets generous and curious people who, despite their initial distrust, open their hearts and minds to Klee Wyck (the "Laughing One"), as they call her. Carr describes the poverty and challenges these indigenous communities face, and she marvels at their pride, traditions, and the artistry of their totem poles. Be on the lookout for sections of Carr’s memoir that were originally removed, including a portrait of a mixed-race family and vignettes condemning European missionaries. These deleted passages were finally released in 2004.
  • Beethoven's Letters 1790-1826, Volume 1

    Ludwig van Beethoven

    Biografieën en memoires He was a crucial figure in the transitional period between the Classical and Romantic eras in Western classical music and remains one of the most acclaimed and influential composers of all time.
  • Twenty men with a past

    Will Coe

    Biografieën en memoires Articles are: Julian Assange by Thomas Paine; David Beckham by Adonis; Silvio Berlusconi by Garibaldi; Harold Camping by Nostradamus; Simon Cowell by PT Barnum; James Dyson by George Stephenson; Chris Evans by Alvar Liddell; Colin Firth by Emil Jennings; Bill Gates by Charles Babbage; Bob Geldof by William Wilberforce; Damien Hirst by Caravaggio; Boris Johnson by Dick Whittington; Nelson Mandela by Toussaint Louverture; Peter Mandelson by Niccolo Machiavelli; Paul McKenna by Franz Mesmer; Rupert Murdoch by Randolph Hearst; Vladimir Putin by Lavrentiy Beria; Nicolas Sarkozy by Napoleon Bonaparte; David Walliams by Will Kemp; Mark Zuckerberg by Karl Marx.
  • The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte

    William Milligan Sloane

    Biografieën en memoires Napoleon I, he was Emperor of the French from 1804 to 1814 and again in 1815. He implemented a wide array of liberal reforms across Europe, including the abolition of feudalism and the spread of religious toleration. [2] His legal code in France, the Napoleonic Code, influenced numerous civil law jurisdictions worldwide. Napoleon is remembered for his role in leading France against a series of coalitions in the Napoleonic Wars. He won the majority of his battles and seized control of most of continental Europe in a quest for personal power and to spread the ideals of the French Revolution. Widely regarded as one of the greatest commanders in history, his campaigns are studied at military academies worldwide. He remains one of the most studied political and military leaders in all of history. Napoleon was born in Corsica in a family of noble Italian ancestry that had settled in Corsica in the 16th century. He spoke French with a heavy Corsican accent. Well-educated, he rose to prominen
  • ENIGMA: St Francis of Assisi

    Chris Park

    Biografieën en memoires This biography of St Francis views him as an enigma. By all accounts he was a simple man with a complex character. Francis was born into a family life of wealth and privilege, yet he chose a life of extreme poverty and simplicity. He walked away from a promising career in his father's successful cloth company and became noted for his asceticism, dislike of possessions, and total dependence on God to provide for all his needs. Although his early life was defined by hedonism and a carefree attitude to everything, he grew into a person of enormous religious conviction and spiritual focus. A largely uneducated man, he nonetheless became an effective and influential preacher and teacher with a simple but powerful message of the gospel of Christ. As an adult he preferred his own company and a solitary lifestyle, yet he developed a large brotherhood and built an enduring religious order and movement. He was noted for his humility and sincerity, but still served for a period as leader of the
  • The Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer; On Human Nature

    Arthur Schopenhauer

    Biografieën en memoires The following essays are drawn from the chapters entitled Zur Ethik and Zur Rechtslehre und Politik which are to be found both in Schopenhauer's Parergaand in his posthumous writings. As in my previous volumes, so also in this, I have omitted a few passages which appeared to me to be either antiquated or no longer of any general interest. For convenience' sake I have divided the original chapters into sections, which I have had to name; and I have also had to invent a title which should express their real scope. The reader will find that it is not so much Ethics and Politics that are here treated, as human nature itself in various aspects.
  • Beethoven, the Man and the Artist, as Revealed in His Own Words

    Ludwig van Beethoven

    Biografieën en memoires This little book came into existence as if it were by chance. The author had devoted himself for a long time to the study of Beethoven and carefully scrutinized all manner of books, publications, manuscripts, etc., in order to derive the greatest possible information about the hero.
  • The Narrative of Sojourner Truth

    Sojourner Truth

    Biografieën en memoires An Apple Books Classics edition. The Narrative of Sojourner Truth was first published in 1850—a dozen years before the Emancipation Proclamation. At the time, this rare, first-person account of the horrors of slavery was a revelation for readers. Truth’s unsentimental descriptions of her experiences, including the beatings she suffered and the time her toddler-aged brother hid under a bed when he learned he’d been sold from his parents, forced people to contemplate Truth’s simple, penetrating question: “What a way is this of treating human beings?” The book goes on to chronicle Truth’s trailblazing life. After she escaped enslavement, she toured the country, speaking to abolitionists and calling out those that didn’t include women’s rights in their fight for equality. Truth successfully sued a white man for her son’s freedom, escaped persecution from a cult, and, long before Rosa Parks took her famous bus ride, climbed aboard a whites-only streetcar. Sojourner Trut
  • More Letters of Charles Darwin — Volume 2

    Charles Darwin

    Biografieën en memoires This is the 2nd volume of More letters of Charles Darwin and contains further extended studies of Darwin and his work , as well as brief notes of his biography.
  • Youth

    Leo Tolstoy

    Biografieën en memoires The early life of Nikolai, the son of wealthy landowner in Russia, is fully explored, slowly revealing this young boy's inner mind, relationships, and social standing. As he describes his tutor, angelic mother, aloof father, worldly brother, and later his moralistic friend, Nikolai displays a mind given to dreaming and a personality as complex as it is conflicted. As he grows and moves from his country home to his grandmother's mansion in Moscow, Nikolai also struggles at intervals to find a sort of moral balance, which affects his love, his education, and the type of man he might become. Tolstoy demonstrates, even in this first literary attempt, his ability to utilize a host of minor characters to fully develop the internal life of his main character. "Childhood, Boyhood, and Youth" shows in its three parts not only the deliberate building of a protagonist but also a universal story about coming of age. This novel has proven itself to be a seminal work for an extraordinary novelist.
  • Franklin's Autobiography

    Benjamin Franklin

    Biografieën en memoires This is a biographical book. Autobiography is addressed to Franklin's son William, at that time (1771) Royal Governor of New Jersey. While in England at the estate of the Bishop of St Asaph in Twyford, Franklin, now 65 years old, begins by saying that it may be agreeable to his son to know some of the incidents of his father's life; so with a week's uninterrupted leisure, he is beginning to write them down for William. He starts with some anecdotes of his grandfather, uncles, father and mother. He deals with his childhood, his fondness for reading, and his service as an apprentice to his brother James Franklin, a Boston printer and the publisher of the New England Courant. After improving his writing skills through study of the Spectator by Joseph Addison and Sir Richard Steele, he writes an anonymous paper and slips it under the door of the printing house by night. Not knowing its author, James and his friends praise the paper and it is published in the Courant, which encourages Ben
  • Mein Weg als Deutscher und Jude

    Jakob Wassermann

    Biografieën en memoires Die Autobiographie "Mein Weg als Deutscher und Jude" skizziert die Lebens- und Sinnsuche des Schriftstellers Jakob Wassermanns. Die Schilderung ist geprägt von der Alltagserfahrung des mehr oder weniger latenten Antisemitismus seiner Zeit und dem Aufbegehren gegen Grenzen und Vorurteile.
  • Don's Great Escape

    Donald E. Phillips

    Biografieën en memoires Don’s Great Escape is one man’s story of being in a German POW camp in WWII. Don’s plane went down over occupied France in 1943. He was captured and sent to Stalag Luft III made famous by the 1963 movie The Great Escape . On January 28, 1945, Stalag Luft III was evacuated so the camp would not be captured by the Russians. After several days of walking and being transported by boxcars, the prisoners eventually ended up in Stalag VIIA at Moosburg. Don was liberated on April 29, 1945. His story is told by letters written home to his parents.
  • eBoomberg

    Fred van de Biezen

    Biografieën en memoires Ter gelegenheid van 10 jaar eBoombergnieuws. De website van de wijk heeft ongeveer tien jaar nieuws verzameld en gepubliceerd over allerlei onderwerpen, die de wijkbewoners aangaan of ze zouden kunnen interesseren. De Boombergwijk is ontstaan in de tweede helft van de 19e eeuw en de oudste wijk buiten het centrum. Over de inhoud van deze uitgave. Interviews met wijkbewoner over hun beroep, ingrijpende renovaties, Engelstalige publicaties, grootschalige architectuuronderzoek, wijkbewoners, gemeente ambtenaren, en vele anderen betrokken bij wat er in de wijk speelt. Dr. Van Hengel, uitvoerder van de eerste parlementaire enquête, avant la lettre, in 1875. Over de gezondheid in Hilversum, Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis, bewoner Boombergwij. Parken in de Boombergwijk: Boombergpark, Rosarium, Pinetum, Costerustuin, de Hof (Burg. Schookplein, wijkkennistest)  Literaire sporen. Schrijvers die in de Boombergwijk woonden. Lodewijk van Deyssel, Adriaan Roland Holst, Louis Couperus, P.H. van
  • Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains

    Charles Alexander Eastman

    Biografieën en memoires EVERY age, every race, has its leaders and heroes. There were over sixty distinct tribes of Indians on this continent, each of which boasted its notable men. The names and deeds of some of these men will live in American history, yet in the true sense they are unknown, because misunderstood. I should like to present some of the greatest chiefs of modern times in the light of the native character and ideals, believing that the American people will gladly do them tardy justice.
  • In vervoering

    Richard Smits

    Biografieën en memoires Biografie van Maaskant Reizen, opgericht in 1923 als lokaal vervoersbedrijf en in 2013 uitgegroeid tot toonaangevende reisorganisatie op het gebied van excursie en rondreizen in heel Europa.
  • Life of Charlotte Brontë — Volume 1

    Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

    Biografieën en memoires The Leeds and Skipton railway runs along a deep valley of the Aire; a slow and sluggish stream, compared to the neighbouring river of Wharfe. Keighley station is on this line of railway, about a quarter of a mile from the town of the same name. The number of inhabitants and the importance of Keighley have been very greatly increased during the last twenty years, owing to the rapidly extended market for worsted manufactures, a branch of industry that mainly employs the factory population of this part of Yorkshire, which has Bradford for its centre and metropolis.
  • Lucretia Borgia

    Ferdinand Gregorovius

    Biografieën en memoires This is the biography of Lucretia Borgia. It explores the History of Borgia as well as introduces the ancient history of customs and mores of Italian courts of the Renaissance.
  • Reginald George Williams

    Tom Williams

    Biografieën en memoires A Biography of Reginald George Williams, a Wellington bomber pilot in the Second World War.
  • The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

    Giacomo Casanova & Arthur Machen

    Biografieën en memoires This is the English translation of the Memoirs of the original “womanizer,” whose real name was Giacamo Casanova. His writing is regarded as one of the most authentic sources of 18th century European social life.
  • The Memoirs of Victor Hugo

    Victor Hugo

    Biografieën en memoires This volume of memoirs has a double character - historical and intimate. The life of a period, the XIX Century, is bound up in the life of a man, VICTOR HUGO. As we follow the events set forth we get the impression they made upon the mind of the extraordinary man who recounts them; and of all the personages he brings before us he himself is assuredly not the least interesting. In portraits from the brushes of Rembrandts there are always two portraits, that of the model and that of the painter.
  • The Simple Guide To Nelson Mandela

    Chris Scott

    Biografieën en memoires Although a simple guide this book tries to share with you the struggles and triumphs of this great man. It covers the life of Nelson Mandela starting with an explanation of The Apartheid and National Party. A short look at his family is followed by his education and early years with the ANC. We take a look at how Mandela showed his leadership qualities and his imprisonment. Violence and the threat of a military faction of the ANC showed the South African president that he needed help from Mandela. This was the the new beginning Mandela had dreamed of for many years. His release from prison and the becoming president wrap up a fascinating story.
  • Bicycle Diaries

    Stanley Smith

    Biografieën en memoires In a desperate effort to help save his son from crippling drug abuse, the author recounts his own youthful struggle with drugs, and how a cross-country bicycle trip helped him overcome them. After rediscovering his 30 year-old journal of that trip, with photos taken along the way, the author assembles an account that is intended to help his son.  The results are astonishing.
  • Boyhood

    Leo Tolstoy

    Biografieën en memoires Boyhood (Russian) (1854) is the second novel in Leo Tolstoy's autobiographical trilogy, following Childhood and followed by Youth.
  • Works of Martin Luther

    Martin Luther

    Biografieën en memoires Presents critiques of four works of the Nobel Prize-winning civil rights leader and guides readers through the process of analyzing them from different critical angles, including moral theory and historical, racial, and rhetorical viewpoints.
  • Ayesha

    Naima Sohaib

    Biografieën en memoires Ayesha (RA) was a beloved wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Born in the cradle of Islam and having spent her early years in the constant company of the Prophet, she dedicated her life to the cause of Islam. She was deeply familiar with the personality and Sunnah of the Prophet, and this made her a fountain of knowledge and wisdom regarding his life and actions. Many companions of the Prophet came to her to learn about the Quran and Hadith. She is also a wonderful role model for Muslim women of all times, demonstrating to them how to lead a productive life both inside and outside their homes. In the words of Syed Suleman Nadvi: “The biggest favour of Ayesha upon mankind is that she taught the world how a Muslim woman could, within the limits of the veil, play an active role in intellectual, religious, social, and political life. Islam has granted women a high status and has elevated them from their previously downtrodden position. The life story of Ayesha (RA) is a practical implementati
  • Alexander the Great: Tactician or Eagle?

    John J. Donnangelo

    Biografieën en memoires Was Alexander the Great a Tactician or an Eagle? In addition to being skilled in the tactics of planning and coordinating military forces in battle, he also possessed the keen vision of an eagle by “seeing” what his adversaries might be planning and then to counterattack. Was he a military genius or a lucky adolescent?
  • To Josephine

    Michael Broers

    Biografieën en memoires Discover the true, turbulent, and passionate love story at the heart of the Apple Original Film Napoleon , now streaming on Apple TV+, through 15 of the French military leader’s revealing letters to his wife, Josephine. Napoleon and Josephine Bonaparte remain one of history’s most iconic couples—their tumultuous relationship was intertwined with Napoleon’s ruthless climb to power. As Napoleon built his empire on battlefield after battlefield, the strong-willed Josephine was never far from his mind. Over the years, he wrote her hundreds of letters that document the pair’s rollercoaster courtship, marriage, and divorce, as well as his public triumphs and failures. In this book, available for free exclusively on Apple Books, Professor Michael Broers—prize-winning author, historian, and historical advisor to the Apple Original Film Napoleon —shares a selection of Napoleon’s most significant letters, spanning almost two decades. Together with a foreword by Ridley Scott, the
  • Peter the Great

    Jacob Abbott

    Biografieën en memoires A comprehensive account of the life of 'the founder of Russian civilization'.
  • Life and Letters of Charles Darwin — Volume 1

    Charles Darwin

    Biografieën en memoires Volume is not chronologically continuous with the first. Again, in the third volume, the botanical work, which principally occupied my father during the later years of his life, is treated in a separate series of chapters. Of letters addressed to my father I have not made much use. It was his custom to file all letters received, and when his slender stock of files ("spits" as he called them was exhausted, he would burn the letters of several years, in order that he might make use of the liberated "spits." This process, carried on for years, destroyed nearly all letters received before 1862. After that date he was persuaded to keep the more interesting letters, and these are preserved in an accessible form.
  • The Diary of Samuel Pepys

    Samuel Pepys

    Biografieën en memoires It was in this house that Pepys started to write his diary, at the age of 27. He was 36 when fear of losing his eyesight forced him to end it. In June 1660 he was appointed Clerk of the Acts to the Navy Board, a key post in what was probably the most important of all government departments - the royal dockyards. epys's diary is not so much a record of events as a re-creation of them. Not all the passages are as picturesque as the famous set pieces in which he describes Charles II's coronation or the Great Fire of London, but there is no entry which does not, in some degree, display the same power of summoning back to life the events it relates.
  • Plutarch's Lives, Volume I

    46-120? Plutarch

    Biografieën en memoires Plutarch later named, on his becoming a Roman citizen, Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus was a Greek biographer, essayist, priest, ambassador, magistrate, and Middle Platonist. Plutarch was born to a prominent family in Chaeronea, Boeotia, a town about twenty miles east of Delphi. His oeuvre consists of the Parallel Lives and the Moralia.
  • Rembrandt

    Estelle May Hurll

    Biografieën en memoires Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was born on 15 July 1606 in Leiden, in the Dutch Republic, now the Netherlands. He was the ninth child born to Harmen Gerritszoon van Rijn and Neeltgen Willemsdochter van Zuytbrouck. His family was quite well-to-do; his father was a miller and his mother was a baker's daughter. Religion is a central theme in Rembrandt's paintings and the religiously fraught period in which he lived makes his faith a matter of interest. His mother was Roman Catholic, and his father belonged to the Dutch Reformed Church. While his work reveals deep Christian faith, there is no evidence that Rembrandt formally belonged to any church, although he had five of his children christened in Dutch Reformed churches in Amsterdam: four in the Oude Kerk (Old Church) and one, Titus, in the Zuiderkerk (Southern Church).
  • The Education of Henry Adams

    Henry Adams

    Biografieën en memoires Any schoolboy could see that man as a force must be measured by motion from a fixed point. Psychology helped here by suggesting a unit the point of history when man held the highest idea of himself as a unit in a unified universe. Eight or ten years of study had led Adams to think he might use the century 1150 1250, expressed in Amiens Cathedral and the Works of Thomas Aquinas, as the unit from which he might measure motion down to his own time, without assuming anything as true or untrue, except relation. The movement might be studied at once in philosophy and mechanics. Setting himself to the task, he began a volume which he mentally knew as 'Mont Saint Michel and Chartres: a Study of Thirteenth Century Unity. ' From that point he proposed to fix a position for himself, which he could label: 'The Education of Henry Adams: a Study of Twentieth Century Multiplicity. ' With the help of these two points of relation, he hoped to project his lines forward and backward indefinitely, subjec
  • Beethoven's Letters 1790-1826, Volume 2

    Ludwig van Beethoven

    Biografieën en memoires He was a crucial figure in the transitional period between the Classical and Romantic eras in Western classical music, and remains one of the most acclaimed and influential composers of all time.
  • Letters of Marcus Tullius Cicero


    Biografieën en memoires The period covered by the letters of Cicero is one of the most interesting and momentous in the history of the world, and these letters afford a picture of the chief personages and most important events of that age from the pen of a man who was not only himself in the midst of the conflict, but who was a consummate literary artist.
  • Richard I

    Jacob Abbott

    Biografieën en memoires It is biography of Richard I .He began his career very early in life by quarreling with his father. Indeed, his father, his mother, and all his brothers and sisters were engaged, as long as the father lived, in perpetual wars against each other, which were waged with the most desperate fierceness on all sides. The subject of these quarrels was the different possessions which the various branches of the family held or claimed in France and in England, each endeavoring to dispossess the others.
  • Life of Charlotte Bronte — Volume 2

    Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

    Biografieën en memoires Keighley is in process of transformation from a populous, old fashioned village, into a still more populous and flourishing town. It is evident to the stranger, that as the gable ended houses, which obtrude themselves corner wise on the widening street, fall vacant, they are pulled down to allow of greater space for traffic, and a more modern style of architecture. The quaint and narrow shop windows of fifty years ago, are giving way to large panes and plate glass