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  • Game Changer

    Piper Lawson

    Romantische fictie A steamy, grumpy sunshine sports romance featuring a woman down on her luck, a star basketball player with a filthy mouth, and a connection neither of them can deny. After being dumped and losing my job the same week, the last thing my broken heart needs is a rebound. I'm escaping across the country to help my perfect sister plan her dream wedding, and to prove to both of us everything is under control. But a combination of tequila and turbulence on the flight there lead to word-vomiting all my troubles to the huge and handsome stranger in the first-class seat next to mine. Only his whispered dirty diversions keep me sane until landing. Despite the spark of attraction, we go our separate ways. Or so I thought. Turns out the tall, muscular, tattooed tower of a man from the plane is the star player on my future brother-in-law's pro basketball team. Clay is the last person I should gravitate toward. They're called "players" for a reason. Grumpy and cynical, he carries a weight on his sho
  • Let Me: Second Chance Love Stories Books 1-3

    Lily Foster

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Lily Foster "will satisfy discerning fans of the new-adult genre."  -Kirkus Reviews If you’re looking for epic love stories that leave you holding your breath and begging for more, you won't be able to stop once you dive into Lily Foster’s addictive series.  *This box set contains 3 full-length novels and the series prequel* Let Me Be the One Going after his friend’s girl is wrong, but Tom is too hung up on Darcy to care. Screw principles, screw ethics, screw the bro code. An hour in her presence would lead the best of men to veer off the high road. But she still thinks he’s a joke, nothing more than a walking, talking one-night stand. What she doesn’t know is that while she’s been gone,Tom has been changing his ways. He’s not all talk, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove it. Let Me Love You Caleb's desire for Rene is forbidden, but the pull he feels towards this girl has him tied up in knots. Infatuation, longing, guilt—he's nothing but a messed up tan
  • Freight Train

    Sapphire Knight

    Romantische fictie (ALTERNATIVE COVER VERSION) Tyler Football is my life and it always has been. I made a vow to be the best, regardless of distractions. I'm Tyler the Freight Train Owens, I can handle anything on the field. Off of it however, my days begin to pile up with college, football, and helping out my brothers. I need a small reprieve. Especially if she's five foot five, brunette and has legs that go on for miles. I can handle a small distraction, no problem. Besides, when that time clock runs out, I don't have time for panties, only touchdowns. Kadence Star football player...Check. Spoiled brat...Check. Manwh0r3...Check. Right when I think I have Tyler Owen's all figured out; he knocks me on my a$$, literally. I wasn't expecting him to help me up, or the little shock that I felt when we touched, but then I didn't think I'd fall in love either. Too bad he has a line of willing women trailing after him, because I refuse to be one of them. The Freight Train may be used to scoring on and off the f
  • The Mistress Contract

    Evelyn Austin

    Romantische fictie When college student Madeline Swanson stumbled into the wrong job interview, I immediately wanted her…on her knees. My offer is simple–I’ll cover her tuition, living expenses and a generous shopping budget. In return, she signs a contract, making herself available at my request–on my arm or in my bed, fulfilling all my darkest desires. She says no now, but I’ll pursue her relentlessly until she signs the contract. Then, not only will I make her mine, I’ll own her…
  • In the Grasp

    Cadence Keys

    Romantische fictie Newly Revised Edition as of December 1, 2021 Paige He was my first love and my greatest heartbreak. Now he's my assignment.  I've worked too hard to get my dream job at the largest paper on the west coast, and I won't let Jack Fuller, the league's most notoriously private quarterback ruin this chance for me. But the moment we lock eyes, all those old feelings come rushing back in a way I'm completely unprepared for and instead of holding onto my hurt, I find myself giving him another chance.  When I push back against writing  the article, my bosshole editor threatens to get what he wants, one way or another. The only way I can protect Jack is to spin the story myself. Will Jack be able to forgive me when I tell him what I've done?  Jack A reporter and an extremely private quarterback shouldn't mix, but she's not just any reporter—she's my ex and the only woman I've ever loved.  Paige O'Malley has owned my heart since I was sixteen years old, but I was a dumb
  • The Mistakes You Make

    Tracy Lorraine

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Some demons we can't outrun.  Kane Legend is mine.  The gorgeous boy who always finds me. The ruthless bully I've spent my life avoiding.  Even leaving Harrow Creek wasn't enough to escape his torment.  Because I didn't stay away and neither could he. One weekend home... one party. One night that ruined everything. He wanted revenge, and he got it, because my life is never going to be the same.  Kane Legend made sure I'd never forget him...  My biggest mistake. The Mistakes You Make is a prequel to my new Maddison Kings University series and is set eighteen months before The Revenge You Seek. It's a dark bully romance. If you don't like your alphas possessive and over the top then this might not be for you.
  • 5 vrouwen, 1 avond - Een nieuw begin, deel 1

    Lenthe Leeuwenberg

    Romantische fictie Fleur is verloofd met de liefde van haar leven, Lara leidt een gelukkig vrijgezellenbestaan, Emily heeft sinds kort een nieuwe liefde gevonden, Danique heeft een leuke man en een veelbelovende carrière en Britt is gelukkig met haar kinderen. Op Tweede Kerstdag verandert alles en komen deze vijf vrouwen elkaar tegen. Zonder dat ze het weten, zullen ze elkaars levens gaan veranderen.
  • Tempting Me: A Bad Boy Romance

    Roxy Sinclaire & Natasha Tanner

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Aria: The only thing I need is him... It was the night before my wedding. Maybe I cursed it by visiting my fiance. I didn't expect him to cheat on me with my best friend. That night I ended up going to the strip club. The same one I went for my bachelorette party. That guy told me to come back if it didn't work out. I laughed at the thought. Well, it came true, because it didn't. What was I to do next? Ryan: I want her, but I know I can't... I had my eye on her the whole night at the club. Usually, I can control myself. But not that night. She came from a rich family. I came from the trailer. She was educated. I wish I was. There was no way it would work. But maybe if things changed, they could? This is a full length bad boy romance novel. It is book 1 of the City Bad Boys series. It has NO cheating, NO cliffhanger, and a happily ever after .
  • Billion Dollar Lie

    Linnea May

    Romantische fictie 𝗠𝘆 𝘂𝗹𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗴𝗼𝗮𝗹 𝗶𝘀 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗵 — 𝗯𝘂𝘁 𝗳𝗶𝗿𝘀𝘁 𝗜 𝗻𝗲𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗼 𝗺𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗲. I made it to the top, among the richest of the rich. But I have one more goal in my sights… to become a member of the illustrious Vanguard Society. Being a billionaire is not enough to join their ranks. I just need one thing to win their trust: A fiancée. When Kat stumbles into me at an elite nightclub, I know that she is perfect for the job. She’s beautiful, smart and feisty — and totally off limits. But she’s desperate. She needs me just as much as I need her. One million dollars is all it takes to make her play along. She agrees to become my fake fiancée. My partner in crime. My plaything. The moment I’m alone with her, the urge to break her becomes overwhelming. It’s all a lie, a contract between us, just for as long as I need her. Hell wil
  • Haat me

    Lizzie van den Ham

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Als Svetlana Ivanova een baan op ruimtestation Desida Een aangeboden krijgt bij het handelskantoor van de Russische Elite kan ze haar geluk niet op. Al snel wordt Lana’s droom ruw verstoord als ze met haar vrienden Tori en Alen naar de Aarde afreist voor een handelsmissie en daar nooit aankomt omdat ze wordt ontvoerd door haar vaders grootste vijand. De man in kwestie, ruimtepiraat Bruce Randall, wil Lana als pion gebruiken in een strijd om het Ivanov mijnimperium. Hij wil dat Lana’s vader zijn bedrijf opgeeft... en hij heeft daar goede redenen voor, beweert hij. Als gevangene in de villa van Bruce begint Lana zich door zijn verhalen steeds meer af te vragen wat er enkele jaren geleden is gebeurd. Waarom werd haar moeder door rebellen omgebracht? Weet haar vader echt niet wat er achter die aanval zat? Bruce is duidelijk een gevaarlijke en duistere man, maar Lana ontdekt dat onder zijn harde uiterlijk een heel ander soort persoon schuilgaat dan ze voor mogelijk had gehouden. Een ma
  • The Initiation

    Nikki Sloane

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie No one knows how new members are selected to the board of Hale Banking and Holding. But there are rumors of a sordid rite of initiation. Whispers how one woman and nine men disappear into a boardroom. This time, that woman will be me. The Hale family owns everything—the eighth largest bank in the world, everyone in our town, even the mortgage on my parents’ mansion. And now Royce Hale wants to own me. He is charming. Seductive. Ruthless. But above all, he’s the prince of lies. My body may tighten with white-hot desire under his penetrating gaze, but I refuse to enjoy it. I’ll make a deal with the devil to save my family and sell myself to the Hales. But Royce will never own my heart.
  • Ravage Me

    Ryan Michele

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Ryan Michele brings a motorcycle club to life in her Ravage MC Series. Revenge always comes at a price— Harlow  aka  Princess spent the last two years  locked up for a crime she didn't commit . Revenge has consumed  her thoughts vowing payback for those who put her behind bars. Now, she's out, going home to her family—the Ravage MC. Retribution is coming. Former  Marine ,  Cruz  knows what it means to lose it all. What this  single dad found in the  Ravage Motorcycle Club  is a home, a family for him and his son. He protects them at all costs. When these two head strong people meet in the club's garage, he's caught off guard. She's there on a mission . Anger and challenge combust around them, the push and pull only igniting the flames brighter, hotter . Princess refuses to give into the lust. Cruz demands to have her. Each not giving in to the other. There is no stopping a motorc
  • Flame

    Chelle Bliss

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie “A DELICIOUSLY WILD RIDE!” Gigi Gallo’s childhood was filled with the roar of a motorcycle and the hum of a tattoo gun. Her dream has always been to work at her family’s tattoo shop — Inked. But on her first day of work, she runs into someone from her not-so-innocent past. Pike Moore is a bossy biker with a cocky attitude and an even bigger ego. He came to Inked to start over. New town. New job. New roots. None of that included coming face-to-face with the hot chick who spent a week in his bed before she vanished without a trace. But when they are forced to work together, feelings they thought had been extinguished come roaring back and ignite a spark neither can stop.   The Men of Inked: Heatwave™️ series features steamy romance, hot heroes, and strong women. What people are saying about FLAME "I loved this book!!" - Corinne Michaels, NYT bestselling author "This book will blow your mind." - Chelsea Camaron, USA Today bestselling author "Fast-paced, twist, turns, a
  • Just One Kiss: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

    Jami Rogers

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie I don’t make a habit of slapping men after I kiss them, I swear. It only happened that one time. With him. Honestly, he was a summer crush gone bad and a part of me thought I'd never see him again, and yet … today, seven years later, he’s about to become my boss. *shakes head* Did I mention that we can’t stand each other AND that he’s renting the house across the street from me? No. Well, there you go. I think it goes without saying that balancing my work life and my final semester of college is going to go super swell. *sigh* It’s fine. I can handle this. So what if he looks like Mr. July in a fireman's calendar … everything is going to be fine. Afterall, it’s not like I'm still crushing on him … am I?
  • Merciless Vows

    Faith Summers & Khardine Gray

    Romantische fictie When I was sixteen, a gypsy fortune-teller told me my future held darkness and death. She was right. But what she didn't tell me was I'd lose all my memories and I wouldn't recognize the devil when he came to steal my life. Lucca Dyshekov—the Bratva assassin they call Merciless—rose from hell and turned my world upside down. On our wedding day, he taught me real monsters aren't the ones who hide in the dark. They're the ones who stare you in the face and steal your soul. On a quest for revenge, he takes me and unearths secrets from the past that will cause a war. When death lies on the horizon, the enemy of my enemy becomes my friend. In this instance, he's my husband. The real question is when he finishes uncovering the truth, will he keep me or kill me. Merciless Vows is a dark mafia arranged marriage romance. It contains mature content, and graphic violence some readers might find offensive and/or triggering. This book is part of a duet a
  • Friend Zone

    Camilla Isley

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Alice Brown fell in love with Jack the day she moved into her freshman dorm. Problem is, she’s been stuck in the friend zone ever since. After another meaningless breakup, she’s ready to confess her feelings to Jack. Jack Sullivan has mistaken friendship for love once before and has vowed never to do it again. A varsity sports player, he’s determined to enjoy college with no strings attached. Peter Wells is Jack’s best wingman. He enjoys his popularity as team captain and when he meets Alice, he’s ready to steal her heart. When Jack sees Alice and Peter together, jealousy hits him hard. But will he break his vow to never date a friend?
  • Stay

    Jennifer Sucevic

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie From USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Sucevic comes a new, sexy standalone novel. Last year, I tanked my freshman year at college.  It was nothing short of an epic fail. Instead of focusing on my classes and hockey, I cracked under the pressure and lost everything important to me. Nine months later, I’ve pulled myself together and am at a new university.  A place where no one knows about my anxiety or how I totally went off the rails.  It’s a fresh start where I can get my life back on track and prove to my family that I’m not a screw up. This year, I’m focused on academics.  Sure, I’ll humor my roommate, Brooklyn, by going to a party or two, but I’m not about to make the same mistake twice by becoming unfocused. Unfortunately, someone should have mentioned that to a certain hockey playing hottie.  He just won’t take a hint and leave me alone.  As much as I hate to admit it, if I had a type, Cole Mathews would fit it to a T with his dar
  • Il Boss

    Shanna Bell

    Romantische fictie Giovanni Detta: un arrogante magnate del settore immobiliare che pensa di possedermi perché mi ha scelta. Io non credo proprio. Gio. Vendicherò la morte dei miei genitori. Farò soffrire i responsabili. Tutto ciò di cui ho bisogno è lei; la chiave per mettere in atto il mio piano. Jazzy. Mi lascerò tutto alle spalle e ricomincerò da capo. Non abbasserò la testa di fronte a nessuno. L'ultima cosa di cui ho bisogno è lui; l'unico ostacolo alla mia libertà. Che il gioco abbia inizio...
  • Masters of Restraint

    Ines Johnson

    Romantische fictie My new boss is good at giving orders. But his latest demand is NSFW. Especially when his two business partners want in on our deal. My new boss My boss’s boss Their investor   These three are the last men I expect to meet at the BDSM club I go to with my girls to celebrate keeping my job after a hostile takeover of my company. But these dominant, sexy billionaires make it clear that my company is not the only thing they want to take over.   What 21st century, workaholic, career woman with a drawer full of BOBs and batteries would pass on three rugged alphas intent on scrutinizing her assets? But if anyone at work finds out about our NSFW activities, my reputation in the corporate world will be ruined. Worse, if any of the three of them discover I’m falling for them, they’ll drop me faster than a bad investment. If you love steamy romance that packs heat as well as heart, then you'll love the Her Masters series where a woman who thinks she knows what she wants will meet
  • Ruthless Hawke

    Gwyn McNamee

    Romantische fictie Love can be ruthless, especially when you're a Hawke. You have to be ruthless to be a Hawke. Our empire in New Orleans has only grown over the years. And protecting it falls on my shoulders. Whether it's in the courtroom or in the streets, I do whatever it takes to get the job done. We've already suffered and lost enough. I won't let anything threaten my family or what we've built. But a mysterious woman from my past shows up, with danger in tow. That's not all she brings with her. The little girl stares up at me with the Hawke blue eyes. Instantly, my entire world shifts. It isn't just about defending what's ours. Now, it's about defending what's mine. Ruthless Hawke is the first book in The Hawke Family Second Generation Series. Grab this angsty contemporary romance about a billionaire attorney who will do anything to protect his family, a woman on the run, and an attraction neither of them can deny.  Ruthless Hawke can be read as a stand-alone.
  • Wished for You

    K.D. Robichaux

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Kayla's Chick Rant & Book Blog  Blog Post: 1/17/15  My name is Kayla and I'm a blogger who believes in fairy tales. Through the anonymity of my blog, along with my reviews of the steamy novels I like to read, I tell the stories of my own search for love. No matter how disastrous they turn out—and believe me, you will ask yourself 'Did that really happen?'—I never gave up, knowing my soul mate was out there somewhere.  When my big brother invited me to move to Houston for a semester of college, I jumped at the opportunity to leave my small hometown to see what it was like to live in a big city. Having no friends and not knowing where to go, I met a guy online and met up with him that night. Because…YOLO, right?  Turns out, he was an okay guy. Not 'The One', but still, a good enough guy to spend time with. But then, he introduced me to his best friend Jason, and my world tilted on its axis. The dark, tough, tatted-up guy, who was too broody for his own good
  • This Billionaire's Dancer

    Rachel Foster

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Willson is a successful billionaire whose production company is top notch. He's just pitched an idea for a dating show called Second Chance. He's excited about it until his assistant Tim encourages him to be on it. The only problem is he's falling for his daughter Drew's dance teacher Lola.Lola is a successful dancer whose professional dance career ended after an unfortunate incident with her ex-boyfriend Dirk. Now she's busy teaching the next generation how to be great dancers, but she's falling for her student Drew's dad. Her wall is still built up from her failed relationship with Dirk and she struggles to trust again. Will Willson be able to earn her trust?
  • Love at First Blizzard

    Engrid Eaves

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie MAKSIM I'm the black sheep of my foster family. I don't play nice with others, and I'm not about to start. I prefer the company of the rescue huskies and malamutes I rehabilitate for dog sledding. But during a freak March blizzard, I save a drop-dead gorgeous cellist from freezing in her snowbound SUV. Thanks and a hero's pat on the back (or better yet, some grateful kisses) are in order. Instead, the deliciously curvy, frustratingly uptight classical musician declares me a creep, a dimwit, and a thief. To top it off, the Gold County Sheriff and FBI launch a multi-county search for Alex, convinced she's been kidnapped. Their number one suspect? Me. I've got a $600,000 cello in my living room, a sexy virtuoso heating up my bed, and dark, tangled desires twisting me in knots. There's no denying the lust-filled sparks flying between Alex and me—in danger of setting my cabin and heart aflame. As the snow melts, more than my reputation and freedom are on the line as I wonder if 
  • Dark and Alpha

    Anna Zaires

    Romantische fictie For a limited time, get two FULL-LENGTH novels (reader favorites with 1000s of 5-star reviews!) from NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER ANNA ZAIRES and see why more than a million readers worldwide are “addicted” and “obsessed.”  This unique bundle contains the following books: Twist Me (A Contemporary Dark Romance) “Will you ever let me go?”  “No, Nora,” he replies, and I can feel his smile in the darkness. “Never.”   On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Nora Leston meets Julian Esguerra, and her life changes forever. Stolen away to a private island, she finds herself at the mercy of a powerful, dangerous man whose touch makes her burn.  A man whose obsession with her knows no bounds.  Her enigmatic captor is as cruel as he is beautiful, yet it’s his tenderness that devastates her most. Drawn into his violent world, Nora must find a way to adapt and survive—and find light within the darkness. Close Liaisons (A Sci-Fi Romance) In the near futu
  • Secrets

    Sapphire Knight

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Running scared, I'm forced to start completely over. I escape to Tennessee where no one knows who I am. I try to blend in and decide that a huge University will be the easiest way. Tainted, scared and alone, will he find me? Will he hurt me again? I have a secret you see. I need a savior, someone who can help me be free. I never expected to meet Tate Masterson. Strong, sexy and stubborn; with his alluring hazel eyes, tattoos and Russian accent. I never had a chance; he took one look at me and decided I was his. Tate has a secret too; the Russkaya Mafiya is in his blood. His secret could help save me, but will Tate embrace it or destroy us? Updated as of September 27, 2015
  • Perfect Stranger

    Lexy Timms

    Romantische fictie In that perfect stranger, I found my fairytale… Olivia Cadwell, brilliant with numbers but still having trouble figuring out where she fits into the world, is on the run from her hometown, courtesy of her mother's boyfriend—who has decided that Olivia is his next target. Leo Folley, head of the multi-billion-dollar company his father started, is minding his own business and carrying on as usual… until his publicist gives him a deadline: Find a girlfriend, play nice with the press, and be a better face for the company, or the board is going to make trouble. When Leo finds Olivia sleeping in her car in the alley outside of his office, he sees the perfect answer to his dilemma: a girl who needs money and a place to stay in exchange for playing his date for the big charity auction. For Olivia, it's the perfect solution: money, a place to stay, and safety from the man she's sure is searching for her. What's not to love? They both believe they can get through the week without taking a
  • Billionaire’s Roommate

    Rachel Foster

    Romantische fictie Billionaire Jake owns a clothing company for women. When the company finds Roxanne to be a fulltime model for them he offers her a room in his mansion until he finds a place to live. And when she accepts he can't keep himself away from her. 
  • The Price of a Promise

    Ember Leigh

    Romantische fictie Their love never stood a chance... Axel Fairchild is the eternal outsider, both in his elite MBA program and in the world of NYC finance. Powering through on charm, swagger, and smarts has always worked for him—and it's poised to pay off in a big way as he prepares to launch his very own finance business with his brothers after graduation. There's only one thing left on his to-do list: prying the love of his life, Cora Margulis, away from her controlling and manipulative family. Cora loves Axel's brash confidence and the way he turns her privileged world upside down. He's a breath of fresh air in the stuffy, elite enclave she's lived in her entire life. As she approaches the end of her MBA program and her father pressures her to join the ranks of their realty empire, Cora can see her escape hatch. The future beyond the luxurious world she's always known scares her, but with Axel at her side, she knows they can create the future of their dreams— together. But the Margulis family is
  • Love Life

    Lexy Timms

    Romantische fictie From international bestselling author, Lexy Timms, comes a forbidden romance that'll set your heart racing. She'd given up on love. He didn't have time for it. She thinks he's a stuck up pretty boy who doesn't care about anyone but himself, and he thinks she's a stuck up prude who wouldn't know how to "put out" if she tried. And yet... Antonio Riverra AKA Tony Rivers comes from a lower class background, raised in the rough streets of gang-infested L.A. His only saving grace was his mother who was a dance teacher. However, Tony kept his knowledge of ballet a highly-guarded secret. He’s applied for early admission to a number of California performing arts colleges, but earned a scholarship to small but prestigious school, the San Oaho College of Visual and Performing Arts. Allison (Allie) Holbrook is the rebellious daughter of a billionaire. She doesn’t know her mother, as she was abandoned on her father’s doorstep when she was three. Since a paternity test confirmed she was his,
  • Roomies

    Lynn Stevens

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie The night before my wedding, I ran. I needed a place to hide. A place to start over. A place to figure out how to move forward with my life. When my cousin Lena offered me a rent free apartment in Chicago, it seemed like the perfect solution. And it was until the legal tenant, a Marine named Josh, returned early from his deployment overseas. The little security I had shattered. I had no place left to go, and I couldn't live with a man I didn't know. But I had no choice. If he knew how badly I was damaged, he wouldn't want me around. After all, that's what he had told me over and over. Nobody would want me. Maybe sometimes you have to run away to find yourself. The night before my wedding, I ran, but I hadn't run far enough. Roomies is the perfect read for those nights when you want a complete story in one sitting. If you love Collleen Hoover, J. Lynn, and Jamie McGuire, you'll love Val and Josh's love story. Buy this short romance novella today!
  • Liefde is pijn

    Shanna Bell

    Romantische fictie Elena Ik werd in een steegje in het nauw gedreven door monsters. Toen ontmoette ik mijn ridder in een aftands harnas. Hij zal mijn eerste liefde zijn. Mijn laatste. Mijn enige ware. Viking Ze was van mij vanaf het moment dat ik haar zag. Ik zou een moord plegen om haar te beschermen en bij me te houden. Als ik haar ooit verlies... zal ik de wereld laten branden. NB: dit is de gratis korte prequel van 'Liefde is woede,' het eerste boek in de Woeste Liefde maffiaserie.
  • Lovers at Heart, Reimagined

    Melissa Foster

    Romantische fictie Discover the magic of New York Times bestseller Melissa Foster's writing, and see why millions of readers have fallen in love with the Bradens. In LOVERS AT HEART, REIMAGINED… Treat Braden wasn’t looking for love when Max Armstrong walked into his Nassau resort, but he saw right through the efficient and capable facade she wore like a shield to the sweet, sensual woman beneath. One magnificent evening together sparked an intense connection, and for the first time in his life Treat wanted more than a casual affair. But something caused Max to turn away, and now, after weeks of unanswered phone calls and longing for the one woman he cannot have, Treat is going back to his family’s ranch to try to finally move on.   A chance encounter brings Treat and Max together again, and it turns into a night of intense passion and honesty. When Max reveals her secret, painful past, Treat vows to do everything within his power to win Max’s hea
  • Salt in the Wound

    Sierra Simone

    Romantische fictie The first time I meet the devil, he knows my name. The second time I meet him, the truth becomes clear: Mark Trevena is to be my husband. No matter that we don't know each other. No matter that he's older than me; shameless and sinful; the owner of a secret club where the powerful come to play. My father has spoken, and I'll be the devil's bride the minute I graduate from college. Except my future husband has one condition for this arranged marriage: we have to pretend it’s real. He’ll teach me, he says. How to pretend to be his in pain and pleasure both. How to pretend to arch and writhe under his touch. But his lessons are teaching me something else entirely… …that Mark Trevena wants me in a way that's not pretend at all. And no matter how I might fight it, the devil will have his due.
  • hate

    Ketley Allison

    Romantische fictie Lily dreams of opening her own bakery. Too bad the building she wants, the storefront she dreams of... is in the hands of the man who took her virginity 10 years ago. Then forgot she existed. hate is a delicious novella with a mix of office romance and enemies to lovers, topped off with a satisfying second chance.
  • Hot Mobster's Rival

    Rachel Foster

    Romantische fictie Wanting to prove himself, Bryce accepts a job to kill the daughter of a rival boss, but one look at her and he knows she can't do it. She's innocent and killing her is the one thing he can't do. So what does he do? He falls for her. And now he has to protect her, because his father Is not the type of man you disobey. 
  • One Night with a Billionaire

    Lane Hart

    Romantische fictie Billionaire Harrison Avery always gets what he wants, and as soon as he sees Siena Butler, he's desperate to have her. Too bad Siena has sworn off all men, especially gorgeous arrogant ones. She wouldn't date the sexy rich boy for even a million dollars, which is exactly what he offers her. Harrison never meant to offend the beautiful beach shop cashier when he gave her a million-dollar check. He was just trying to get her attention. How could he have known that Siena was fed up with men and would use the check to try and ruin him? When Harrison buys up the beach shop where Siena works as payback, her opinion of him isn't improved. But the more time she spends with her new boss the harder it is to keep hating him. Siena soon realizes that she can only resist the billionaire's charm for so long. What harm could there be to let herself indulge in just one steamy night with the playboy?
  • Vol passie verlang ik naar jou

    Lizzie van den Ham

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Het laatste waar Ava op zit te wachten is een ongewenste verhuizing naar Luna Zes, een Elitaire kolonie op de maan. Na de onverwachte dood van haar vader moet ze tot haar eenentwintigste onder toezicht van een voogd staan, anders krijgt ze haar erfenisgeld niet volgens het testament. En de man die nog tien maanden voor haar moet zorgen kent ze niet eens: Nicolas is alleen bij wet familie van haar. Tien maanden doorbrengen in een stad waar ze niet wil wonen blijkt echter bij aankomst niet Ava's grootste probleem te zijn. Nicolas is niet de hooghartige snob van middelbare leeftijd die ze had verwacht. Sterker nog, ze vindt hem veel te leuk en aantrekkelijk, en dat is een probleem. Want alle ongeschreven regels van hun samenleving verbieden haar om toenadering te zoeken. Maar wat wil Nicolas eigenlijk van haar? En zijn de regels sterk genoeg om tegen te gaan wat er in Ava's hart leeft? Dit nieuwe verhaal van Lizzie van den Ham speelt zich af in dezelfde wereld als de Sterrenlicht-se
  • Marriage by Mistake: An Enemies to Lovers Secret Baby Romance

    Jessica F.

    Romantische fictie "Where the hell am I and what is this ring doing on my finger?" This is NOT the way I thought I'd be waking up after my first night in Vegas. Naked. Pounding headache. Strange bed. And an even stranger woman lying asleep next to me. I'll admit, she's smokin' hot though… I'm supposed to be here to party for my buddy's engagement. Not to get married myself… Something crazy definitely went down last night. She's wearing the same gold band I am. I'm definitely starting to panic now, trying to remember yesterday's details: Trip down on the private jet - check. Meeting the rest of the bachelor party guys at the hotel - check. Afternoon drinks - check. Dinner and drinks. Blackjack and drinks. Dancing and drinks. Shots with a deliciously curvy blonde… and then it's all a blur. F.M.L. I need to get myself out of this mess ASAP. Judging from the morning so far, last night was full of terrible decisions. And I'm dreading what other surprises might be in store for me…
  • Rough Return: A Motorcycle Club New Adult Romance

    Summer Cooper

    Romantische fictie Enjoy this sexy MC love story by USA Today Bestselling contemporary romance author Summer Cooper and her friend Sienna Chance! Left for family. Returned for love. Growing up as an orphan, Grier had no one. Kye became the brother he never had. So he had to have Kye's back. Always. No matter what. Leaving Pine Hill wasn't easy. The MC is like his home. Then there's her — Fiona. It was never his plan to leave her behind. He didn't have the chance to tell her... How beautiful she was. How she made him feel. How much he wanted her. Now he has to return, back to the MC. But they won't just forgive and forget. They will want him dead. But for her? It'll be worth it. Rev your heart with a scorching tale of motorcycle club romance! Join the wild ride as the fearless daughter of the club leader, desperate to secure her position, kidnaps the enigmatic runaway member, Grier. Will passion ignite between them, or will secrets tear them apart? Discover love's thrilling twists in this steamy read n
  • Rough Trip: A Motorcycle Club New Adult Romance

    Summer Cooper & Sienna Chance

    Romantische fictie Enjoy this sexy MC love story by USA Today Bestselling contemporary romance author Summer Cooper and her friend Sienna Chance! He should have died with them. Sage couldn't save his team. He couldn't even save Laura—the love of his life. He swore he would never love again. Never open himself up to feel that kind of pain. Then he saw Mia… He wants her oh so bad. But he can tell Mia is different. She's not his usual one-night stand. Besides, one night will definitely not be enough... Rev up your heart with a sizzling Motorcycle Club romance! Dive into a world of passion and danger as a tormented MC member finds redemption while protecting a woman with missions of her own. Watch their fiery connection ignite in a thrilling tale of second chances, loyalty, and love in a new town! The book Rough Trip follows a new couple, and reading the previous books in the Rough series is not required. The reading order of the Rough series is as follows: 1. Rough Start 2. Rough Ride 3. Rough Choice 4
  • Fiery Love

    Dee James

    Romantische fictie Pari My entire life, I've been surrounded by love. My ever-in-love parents set the benchmark for me, and I wasn't interested in settling for anything less. At almost twenty-one, I assumed perfect men existed only in my romance books. Until I met him, my dad's best friend's son, Zain. With his scorching kisses and possessive growls, I fell for him instantly. But when he said all he could give me was one date, I wondered if I could trust him with my heart. Zain As the adopted son of a billionaire, my formative years were far from perfect. Tormented by my childhood demons, love and commitment weren't easy for me. But that was before I laid my eyes on the tiny, curvy brunette with her cute nose perpetually stuck between the pages of her romance books. Nothing prepared me for Pari's sweet smile, large heart, drugging kisses, or her endless curves. I wanted to claim Pari as my own. There was one problem—would my darkness corrupt her innocent soul? Curvy & Decadent is a series of stand
  • Schaduw van de tijd: donkere dromen

    Jen Minkman

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Hannah is helemaal klaar voor een heerlijk rustige zomer na haar eerste werkjaar op een middelbare school. Samen met haar broer Ben gaat ze naar het vakantiehuisje van hun moeder in Arizona. Daar loopt ze Josh, de oude jeugdvriend van Ben, na jaren weer tegen het lijf. De kleine jongen uit het Navajo-reservaat is plotseling niet zo klein meer, en Hannah voelt meer voor de volwassen Josh dan alleen maar vriendschap. Maar al snel is het gedaan met de rust. Nacht na nacht wordt Hannah geplaagd door vreemde nachtmerries over het verleden van de Navajo's en griezelige schimmen die haar achtervolgen. De schaduwen komen steeds dichterbij... en waarom komt Josh ook steeds in haar dromen voor? Soms is het verleden nog niet echt voorbij.
  • Dans met me

    Lizzie van den Ham

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Lily de Wit loopt stage op het Thorbecke College voor haar studie aan het conservatorium. Zingen en dansen zijn haar grote passie en de school heeft haar speciaal gevraagd om een musical te organiseren met leerlingen uit allerlei klassen. Als zesdeklasser Christiano Gomez haar leven binnenstapt en een glansrol krijgt in haar musical, voorziet ze grote problemen met deze jongen, die de rebel van de school is. Met zijn lange haar, lichaam vol tattoos, uitdagende houding en negentien levensjaren is hij slecht nieuws voor elke beginnende docent die nog niet zo zeker van haar zaak is. Maar dat blijkt niet haar grootste probleem te zijn. Lily heeft er meer moeite mee dat Chris haar duidelijk wel ziet zitten... en wil versieren. Hoe moet ze zich staande houden tijdens haar stage als de jongen die ze moet lesgeven haar hoofd meer op hol brengt dan haar eigen vaste vriend?  Een nieuw romantisch verhaal dat zich afspeelt op het Thorbecke College. 'Dans met me' is geheel los te lezen van de
  • Sisters in Love

    Melissa Foster

    Romantische fictie Discover the magic of New York Times bestseller Melissa Foster's writing, and see why millions of readers have fallen in love with the Bradens. Voted BEST BOOK SERIES by Supportive Business Moms, UK " A beautiful story about love and self-growth and finding that balance to happiness . Powerfully written and riveting from beginning to end." -- National bestselling author, Jane Porter  In SISTERS IN LOVE... Danica Snow has always been the smart, practical, and appropriate sister. As a therapist, she prides herself on making reasonable, conservative choices, even if a bit boring, and as part of the Big Sister Program, she has little time for anything more in her life. Blake Carter is a player. He never gets bored of conquering women, and with his sexy good looks and successful lifestyle, he has no trouble finding willing participants. When his friend and business partner dies in a tragic accident, he suddenly, desperately, wants to change his ways. The problem is, he doesn't know ho
  • More, Please

    Kate Aster

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie I know exactly what I want. And it has nothing to do with the hot Navy SEAL I picked up in a bar. Really... it doesn't. Even though the pressure of his lips on mine fires me like a hot kiln, and the feel of his ripped chest beneath my hungry fingertips... Wait... I'm digressing. Focus, Allie. Since graduating from college, I've been juggling two jobs while fostering abandoned dogs, with my sights set on opening a rescue kennel. I'll do whatever it takes to succeed, even if it means fighting back my cravings for the man who's been fueling my fantasies since I got my first taste of him in a hotel elevator. This guy is too full of secrets. Dark ones, hidden behind his ice blue eyes. Secrets of his Special Ops past and of a billionaire family that employs half our town. He won't let me into his world, and it's for the best. Logan Sheridan is more than I can handle. But when he slips his way into my life, searing the memory of his rock-hard body pressed against mine into my consciousness,
  • The Roommate

    Lexy Timms

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Abigail I'm invisible on campus. A girl nobody would look at twice. Broke, but desperate to break out of my shell, I've agreed to take in a roommate. A girl named Casey. Except, turns out Casey isn't a girl at all. He's the hottest guy I've ever seen. Now I'm living with a guy for the first time in my life, and I want him so bad it hurts. Problem is, so does every other girl on campus. Casey At Gulf Coast University there are winners and, well, everyone else. I'm a winner. Star quarterback. Ladies' man. I can have any girl I want. Almost any girl. My shy, nerdy roommate is not only NOT MY TYPE, but she's off limits as well. Sleeping with Abigail would screw up this whole living arrangement. So would revealing everything I've worked so hard to hide. Roommate Wanted Series •The Roommate •The Bunkmate •The Flatmate
  • Good Girl

    Piper Lawson

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Haley's job is to keep billionaire rockstar Jax Jamieson out of trouble... Not to fall for him. I was hired to work for a legend. Instead, I'm being seduced by a man. When I took an internship on rock god Jax Jamieson's tour, I never thought he'd look twice at me. He's older, cocky, jaded and nothing like the college guys I'm used to. He's gorgeous, rich, talented, and the biggest rockstar in the world. Too bad I rubbed him the wrong way on day one. Now he takes divine pleasure in making my life hell. During soundcheck. On the road. At the hotel after shows. I need this job for reasons he can never know. That's why I have to be cool under that smoldering gaze and arrogant grin. The bigger problem is when the cynicism slips away, exposing the cracks beneath. When he lets his guard down to tell me things he hasn't told a soul. Being with him sets me free. Because a million women scream his name... But he whispers mine. GOOD GIRL is book 1 in the enthralling, emotional bestselling n
  • This is War

    Kennedy Fox

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie She hates him. He loves getting under her skin. Travis King is the worst kind of a**hole. He taunts me for being a good girl and mocks my high standards. He’s cruel, crass, and has enough confidence to last two lifetimes. And I hate him. It wouldn’t matter so much if he were avoidable. But considering he’s my older brother’s best friend and roommate, I see him more than I’d ever want to. His sculpted abs and gorgeous eyes are wasted on such an arrogant man, which makes me hate him even more. Even though I’ve had a crush on him since I was ten, the feelings weren’t mutual and he’s made that very clear. He’s always loved getting under my skin and one night against my better judgment, I let him in my bed. I’ve succumbed to his manw**re ways, but that doesn’t change a thing. Because the King is about to get played at his own game—and lose. Checkmate , King. This is book 1 in the Travis & Viola duet and must be read first. Suggested for mature readers only.
  • Tempted by the Boss

    Hazel Kelly

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Tempted by the Boss is the first book in the Tempted Series by Hazel Kelly. When Ella Riley gets a chance to score her dream job at the Abbott Hotel, she can't believe her luck.. or how insanely sexy her billionaire boss is. Still, Ella is determined to impress him with her professionalism in order to land the full time position she so desperately needs. So what will she do when she finds out her boss has an entirely different agenda? **Warning: This romantic suspense series contains mature content including explicit contemporary sex scenes and adult language.
  • The Play

    J.H. Croix

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie A standalone sports romance from USA Today Bestselling Author J.H. Croix! If you like smoking hot sports romance with alpha men and the women who challenge them, you’ll love this series! Playing ball is easy. Falling in love is complicated. I want her. There’s just one problem. She’s my doctor, and she says it’s a no-no. I’ve never been one to play by the rules. But she’s not falling for me. Olivia is the challenge I have to beat. With her lush curves and her by-the-book attitude, all I want to do is show her exactly what she’s missing. Again and again and again. I’ll bring her to her knees…in more ways than one. I didn’t count on her bringing me to my knees. *A full-length standalone sports romance.
  • The Pawn

    Skye Warren

    Romantische fictie The price of survival… Gabriel Miller swept into my life like a storm. He tore down my father with cold retribution, leaving him penniless in a hospital bed. I quit my private all-girl’s college to take care of the only family I have left. There’s one way to save our house, one thing I have left of value. My virginity. A forbidden auction… Gabriel appears at every turn. He seems to take pleasure in watching me fall. Other times he’s the only kindness in a brutal underworld. Except he's playing a deeper game than I know. Every move brings us together, every secret rips us apart. And when the final piece is played, only one of us can be left standing. THE PAWN is a full-length contemporary novel from New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren about revenge and seduction in the game of love.  
  • The Pool Boy

    Penny Wylder

    Romantische fictie The second I saw her, I had to have her. When my friend asked me to cover for him at his pool cleaning job, I figured I'd make some extra cash. I didn't expect to find myself face to face with a sweet set of curves named Vera. Then she started strutting around in her bikini. I guess her goal is to piss her rich dad off. I'm clearly not the kind of guy he wants her near. But if she thinks I'll let her toy with me and not follow through... I've got a surprise for her. A  huge  surprise that wants to rip through my pants. I'll screw her in the pool shed, the garden, and right in her room while her parents sleep down the hall. I don't care if her dad finds out or not—this girl is MINE. This is a standalone novella with a HEA and NO cheating! Penny Wylder writes just that-- wild romances. Happily Ever Afters are always better when they're a little dirty, so if you're looking for a page turner that will make you feel naughty in all the right places, jump right in and leave your
  • If I Break

    Portia Moore

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie ~THIS BOOK IS BEST ENJOYED WHEN YOU DON'T READ ANY REVIEWS OR SPOILERS BEFORE READING. GOING IN BLIND IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I PROMISE!~ Cal effin' Scott. Hell in a Armani Suit. When I met Cal Scott, I knew he’d be a distraction. At six-foot-two, with ebony hair, deep gray eyes, and a smile that could only hide an agenda, I knew he was trouble. And for the first time in my life, a little trouble was just what I needed. No. What I wanted. It wasn’t like I’d ever marry the guy. Until I did. What I thought would be my happily ever after, was only the beginning. Cal has a secret, and I’m terrified the truth will not set me free. That it will break me. That it will break us. __________ ★★★★★ "Book one is just the beginning of this roller coaster ride. DO NOT get off yet!" ★★★★★ 5 STAR SUPERBLY WRITTEN, ANGSTY OVERLOADED, EDGE OF MY SEAT STUNNER!!!!!!!! ★★★★★ "Unbelievably amazing read!" ★★★★★ "Total and Complete Mind F*ck!!!!!"
  • Billionaire Daddy

    Claire Adams

    Romantische fictie Falling in love with her billionaire boss was the last thing she expected...especially since he was a single dad... Maddox Moore already made a name for himself as a chef and successful restaurant owner before life threw a wrench into his own plans, and now he’s a multi-billionaire single father who doesn’t have time for anything outside of work and his kiddo.  After a night at a charity event, Maddox makes the sudden decision to bid on a date with a beautiful red-headed woman Evelyn, and twenty thousand dollars later, he wins her for the night.  He soon realizes that one night isn’t enough…he wants more of her. Too bad she’s not interested…yet. Can Maddox win her over without spilling too many of his secrets in the process, or will his desire for her have him baring all?
  • Off Limits

    JL Paul

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie OFF LIMITS! What was I supposed to do? I desperately wanted to take that summer art class – one that would count toward my college credits come fall. But it was far from home and the only option I really had was to stay with Jackson, my stepbrother – the very stepbrother who detested me and my mother. Surly and sullen, he was still the sexiest man I’d ever seen. He wasn’t thrilled to have me invade his home or his life. Slowly, though, he warmed toward me. Was it because of the electricity that crackled between us? The irresistible pull we both felt? Or maybe it was the searing kiss we’d shared that night… Whatever it was, he was teaching me things that I’d never learned in art class – things I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. What would our parents say?
  • Beware of Bad Boy

    April Brookshire

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie THE BAD BOY: Before I met Gianna, I’d thought I was living life to the fullest, wild and carefree. Now that I had her in my life I understood what it really meant to feel alive. THE GIRL: Until I met Caleb, I wasn’t sure beauty existed on my inside. With him in my life, I not only saw that beauty to my core, but also in my world around me. Gianna has everything going for her, beauty, popularity and the jock boyfriend to match. Too bad it all makes her miserable. Living her life based on other peoples’ expectations isn’t making her happy. She has only one escape and she guards that secret life fiercely. Caleb has everything he wants, the freedom to do as he likes and plenty of opportunities to do it. With a revolving door of girls in and out of his life, he has no interest in getting tied down. Kicked out of another school, his mom sends him to live with his dad. Gianna hates her new stepbrother on sight.  Caleb thinks she’s a hollow beauty. Then he finds out her secret
  • So Much to Learn

    Jessie L. Star

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie "I need to learn," I said in a very small, quiet voice. "You have to teach me…" I faltered here as the whole thing was really just too sordid to put into words. I thought I had a good grasp of the English language, but I had no clue how to put my dilemma to him. "Teach you…?" He prompted. "Teach me it!" I finally choked out. "What happens when you actually like the…touching and the….the…fondling and the…it, you know." I had never been so embarrassed in my life. The age old 'you could have fried on egg on my face' adage actually seemed kind of plausible I felt that hot and flustered. But - would you believe it? - Jack still hadn't cottoned on to what I was on about. He looked at me completely blankly and I could almost see his mind whirring as he tried to connect the bits… After a rather hideous break up with her boyfriend due to her inability to 'put out’, Talia bullies her brother's best friend into teaching her the complexities of a 'full' relationship. Turns out uni
  • The Prince

    Skye Warren

    Romantische fictie Penny doesn't dream about a prince coming to save her from the trailer park. She knows better than that. And the boy she finds hiding in the woods out back is too wild and dangerous to trust. But he may be her only chance at survival.   From New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren comes an emotional new spin-off series. THE PRINCE is a 13,000-word prologue to the new Masterpiece duet.
  • Sweet Little Thing

    Abbi Glines

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie “Everything I want in romance. Angsty, emotional, forbidden and HOT! Abbi Glines at her best!” – Colleen Hoover,  #1 New York Times bestselling author  "Abbi Glines ratchets up the heat in  Sweet Little Thing , taking her signature blend of page-turning sexual tension and honest romantic portrayals to the next level. I wish I could hit rewind and read the book again for the first time!"  — Kami Garcia, #1  New York Times  bestselling coauthor of  Beautiful Creatures  and author of  The Lovely Reckless "No one packs as much prickly angst and heartwarming drama on each and every single page the way Abbi Glines does. Fans of the Rosemary Beach series are going to LOSE THEIR MINDS when they meet these characters!" — Natasha is a Book Junkie  "The kind of book you can't read fast enough—a forbidden love story that's deliciously tense with an ending that left me clamoring for more." — Vilma Iris The day her mother passed a
  • Hot Mess

    Emily Goodwin

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie My life is a hot mess. Single, working, and raising two daughters, it's a miracle I get us up, dressed, and fed every morning. Forget about dating—nobody's got time for that. Even if love hadn't left me jaded, I'm not settling for anything less than perfect this time around.  Lucky for me, the perfect man just happens to work in my office. But there's just one small problem: he's my boss, and is totally off limits. But hey, if it's meant to be, it'll find a way, right? Then a night out with friends turns into a night in with the walking-talking bad boy cliche of a bartender. It's just one night. No harm, no foul, right? Except when the hot bartender turns out to be my boss's trouble-making brother, who wants more than just one night with me. The more I resist the spark between us, the more I find myself wanting him too. Which puts me in the middle of what could be the biggest sibling rivalry of the century. Life is messy.  And love?  Well, love is even messier. Hot Me
  • Craved by a Stranger

    Hazel Kelly

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Craved by a Stranger is the first book in the Craved Series by Hazel Kelly. Audrey's life is up in flames when her best friend convinces her that a relaxing holiday in the sun is just what she needs.  But when Audrey meets a mysterious stranger on the beach, she realizes she's in the mood for a lot more than a little sunshine.  **Warning: this new adult romance series contains adult language and mature content.
  • In Too Deep

    Mara Jacobs

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Book 1 in the Freshman Roommates Series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mara Jacobs.  I didn’t believe in love at first sight, until I first saw Lucas Kade. I was giving swimming lessons to children when I first saw him. Turns out one of the kids was Lucas’s little brother. So, I’d be seeing a lot more of Lucas. And that was just fine with me. I had a lot going on—a freshman at an elite college, first time away from home, and, oh yeah, roommates with a girl I’d been sent to spy on. I wasn’t exactly looking for anything exclusive. Something casual, though, would be great. But there was nothing casual about my feelings for Lucas. He was a townie, hiding a secret, and I knew better than to get involved. I was always the sensible one, the peacekeeper. Before I knew it…I was In Too Deep. This New Adult contemporary romance contains 3-4 graphic love scenes. If it was a movie, it would be rated R. The books of the Freshman Roommates Series: 1) In Too D
  • Grey: The Encounter

    Allison White

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie My goal was clear—to achieve success in every aspect of my life. It seemed easy enough for a while…until I woke up with a stranger staring at me from my roommate’s bed. Grey. The distraction I didn’t count on. The wrench that came crashing into my agenda. He’s one tall, lean, tattooed bad boy with the natural talent to annoy me. I was determined to ignore him, but there’s something about him that lures me in. The more I fight it, the stronger it becomes—the need to be close to him. But I’ve worked too hard to be where I am today, and I won’t let it all be ruined by a guy who is more trouble than not. There’s just one problem. Grey has his dark eyes set on someone… …and that someone is me.
  • Billionaire Rock - Part 3

    Ali Parker, Lexy Timms & Sierra Rose

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Billionaire Rock - Diamond in the Rough Anthology Part 3 3 Billionaire Stories  By Bestselling authors Ali Parker, Lexy Timms & Sierra Rose   It’s not always about the money… Book 1 - Ali Parker - My Creative Billionaire #1 Being rich means living up to the expectations of others... even when you don't want to.  Matt's always known what it was like to live on the high end of society, and where his brother and father love it... he hates it. A creative at heart, he's forced into the world of Accounting to help stand beside the family name and build an empire from the ground up. His true passion is art, life and love.  Erica is the Chief Advertising Officer for Bryant Accounting Firm and has had her eye on the CEO's son, Matthew for quite some time. He's a bit docile in public, and often plays the fool, but something tells her that a very different man exists just beneath the surface. She's willing to wager her career by taking Matt beneath her wing, and hopef
  • Rock You

    Candy J Starr

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Her head tells her she should leave him alone. But her heart's singing another song entirely… For Ruby, working for a grumpy recluse is the perfect gig. After all, she's a bit of an introverted loner herself. But her new employer is not what she expected. She never thought she'd end up working for a former rock star with enough emotional baggage to fill a stadium. And she certainly never thought she'd fall for him. But…here she is… Tex was comfortable with isolation. After everything that'd happened, he deserved to be alone for the rest of his life. But then she showed up. Ruby shines brighter than any dreams he ever had. She deserves a good man who will never hurt her or break her heart. Too bad he hasn't been that man in a long, long time… When it turns out that fame isn't quite done with Tex, can the fragile bonds he's forged with Ruby in seclusion survive in the real world? Or will their happily ever after fade out on a sour note?
  • Maid to the Mafia: Totally Captivated

    Wanitta Praks

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie “I’ll do anything. Cooking, cleaning, even making coffee. I’m good at making coffee.” Upon uttering the word coffee, Jenny Stone, the smart, resilient, and sharp-tongued girl somehow finds herself paying off her father’s debt by working as a maid to the mafia boss, Giovanni Dente, the obsessive-compulsive coffee drinker with movie star good looks. And this is just the beginning of Jenny’s new life. Between serving the man his brew at ungodly hours and doing his dirty work, she also has to attend college, ace her exams, and find a way to contact her father and sister who have abandoned her. But within the intricate web Giovanni binds around her, when it comes time for her to leave, she isn’t sure if she can make it out alive, especially when somewhere along the way, she realizes her heart is totally captivated. Note: Maid to the Mafia is a lighthearted romantic comedy mafia romance series. This first book ends in a cliffhanger. Amelia, from The Mafia and His Maiden series
  • Dirty Little Virgin: Billionaire Romance

    Michelle Love

    Romantische fictie School is in session, and the lessons are rock hard! She wants to write about the domme and my world. And I'm supposed to teach her, not take her. But her feisty manner begs to be tamed. Her innocence begs to be taken. I know my whip can bring her into submission. Her young body begs for my harsh and experienced touch. I'll train her to accept pain to gain pleasure. The seclusion is temporary, as is our contract. But what if I want something more permanent? I'm not supposed to fall for my subs but I seem to be breaking all my own rules...
  • Forever Mine

    Kennedy Fox

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie It's been ten years. He hasn't stopped loving her for one second. Seeing the woman who broke my heart a decade ago is something I'm not prepared for. Though I've forgiven Savannah, I've never forgotten what she did. Now it's time to confront the secret she's kept from me. Though it won't be easy, I'm determined to make things right between us. One night together is all it takes for our feelings to come rushing back. As memories of us flood in, truths are finally revealed. When the present collides with our past, I'll do anything to win her back, even when Savannah tries to run again. This time, I'll stop at nothing for a second chance. **Forever Mine is a 35k word novella that introduces you to the Roommate Duet Series. It's suggested to read before Baby Mine, but can be read anytime throughout the series.**
  • If She Were Blind

    Laney Wylde

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Not everyone can get justice the traditional way—that’s where Estlyn Collins comes in. A young lawyer in Santa Monica, her "legal" service, After Twelve, works outside the courtroom to tip the scales when the justice system has failed. For a price. Thanks to her powerful underground network, Estlyn's success rate is stellar, and her inbox stays filled with inquires from the desperate and vengeful. But when one of those names is a ghost from her past seeking vengeance against her, she’s shaken to her core. Off balance and scared to be alone, she makes an impulsive move for a guy. He’s a complication she doesn’t have time for, but it turns out he may also be an unlikely—if unwitting—asset. Treading the rapidly thinning line between personal and professional, Estlyn pursues her target while outrunning the one on her own back—only to find she may be running into a lot more than she bargained for. IF SHE WERE BLIND is the first book in the engaging New Adult series AFTER TW
  • Bad Boy Saint

    S. E. Lund

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie From USA Today Bestselling Author S. E. LUND comes BAD BOY SAINT, the first part of a new novella series featuring a bad boy to die for and a heroine who can't resist him, no matter what. Celia There were whispers about Hunter's family. In the school halls, in the playground. In my own house. "He's Irish," my grandmother said when she saw him the first time. "Stay away from that one. The Saints are trouble, the lot of them. I heard they have pirate blood in them, no doubt about it." My stepfather said the elder Saint brothers were dirty, corrupt, mixed up with organized crime, and their sons weren't far behind them, destined to be just as criminal as their father. I didn't care. At nine, I was intrigued by the drama and had no idea what 'organized crime' meant. Besides, Hunter was what my nine-year-old self considered a total hunk. He was everything an adolescent girl could desire: buff from years of training at his father's club, Saint Brothers Gym and Boxing Emporium, with longish d
  • Baby Mine

    Kennedy Fox

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie I saw her first. Blonde. Gorgeous. Feisty. I was captivated. But it didn’t matter because when she walks out of my best friend’s bedroom half-naked, I know I’ve lost my chance. Now we’re roommates and constantly fighting about our living arrangements. Though we argue about everything, I can’t stop thinking about her in all the wrong ways. I should move out so I can finally get over her, but the selfish part of me can’t let go. When tragedy strikes, we’re left to deal with it together. Instead of pushing her away, I pull her closer. Just as we come to terms with our new reality, she reveals a life-changing event that affects us both. And I’m left to make the hardest decision of my life—remain friends or confess my feelings and risk it all. Baby Mine is book 1 in the Hunter & Lennon duet of the Roommate Duet Series and must be read first.  Baby Mine and Baby Yours is recommended for mature audiences only due to sensitive subject matter. This book contains the
  • His Every Whim

    Liliana Rhodes

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie While down on her luck, Ashley meets a handsome stranger... Curvy Ashley Monroe is having a string of bad luck. Jobless and sleeping on her friend's couch, she takes a waitressing job at an event at the prestigious Boone Art Gallery. While there, she's told one thing--stay away from the mysterious and brooding man sitting by himself. Easier said than done for Ashley who finds herself inexplicably drawn to the gorgeous stranger.  After spending the evening doing things she normally wouldn't--like letting herself be seduced by this enigmatic man she only knows as Xander--she unknowingly opens her world up to the lavish lifestyle of beautiful mansions, fast cars, and expensive clothes. Because when billionaire Xander Boone sees something he wants, he gets it. His Every Whim was originally part 1 of the His Every Whim serial. All four parts are available in the novel The Billionaire’s Whim.
  • Love is Darkness

    Caroline Hanson

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Valerie Dearborn wants a cotton candy life, but it’s more like a puffer fish: pointy, unusual, and—if not prepared exactly right—deadly. In London for graduate school, Val knows she's finally free. Her father and ex- almost-boyfriend are back in California and she's out of the vampire hunting biz for good. Or is she? She draws the attention of Lucas, a 1600 year old vampire, and King to his kind. He’s also wicked hot. As golden as Lucifer, and just as tempting, he makes Valerie an offer she can't refuse: help him find out if the Others (Empaths, Fey and Werewolves) still exist or he'll stop protecting those she loves. Lucas tells her that Empaths were a vampire’s biggest weakness before going extinct hundreds of years ago. While the Fey or a Werewolf might kill a vampire, an Empath could enslave them, seducing or harming them with emotions. The one detail he leaves out? Valerie is an Empath. And after 1600 years of an emotionless existence, Lucas is drawn to Val like a recov
  • BFF'ed: A Friends-to-Lovers Romance

    Kate Aster

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Mason Adler: Hot. Cocky. Sugar-coated Bad Boy. The type of man who knocks the big "O" clear to the front of the alphabet every time. Wrap up that eight-pack with Navy khakis and top it off with a shiny SEAL Trident, the kind that makes the girls swoon. That's Mason. My best friend. For me, he's off limits. Now that I've finished college, I need to focus on my writing career. And without his help, I don't stand a chance. But I need something from him. Something only he can give me. So I'll pull the blinds. I'll toss my inhibitions. I'll call it "research." And I won't let my heart get involved, especially with him leaving at the end of the week. Leaving me … even though my very soul is still in his grasp. BFF'ed is a stand-alone, full-length romance with NO cheating and NO cliffhangers. Bonus book included on the tail end. So get it while it's hot!
  • Hiding From the Sheriff

    Palmer Jones

    Romantische fictie Cameron Dempsey is known for his strict code of honor. The law is black and white, and he's there to enforce it. But his peaceful life in Georgia changes with one request from his old friend:  bail Addie Johnson out of jail. It's a simple request, although unexpected. He remembers her as a cute kid with glasses and her nose stuck in a book. And he was overprotective of her that one summer. The memory of knocking out the front teeth of the football player who said something inappropriate about her still brings him a dark pleasure. But that's not who's waiting for him on the other side of the bars. The woman sitting there is gorgeous. And fake. And she's hiding something. Addie Johnson knew she might end up in jail one day. Not for her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend's mistake, but for her own secrets. She's put a lot of people away over the past few years as a hacker. And that's why she has an alias. Rarely did a man look twice at her because they thought she was a computer genius with a
  • Touch Me Not

    Apryl Baker

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie *** 5TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION *** A past tragedy has left Lily Holmes burdened with a devastating secret… Since the death of her twin sister, Lily can’t bear to be touched. Not accidentally, not casually…and certainly not intimately. This makes it impossible for her to confess to her best friend Adam Roberts that she’s in love with him. She can’t give him the sort of relationship he needs, so she watches in silence while he plans his wedding with someone else. Enter Nikoli Kinkaid, the campus manwhore… Nikoli is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of women, and he wants to add Lily to his list of conquests, but she wants nothing to do with him—until he makes her an offer she can’t refuse. He’ll teach her to enjoy human contact again, giving her a chance to win over Adam, while Nikoli uses all his considerable charm to seduce her. But Lily raises the stakes… Lily loves cars. Her late father was a racer, and she grew up under the hood of a car and on the racetrack. Nikoli ha
  • Full Circle

    Mona Ingram

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Single and pregnant, Bella is given a choice. Give up her child for adoption or leave town. Her decision was never in doubt. Bella moves across the country, settling in Santa Monica. Determined to make a life for herself and her child, she and her new friend Sophia sell children's clothing at the Venice Beach market.  When their creative designs are featured on television, their business takes off and they accept an offer from Rafael Vargas to expand their business. Bella fights her attraction to the handsome entrepreneur, but deep in her heart all she really wants is love.
  • Hating The Best Man

    Natalie Wrye

    Romantische fictie KAT He's the businessman Best Man with a bad boy past. I'm the Maid of Honor, who thinks I need none of that. But as much as I want to hate him, my body is betraying me. And with the wedding less than a week away, I'm in too deep to walk away. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a full-length, stand alone, enemies to lovers romance in the suspense-filled Hating Him series. This book is full of surprising twists and lots of steam. Enjoy!
  • Make It Last

    Bethany Lopez

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie In a small town, it's hard to recover from being dumped by your high school sweetheart. That's just what Briana has to do after Colin leaves her to follow his dreams. She focuses her energy into her friendships and the pursuit of her own goal of becoming a chef. Just when she finally feels like she's on the right path, he comes back to town. Colin knew breaking up with Briana before leaving for college was the right thing to do. He was determined to leave small-town life behind forever, and that included his high school girlfriend. But when a sports injury puts him on the sidelines, he's forced to return home. Seeing Briana again brings back a lot of memories, and Colin wonders if he made the right decision. It doesn't take long for him to realize he wants her back, and this time, he wants to make it last. Make it Last is the first novella in the Friends & Lovers Trilogy. You can get all three books in the series, plus a bonus ending for each couple, in the Friends & Lovers om
  • Just Me

    Lexy Timms

    Romantische fictie We all need somewhere where we feel safe… After leaving her abusive husband, Katherine Marshall is out on her own for the first time. She's hopped from city to city to avoid the man who made her life a living hell. When it seems she's finally found a new place where she begins to feel safe, she slowly grows confident that her life is looking up. A chance meeting with Ben O'Leary sets her life on a course and her soul on fire. Ben launched a business that went on to viral success while he was in college, and now as a thriving entrepreneur, he's most interested in maximizing profits. A billionaire living the dream But all that changes when he sets his eyes on Katherine. Things between the two heat up as they fall hard and fast—that is, until she gets an unexpected surprise that will test the strength of their relationship. You & Me - A Bad Boy Romance Book 1 – Just Me Book 2 – Touch Me Book 3 – Kiss Me
  • Claiming Her Innocence

    Vivian Wood

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie A surly billionaire who had a soft spot for one woman. A gorgeous lady whose bright smile reminded him of sunshine. Years of bright burning embers that erupted into the flames of pure passion. In the lavish realm of a grumpy billionaire, Ryan held his most forbidden desire buried deep: an enduring crush on his closest friend, Poppy. The girl with a smile like sunshine that illuminated his world. Their bond was unbreakable, yet he always held her at arm’s length, viewing her as beyond his reach. He dreaded that crossing into romance might endanger the most precious friendship he cherished. If only Ryan didn’t find Poppy so captivating and flawless. She was beautiful and had curves that would make the devil fall to his knees. He defied his one rule and leaned in for a kiss... and she met him halfway. In an instant, their entire existence shifted irrevocably. Poppy wanted him to kiss her. She clutched his shirt and drew him in, desperately kissing him back. She seemed to need his tou
  • Tease Me

    Faith Summers & Khardine Gray

    Romantische fictie An angel like her… and a devil like me. Was it wrong to prey on the weak? Especially when the weak came in the form of this beautiful angel on the doorstep of my club. My club The Dark Odyssey. The place where people live out their wildest fantasies. Here, beneath the mask. Nothing is off limits and just like Vegas, what happens here stays here. She's too angelic for the wild masquerade parties I hold. She couldn't possibly know she's standing at the doorway to sin. It's clear she's here for something else. I smell desperation and fear… That's fine, I've already decided she'll be mine. I've found the perfect toy to play with. I'm Nick Giordano and I always get what I want. I want her body. Obedience. Submission. Heart and soul. I'll claim her. I'll break her, and possess her She's the perfect distraction from my enemies. And, the darkness of my world. Welcome to The Dark Odyssey, Angel Doll. I hope you enjoy your stay, I know I will. Tease Me is a standalone, full-length DARK Bill
  • The Dom’s Hostess: A Billionaire Secret Baby Romance

    Michelle Love

    Romantische fictie I'm a man of order. Control. I like things the way I like them, And with the amount of money and power I have, That's never an issue. Until I met Nova Blankenship, The tempting hostess at the tropical resort I'm staying at. It's been a while since my urges to dominate have been awakened, And Nova is exactly the kind of woman that could use a man's strong hand to soothe out her rough edges. Work hard, play harder. Those are the only words I live by. But the more I try to break down her barriers, To own her body and soul… The more I realize that in the end, She might be the one owning me.
  • Tangled Beauty

    K.L. Middleton

    Romantische fictie A romantic thriller written by USA Today bestselling author, K.L. Middleton Sinclair Jeffries thought she knew what she was getting into when her zany, gay friend, Jesse Eddington, talked her into portraying his girlfriend during his parent's anniversary party on Huntington Beach. That is, until she met Reed, Jesse's sexy as hell older brother, and ends up getting much more than what she'd bargained for. Reed Eddington assumed his future was settled until he met Sinclair, his brother's so-called "girlfriend", but the raw, sexual tension between them is hard to ignore. As he watches their ruse from the sidelines, he finds himself wanting to uncover more than just their amusing little facade. Due to sexual content and heavy subject matter, this book is recommended for ages 18+. This book has dark humor, romance, and suspense.
  • Rule Number One

    Nicky Shanks

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie I live my life by two rules. First, I never let my guard down and let anyone get too close. It only opens doors for ways to get hurt. Second, I never learn the names of women I take home. Putting a name to a face makes it personal, which breaks rule one. So enforcing a strict no name policy is vital. Julie Remington is a friend of a friend. Pretty, stubborn, infuriating…instant attraction. I don’t like the fact that I like her. And what I dislike even more is having to share a bedroom with her. Now I regret agreeing to come on this trip to act as my best friend’s wingman. Why? Because the more time I spend with Julie, the more I want her. The more I want her, the more I push her away. I can’t help it. It’s a natural defense mechanism that makes me act like a total ass. She seems to have the ability to make me want to break my own damn rules, and I can’t allow that. This entire situation has the potential to turn into a huge complication. And it’s a complication I can’t
  • The Nerd and the Neighbor

    Lainey Davis

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie He can solve the mysteries of the universe, but can he unlock the secrets of her heart? As a celebrated astronaut, I've unraveled the enigmas of the cosmos. But the puzzle of what makes relationships work? That's always eluded me. I'm more comfortable studying life's building blocks than navigating the perplexing world of human emotions. After a scandal at my job, I return to my small hometown a disgraced outcast. But then I meet Abigail Baker. My captivating new neighbor is everything I'm not - warm, emotionally attuned, and able to charm an entire town with her vibrant spirit. With her quick wit and generous heart, she sees right through my gruff exterior to the wounded man beneath. The more time we spend together, the more I begin to hope that maybe I'm not a lost cause.  But I've never been good at love, and when ghosts from my past threaten our budding connection, I'll have to prove to Abigail, and myself, that I'm willing to change and open my heart. Is it too late for this
  • Good Karma

    Donya Lynne

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Has this Cinderella found her Prince Charming, or is he too broken to be a prince? From bestselling, award-winning author, Donya Lynne. “WOW is such an understatement for this book!” -Reader review Karma has been too focused on her career to pay attention to men, but when her best friend convinces her to attend a charity ball wearing a stunning red dress that catches the eye of every man in the room, she discovers a surprising side to her personality. One that adores the attention but has no idea how to handle it, especially when a handsome stranger invites her to his room. Mark is a wealthy businessman brimming with confidence. But after finding his fiancée with another man six years ago, he guards his heart as fiercely as he conducts business, vowing never to fall in love again. When the beautiful woman in the enchanting red dress snares his gaze from across the room, he has no idea she will shatter his carefully ordered life. What starts as a casual flirtation quickly turns in
  • Erotic Romance Starter Pack

    Mindy Wilde

    Romantische fictie The  Erotic Romance Starter Pack  is a 7 story bundle that allows you to sample different steamy series from author Mindy Wilde. Links are provided at that end of each story in case you would like to read the rest of the books in that series. These titles range from  Alpha Males  and  Billionaires  to  New Adult  and  Paranormal . Most of the stories are a quick sexy read that you can fit in during a lunch break or at night before you go to bed for a little "inspiration"! ***Obviously this title contains explicit sexual content and is meant for adventurous  ADULT EYES ONLY! *** The stories included in this 7 story bundle are: Desires Part One Crave Part One Friends With Benefits (Sin City Secrets Vol. 1) The Bet (Billionaire's Bed Vol. 1) Private Island (Sexy Summer Vol. 1) Lust (Immortal Desires Vol. 1) Paranormal Pleasure (A Vampire's Tale Vol. 1)
  • Chained to You, Vol. 1: Bound

    Alexia X. & Alexia Praks

    Romantische fictie Dark. Powerful. Dangerous. James Maxwell is one of the billionaire elites who rule Las Vegas City with an iron fist. This is his story. You’re definitely worth two million, Mia. Think about it. Two million. Five years. Your brother will go free. It’s a contract.   These are the words of the gorgeous billionaire James Maxwell, the man who makes my heart race and my body tremble with longing. I want to refuse his proposal, but how can I? My brother owes him two million, and as dirt poor as we are, there’s no way we can find that much money to repay him. What’s worse, I think I’m falling in love with the man who thinks I’m just his mistress.  My name is Mia Donovan, a twenty-two-year-old, small town girl working as a kitchen hand to make ends meet. My world is changing—both for the better and worse. James Maxwell, a gorgeous billionaire with beautiful Prussian blue eyes, is the man behind this. He makes my heart flutter and my knees weak. When he kisses me, my wor
  • Reckless Longing

    Gina Robinson

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Ellie and Logan's love story begins one hot August night… My mom betrayed me in the worst way possible. I can't forgive her, but I can outwit her. I'm going to unravel the family secret she's been keeping from me my whole life. So I'm going to college across the state from her, to the place that has the answers. I hope. But I have to be careful or I'll blow everything. I can't tell anyone what I'm doing. I didn't mean to fall in love. I can't afford to give my heart away or open up to anyone, least of all charming, rich, former bad boy baseball star Logan Walker. But he looked so adorable sitting there nursing a black eye the night I met him at my very first campus event. The way he held my hand made me flush in the suffocating heat of August and feel really beautiful for the first time in so long I can't remember. My scar didn't even hurt. But Logan's moods are mercurial. He's keeping secrets of his own that are too dark to share, even with me. We agree to be just friends. But our
  • Protecting What's Mine

    Jennifer Sucevic

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie From USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Sucevic comes a sexy, new standalone novel. There’s nothing wrong with a harmless little crush, right? And who better to crush on than the gorgeous man next door? The one who would never look twice in my direction. Except he does. The first time he pins me in place with his dark gaze, I’m rendered speechless. The first time he lays his hands on me, I melt. And the first time he takes me, well…I fall to pieces, wondering if I’ll ever be the same again. Everything about him screams danger. And yet I’d be lying through my teeth if I didn’t admit that was part of the attraction. Chicago is supposed to be a new beginning for me. A chance to find my bearings and live again. The man next door is the last person I should be getting involved with. And yet, here I am. A moth dancing too close to the flickering flame, hoping I don’t get torched. *This is a New Adult novel has mature content and is intended for readers over the age of 18*
  • Hating My New Boss

    B. B. Hamel

    Romantische fictie He ruined my life. Now he really wants to screw me. Justin Hayes was my best friend up until the day he broke my heart and disappeared. When I find out he's my new boss, I'm about to leave with my middle fingers held high. Instead, I stop dead in my tracks as soon as he steps into my office. Justin's all grown up, and he's even more gorgeous than I remembered. He was always handsome but now he's the kind of man I really want to… get to know. But it doesn't matter. I despise him. He says he wants to work together very, very closely, but I can't let him anywhere near me. I'm afraid I might slap him right before I kiss his soft, full lips. He says he remembers everything we went through, and he wants to make it right. I think he just wants to taste the one girl that got away. I don't know what to do. This is my dream job and "quitter" isn't in my vocabulary, but the sight of Justin makes me want to run my nails down his bare back, nice and rough. I hate my new boss. But I want him so b
  • All the Way

    Violet Haze

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie In the course of one day, I lose my job and discover my boyfriend has cheated on me. After my entire world falls apart, going back to my roots seems like the only thing to do. At my dad's house, I can gather my thoughts and make plans for the future. But fate intervenes; my father is gone, leaving his best friend Theo as an unexpected guest in our home. He stands in front of me, his wanting gaze devouring me  and the air between us crackles with unspoken promises. Surrendering to the moment feels unavoidable, because resisting our mutual need is out of the question. A single passionate kiss shatters any pretense of restraint, spiraling into an undeniable connection. Only problem is… what will my father have to say about us taking our mutual attraction  all the way ? This short and steamy story is first in a series of standalone novellas!
  • Claiming Mia

    Alisa Woods

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Can a broken Alpha save her from the Big Bad wolves? Lucas has lost his mate, and he’ll never claim another—his kind of broken can’t be fixed. He’s still alpha enough to rescue a young woman from the predatory Red wolf pack, but when she shows up at his office— as his sexy new intern —she stirs up feelings that need to stay buried… Mia’s just trying to earn her degree and dig her way out of poverty. Keeping her shifter nature secret is key, but her internship at the hottest dot-com development firm in Seattle also has the hottest boss… and he’s a wolf. Who just happened to save her life. She’d break all the rules for this guy—except he wants nothing to do with her. And the wolves who do are the Big Bad Wolf kind. The kind she’s always heard about. Mia’s in the middle of a pack war with nowhere to turn… but to the one guy who doesn’t want her at all. Claiming Mia is a super-hot complete story with HEA, the first in the Dot Com Wolves series.
  • Sinful Princess

    Vivian Wood

    Romantische fictie A princess whose rebellious nature lands her in big trouble. The older brother’s incredibly sexy best friend who’s tasked with watching her. An isolated cabin hideout where they ride out the storm with only one bed. I’m Princess Annika – beloved little sister to King Stellan… and royal hot mess. Running from a nightclub late at night while drunk seems like a great idea at the time. But when the paparazzi find me throwing up on the street, I land in hot water with the royal palace. Again. To shield me from further disgrace, the royal family decides to confine me with Erik, a formidable bodyguard and my brother's closest friend. We are put in a secluded cabin nestled in the unforgiving Danish winter wilderness. As we settle into our icy retreat, a palpable tension crackles between us like flames licking at dry wood. My fiery spirit clashes against Erik's stoic demeanor, igniting a forbidden attraction that neither of us can deny. Despite his unwavering loyalty to my brother an
  • Entice

    Faith Summers & Khardine Gray

    Romantische fictie I've heard things about The Dark Odyssey... Sinful things… It's the hottest taboo club in town. The wild masquerade lingerie parties they hold every night are the perfect playground for the daring and adventurous. Everything changes when the masks go on. And, so do I… I'm the shy wallflower who decided to go there for her birthday. That was how I met Joshua Tanner. Joshua Tanner as in my new boss. I just didn't know that at the time… I never knew that the man who enticed me to live out my wildest fantasy was the same man who'd hold the future of my career in his hands. The shocker came the next day at work. Along with a daring, risqué offer from my new boss I couldn't refuse.   He wants me to be his. His while he trains me. His to play with at the club. His to own and possess. It's temptation I can't resist. I just don't know what will happen when the fantasy ends. What if I want more? Entice is a standalone DARK Billionaire Romance in the Dark Odyssey Club Fantasies
  • Rumor Has It

    Elisabeth Grace

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie All publicity is good publicity, right? Unless you’re recent college grad Ellie Wagner and an embarrassing video of you and your boyfriend goes viral. Every man in your life abandons you, but who knew a one-minute clip of your latest doomed relationship would brand you a slut, prevent you from getting your perfect job, and force you to keep doing the one thing you swore you’d never do again…live with your mother. But staying with mom and her latest boy-toy (is this husband number four or five?) until your life turns around might not be all bad. Especially when you fall – literally – at the feet of a sexy, green-eyed stranger who offers you freedom and a life of luxury on a gold-rimmed platter. There’s only one little problem – the man of your dreams is none other than Mason Nash, the latest hip-hop star busting up the music charts. Fame and fortune are his calling cards and he’s vying to steal the show on a new reality TV series that will catapult him into mainstream s
  • Don't Let Go

    Michelle Lynn

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie Sadie Miller is attempting to change her ways and hide somewhere no one knows her former self. She only wants to finish her final year of college, obtain her degree, and get out from the hold of her affluent parents. Then she meets Brady Carsen, the lead singer of The Invisibles, a popular local band in the college town. She tries to stay away but quickly realizes that, although he might not be what she’s used to, he’s exactly what she needs and more importantly, everything she could possibly want.  Unfortunately, Sadie’s troubled past left her with insecurities that make her question Brady’s true intentions. And while Brady is convinced that Sadie is the one for him, he has his own secrets that he fears will be their undoing. If they want to be together, they will have to stand united and fight the outside influences that are threatening to tear them apart. Can they put their pasts behind them for good in order to secure their future? Fresh new look in 2018
  • Ransom

    Laramie Briscoe

    Nieuw adult romantische fictie The Laurel Springs Emergency Response Team is perfect for fans of Samantha Christy, Lucy Score, and Laura Pavlov A new series from the author of the Moonshine Task Force Series!  Laurel Springs, AL is about to be hotter than a mid-August thunderstorm.  When the Moonshine Task Force is absorbed into a new entity, Laurel Springs Emergency Response Team (LSERT) new faces come to town, new love is born, old love is found again, and there’s a plethora of drama and romance happening all over the tri-county area. LSERT puts police, firefighters, nurses, doctors, K-9 handlers, and EMT’s all in harm’s way as they work to keep the area safe from any threat.  When emotions are high, passions ignite.  Come with me, back to Laurel Springs, in what's sure to be a wild ride!  Ransom Thompson For years I’ve wanted two things - to be a member of the Moonshine Task Force and to be the man Stella Kepler can’t live without. One out of two isn’t bad, or so I tell mysel