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  • Everywhere We Go

    Dougie Brimson & Eddy Brimson

    Voetbal "Probably the best book ever written on football violence" - Daily Mail  The Shocking Truth Behind Football Violence  Everywhere We Go gives the most remarkable and frightening insight into the behaviour of the football thug. Written by two people who know the world of the hooligan from the inside, this book features many first-hand accounts of incidents, from both perpetrators and victims, that make chilling reading.  It builds up to provide the most comprehensive look behind the matchday madness that has yet been published, explores: - The changing face of football violence - Who gets involved - and why - How the 'firms' operate, both home and away - The role of 'scouts' and 'spotters' in planning violence - The football establishment - and how they can help solve the problem  - The involvement of the far right in football and the issue of racism  Reviews for Everywhere We Go: "Offers a grim Insight into the mind of the football thug" - Daily Mirror  "T
  • The Unforgettable World Cup: 31 Days of Triumph and Heartbreak in Brazil

    The Wall Street Journal

    Voetbal The 2014 World Cup brought with it excitement, drama, artistry and disappointment -- both on and off the field. This e-book from The Wall Street Journal collects dispatches from our coverage of the sights, sounds and culture of the world's favorite sport as seen in Brazil, its spiritual home. We’ve collected highlights from The Journal's coverage of the tournament, added an introductory essay from WSJ Sports Columnist Jason Gay and more to bring you the most interesting, unexpected and insightful reporting from the Journal's correspondents in Brazil and around the world. It looks at everything from the sport itself to the people, places and culture that make the World Cup one of the most engaging sporting events on the planet.
  • The Top 21 Soccer Players Under 21 2013

    Tiber Worth

    Voetbal A list of the top 21 soccer player in the world under 21 years old, this book contains pictures, statistics, and biographies about each.
  • Soccer Domain Football Club

    Kieran Patrick

    Voetbal Introduction to Soccer Domain Football Club (SDFC). - Rules & Guidelines - Club Outline - Curriculum
  • Champions League


    Voetbal Livro digital com as informações de todos os clubes que participarão da edição 2013/14 da maior competição de clubes do planeta, a UEFA Champions League.
  • Soccer 150 Years

    José Eduardo de Carvalho

    Voetbal In its one and a half century of life, soccer has helped telling the story of societies in transformation. Under the eye of such simple and at the same time magnetic game, passionate, tragic, sublime and dramatic moments have been registered. Like a faithful portrait of the people who adopted it, soccer witnesses both social barbarities and episodes of collective joy; it has suffered threats and been unfair; it has distributed pleasures and ecstasies with the same agility it has produced traumas and minor suffering, but it has always been there. It is not by chance that this original and skilful form of group competition which highlights individualities is the only human activity known to be followed every day of the week, anytime and anywhere by nothing less than four billion people. There are neither geographical frontiers nor social barriers for those who appreciate the game. The spectacle of soccer may be expensive and unaffordable, the guts of the sport may be obscure, like so ma
  • History of World Cups

    José Eduardo de Carvalho

    Voetbal Never in the last 110 years, has the World Cups’ trajectory been disconnected from the socioeconomic reality of the world’s nations whether they have taken part in the championship or not. Even before becoming a multibillion dollar event that involves billions of people as well, this international football championship, which takes place every four years, has been marked by countless ups and downs in the international political scenario, doubts and tragedies, growth and technical evolution, social mobilization and use of vested powers.  The landmark of a World football championship as an independent event, aside from the Olympic Games, was firstly thought of at FIFA’s very foundation, in 1904, but effectively launched after the First World War, being the first Host country (Uruguay) defined in 1929, during FIFA’s congress, which was held in Barcelona, being the atmosphere of yet intense geopolitical unrest. At that meeting, it was decided that the championship should be h
  • The Top 21 Soccer Players Under 21 2012

    Tiber Worth

    Voetbal A list of the 21 best soccer players under 21 years of age and stats and bios. **2013 Version out now!** Check it out in the iBookstore!
  • Selecao Objectif 2014

    Laurent Mommeja

    Voetbal Sacré champion du monde à cinq reprises, le Brésil est incontestablement le « pays du football ».  Le 12 juin 2014 s'ouvrira la vingtième Coupe du Monde de la FIFA et mettra aux prises 32 sélections désireuses de succéder à l’Espagne, sacrée championne du monde 2010 en Afrique du Sud.  Le Brésil, dont le dernier titre date de 2002, rêve de remporter « sa » Coupe du Monde et pourra s’appuyer sur un vivier important d’espoirs du football. Partons à leur découverte ...
  • E Certification Course

    Rob Brown

    Voetbal E Certification Course
  • Sportclub Woerden

    Martin van Eijk

    Voetbal Een beschrijving van de organisatie van de Sportclub Woerden met tevens een inkijk in de geschiedenis van de club. Leuk, nuttig en interessant voor iedereen die verbonden is bij de club.
  • Re: Coming Out to Play

    Robbie Rogers

    Voetbal In his memoir, Coming Out To Play , Robbie Rogers told the story of his incredible journey from terrified teenager to a trailblazing out and proud professional soccer player for the L.A. Galaxy. Since it was published, he has recieved letters from countless readers from all walks of life, all across the world, telling him how he has given them hope and that after reading his story, they felt compelled to share their own. RE: Coming Out To Play is a collection of ten of these stories. They show both the acceptance and love that so many recieve as they come out, but also that there are many who still struggle with the fear that they will be rejected if they reveal the truth about themselves. This is why Rogers has collected these letters: to show those suffering in silence that they are not alone.
  • The Crew

    Dougie Brimson

    Voetbal APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEPTIVE - as Paul Jarvis of the National Football Intelligence Unit is only too well aware. He knows that Billy Evans is no ordinary East End lad made good. He's also a thug, a villain and a cop killer. Jarvis just hasn't been able to prove it- Yet. So when Jarvis discovers that Evans is putting together a hooligan 'Super Crew' to follow England to Italy, he feels sure he can finally put Evans behind bars - if only someone can infiltrate the Crew and get him the proof he needs. But nothing is ever that simple. The Crew believe Evans is just out for a full-on riot. Jarvis thinks he's trafficking drugs. But Billy Evans is always one step ahead. He has another plan. And it will be catastrophic for everyone concerned. EXCEPT HIM.
  • Netherlands World Cup 2014 Squad

    Mohsin Naseer

    Voetbal This beautiful picture book is part of the series "World Cup 2014 Squads". Key teams participating in Football World Cup 2014 are presented with complete photo albums of their players and their key stats. This Picture book contains: Pictures of all the players of Netherlands Soccer Team in World Cup 2014. Complete Netherlands Squad Statistics like appearances, goals, shirt numbers and club name of each player. Information about Netherlands Football Team  and association. History of Netherlands Football's participation in International Tournaments.
  • New York Area Youth Soccer Leagues Rules & Regulations

    Larry Miller

    Voetbal This book contains all the latest rules and regulations from all the leagues currently serving eastern New York
  • Área Internacional / International Area

    Fundación Real Madrid

    Voetbal La Fundación Real Madrid es el instrumento a través del cual el Real Madrid hace efectiva su presencia en la sociedad y desarrolla sus fines de carácter humano y cultural. Su objeto fundacional es fomentar, en España y en el extranjero, los valores inherentes a la práctica deportiva y la promoción de ésta como instrumento educativo susceptible de contribuir al desarrollo integral de la personalidad de quienes lo practican. Y también como factor de integración social en beneficio de quienes padecen cualquier tipo de marginación, así como promover y difundir todos los aspectos culturales vinculados al deporte.  La Fundación Real Madrid es posible gracias a la colaboración de las diferentes Administraciones Publicas, al generoso apoyo que, en forma de mecenazgos y patrocinios, recibe de relevantes empresas nacionales e internacionales y, muy especialmente, gracias a las aportaciones individuales de miles de madridistas que, de este modo, quieren expresar y reforzar su v
  • High Def Highlights

    Warren Harrison

    Voetbal This book is an overview of the process of creating a video highlight reel for the purpose of making a college recruiting highlight video.
  • Pelé Forever

    Anibal Massaini Neto

    Voetbal This book contains additional content from the "Pelé Forever" documentary, including historical photos from the "King of Soccer" and two exclusive videos. "Making Of" has behind-the-scene footage and interviews from all the production team detailing the extensive research and restoration process, and "How It All Started" includes testimonials from Pelé's family and friends about his childhood and the first soccer experiences.
  • Top Players


    Voetbal This leaflet contains CV´s of top players´ opportunities for the Winter Market.
  • Soccer Gameplay Formations

    Jackie Lau

    Voetbal In association football, the formation describes how the players in a team are positioned on the pitch. Different formations can be used depending on whether a team wishes to play more attacking or defensive football. Formations are used in both professional and amateur football matches. In amateur matches, however, these tactics are sometimes adhered to less strictly due to the lesser significance of the occasion. Skill and discipline on the part of the players is also needed to implement a given formation effectively in professional football. Formations need to be chosen bearing in mind which players are available. Some of the formations were created to address deficits or strengths in different types of players. Building cool educational stuff for children and adults!! Visit us at
  • France 2016: A Game by Game Diary

    Dean Johnston

    Voetbal 24 European nations competing head-to-head at the most popular sport in the world, battling for the coveted title of European Champion! Re-live all the drama, thrills and excitement in this game by game diary of France 2016, from the unbelievable tension of the French opener against Romania all the way through to the crowning of a shocking champion.

    Stephen Pope

    Voetbal This book highlights some of the best sporting achievements from the Michaelmas Term 2015 at Peponi School in Kenya.
  • Memoria Anual/Annual Report 2013/14

    Fundación Real Madrid

    Voetbal Memoria Anual Fundación Real Madrid 2013/2014. La Fundación Real Madrid lleva a cabo una extraordinaria y apasionante labor en 70 países, que llega en estos momentos a más de 50.000 beneficiarios, a través de 358 escuelas sociodeportivas, distribuidas en áreas geográficas muy diversas. Annual Report Real Madrid Foundation 2013/2014. The Real Madrid Foundation carries out extraordinary and exciting work in 70 countries, now reaching more than 50,000 beneficiaries at 358 social sports schools in different parts of the world. 
  • História do início dos Campeonatos de Futebol em Lisboa

    Giusepe Giorgio

    Voetbal Pretende-se com a publicação deste livro, recapitular o que foi a história do Futebol Lisboeta desde a sua introdução, com uma primeira fase do aparecimento das primeiras equipas de futebol e depois as primeiras competições oficiais a nível distrital e regional. O primeiro Porto-Lisboa acelerou a expansão do futebol e a partir de 1906 começaram os torneios interclubes. Seriam os primeiros campeonatos de Lisboa, não oficial. Com a criação da Associação Futebol de Lisboa em 1910, surgia o primeiro campeonato oficial, com todo o seu historial até 1921, altura que surge a primeira grande revolução do futebol em Portugal com o primeiro campeonato de Portugal.
  • USA World Cup 2014 Squad

    Mohsin Naseer

    Voetbal This book is part of the series "World Cup 2014 Squads". Key teams participating in Football World Cup 2014 are presented with complete photo albums of their players and stats. This Free book contains: Pictures of all the players of United States Soccer Team in World Cup 2014. Complete USA Squad Statistics like shirt numbers and clubs for each player. Information about United States Football. History of USA Football's participation in International Tournaments.
  • Brazil World Cup 2014 Squad

    Mohsin Naseer

    Voetbal This book is part of the series "World Cup 2014 Squads". All the teams participating in Football World Cup 2014 are presented with complete photo albums and stats. This book contains: Pictures of all the players of Brazil Team. Complete Brazil Squad Statistics. Information about Brazil. History of Brazil Football's participation in International Tournaments.
  • 150 anos de futebol

    José Eduardo de Carvalho

    Voetbal Em um século e meio de vida, o futebol ajudou a contar a história das sociedades em transformação. Sob o olhar desse jogo simples e ao mesmo tempo magnético foram registrados momentos apaixonantes, trágicos, sublimes e dramáticos. Como um fiel retrato dos povos que o adotaram, o futebol foi testemunha tanto de barbaridades sociais quanto de episódios de júbilo coletivo, sofreu e cometeu injustiças, distribuiu prazeres e êxtase com a mesma desenvoltura com que produziu grandes traumas e pequenas mazelas, mas esteve sempre presente. Não por acaso essa forma original e hábil de competir em grupo ressaltando as individualidades é a única atividade humana de que se tem conhecimento seguida todos os dias da semana, em todas as horas e em qualquer lugar pela bagatela de quatro bilhões de pessoas. Não há fronteiras geográficas nem barreiras sociais para quem goste do jogo. O futebol-espetáculo pode ser caro e inacessível, as entranhas do esporte como negócio podem ser ob
  • Mondiali di calcio 2014

    Alfredo Iellici & Tobias Iellici

    Voetbal Tutti i risultati e le classifiche delle qualificazioni ai mondiali di calcio 2014 in Brasile. Sei appassionato di statistiche calcistiche? Metti alla prova le tue conoscenze nel quiz contenuto nel libro!