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  • Dancing With My New Boss

    Laura Olsen

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie I hate the boss I've never met. My promotion was given to some millionaire playboy and I'm supposed to just get over it?! But he starts tomorrow, so tonight I hit the kizomba bar with a friend and find myself melting into the arms of a handsome stranger, the kind you only dream about… …and then the old terror comes back and sends me running from his arms. The last thing I remember is the look in his eyes: Shock. Disappointment. Anger. I thought things couldn't get any worse. But the morning after they do exactly that. My new boss starts today - filling the position I'd spent years working my tail off for - and the moment the door swings open, I see him. Again. That same, sexy stranger from the bar. What are the odds? Probably higher than those of ever building a successful business relationship with Robert Watts, an executive who doesn't take "no" for an answer. He wants to dance with me again, but no matter how much I want to feel his touch, nothing ca
  • Escorting the Royal

    Leigh James

    Romantische fictie Happily Ever After is Only for Fairytales… Prince Clive’s grown tired of his crown’s heavy burden. As heir to the throne of Astos, he’s one of the most sought-after bachelors in the world. When his sister gets engaged and electrifies the public with news of a royal wedding, all eyes are on Prince Clive. Will the perennial bachelor bring a date? And if yes…who? Gorgeous escort Tarryn gets the opportunity of a lifetime: accompany the handsome, reclusive prince to the royal wedding. The money for the assignment is insane—and everything she needs to turn her family’s life around. But Tarryn has a troubled past, one that just might catch up to her when the press splashes her image all over the internet. Tarryn and the prince are from two different worlds. They could never be together. But their arrangement turns into a scorching, unstoppable attraction. Can true love really conquer all? Find out in this romantic, fast-paced standalone romance from USA Today Bestselling Author
  • Carly's Second Chance Daddy

    Stella Moore

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Giving her the second chance she deserves, could mean losing his one chance at true love… From the moment Matt Crawford lays eyes on Lost River’s gorgeous newcomer, he’s consumed with the need to take her as his own. And when she submits to his strict discipline with delightful abandon, he knows he’s found his perfect Little girl. But her bright smile hides a devastating secret, and it turns out the best way to love her, might be to let her go…
  • De zomer dat ik je vond

    Lizzie van den Ham

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Wat zou je doen als de knappe jongen die je op een concertavond tegen het lijf bent gelopen en die je graag beter wilt leren kennen, plotseling in je mentorklas blijkt te zitten..? Het overkomt Gemma Visser tijdens haar eerste jaar als docente Engels op het Thorbecke College. En hoe langer zij en Julian elkaar meemaken op school, hoe moeilijker het wordt om te ontkennen dat er iets broeit tussen hen twee. Maar meent Julian het wel zo serieus? En vindt ze hem leuk genoeg om haar baan ervoor op het spel te zetten? Je leest het in De Zomer Dat Ik Je Vond, het eerste boek in een nieuwe serie die zich ook afspeelt op het Thorbecke College (net zoals de Wanhopig Verliefd-serie van dezelfde auteur).
  • Made For Loving You

    Kait Nolan

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie A wounded warrior After the catastrophic loss of his best friend in battle, Army Ranger Tyson Brooks trades in his fatigues for a badge, moving to Eden’s Ridge, Tennessee to rebuild his life and find a way to live in a world without Garrett. But no amount of protecting and serving the citizens of Stone County is enough to override the guilt that he simply didn’t do enough.  An incurable romantic Romance author Paisley Parish has spent her whole career chasing the perfect hero and finding all the real life options lacking. Until she runs into her high school sweetheart—the one who left her for the Army. The old spark is definitely still alive, but the man carries far more scars than the boy.  A second chance to save each other When Paisley becomes the target of malicious harassment, the police have no suspects, no leads, no way to make her feel safe. As her stalker escalates, she turns to the one guy she knows can protect her. Ty’s determined to put a stop to the
  • Don't Tease Me

    Renee Rose

    Romantische fictie I own you now. Desperate and alone, I strike a bargain with a mafia boss. I make myself available to him, he pays my bills. I’m his beck-and-call-girl. He’s my sugar daddy. Bobby Manghini owns me–that’s our arrangement.  Giving myself to him is easy.  He may be older, but he’s sinfully sexy. Skillful in bed.  It’s a win-win for both of us, so long as I remember one thing:  Don’t fall in love.  Bobby calls the shots, but he doesn’t play for keeps. I’m a toy, not his happily-ever-after.  The book is a lengthened and revised version of the previously published story Mob Mistress.  
  • Laat me sterren zien

    Lizzie van den Ham

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Tori is vastbesloten om een nieuw leven te beginnen, ver weg van haar bemoeizuchtige ouders. En wat is er dan handiger dan verhuizen naar een plek miljarden kilometers verderop? Ze heeft haar hele leven als rijke ambassadeursdochter op de planeet Mars gewoond, maar de stageplaats die ze accepteert bevindt zich op een ruimtestation vlakbij Saturnus. Ideaal dus! Waar Tori echter geen rekening mee heeft gehouden, is dat een nieuw leven beginnen zonder met de geesten van het verleden af te rekenen niet zo gemakkelijk is. Na een vreselijke ervaring met een jongen die geen ‘nee’ wilde horen, is ze nog steeds bang voor mannen die al te veel belangstelling voor haar hebben. En laat Alen Novak, het sexy hoofd van de beveiligingsdienst, nou net interesse in haar tonen... ook al is hij net zo arrogant als aantrekkelijk. De ideale schoonzoon is hij in elk geval niet, dankzij zijn duistere verleden. Zal Tori erin slagen om haar hart weer voor iemand open te stellen die het echt verdient?
  • Love's a Glitch

    Cindi Madsen

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie You’ve Got Mail  meets  What’s Your Number  when a phone update from hell results in a dating do-over, a wrong number that might just be the right one, and a battle between a web designer and her client, who don’t realize they’ve been falling for one another—via text. As a web designer, performing updates so I can enhance my texts with cute new emojis is a must. Only artificial intelligence went all  Terminator  on me, resending every message from the past year. So glad I got to relive my tumultuous online dating experiences, including drunk texting an ex who ghosted me. Among the disgruntled are a handful of nice replies, leaving me unsure if the tech gods are smiting or smiling down on me. Especially when a dude with a new number replies—Luke’s witty, makes me LOL, and gives great advice regarding my client who keeps sending snarky emails. As I begin re-dating guys from my past, Luke demands updates. With him quickly hacking his way into my hea
  • The Wedding Agreement

    Annie Dyer

    Romantische fictie Her heart is not up for negotiation… Noah Soames needed to get married, only there was one small problem – he didn’t have a suitable contender to be his wife. Until a few glasses of red wine later, and I’d volunteered for the position. He was charming, wealthy and panty-melting gorgeous, which meant that this small favour should be no problem. Shouldn’t it? A twelve-month deal and we’d separate as friends, nothing messy, no tangled emotions and definitely no difficult divorce settlements. I could find out if married life was better than my single, career-focused one, and see if I was really missing out, and at the same time put an end to the horrendous blind dates my friends kept setting me up on. It’s the perfect solution. Isn't it? It should be. Until my heart gets involved, and I have to decide whether it’s time to re-negotiate the terms of our agreement. But will Noah sign on the dotted line?
  • Finding Cinderella

    Colleen Hoover

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie #1 New York Times bestselling author of It Starts with Us and It Ends With Us writes a free novella about the search for happily ever after. A chance encounter in the dark leads eighteen-year-old Daniel and the girl who stumbles across him to profess their love for each other. But this love has conditions: they agree it will only last one hour and it will only be make-believe. When their hour is up and the girl rushes off like Cinderella, Daniel tries to convince himself that what happened between them only seemed perfect because they were pretending it was perfect. Moments like that with girls like her don’t happen outside of fairytales. One year and one bad relationship later, his disbelief in insta-love is stripped away the day he meets Six: a girl with a strange name and an even stranger personality. But Daniel soon realizes that fairytales don’t exist, and unfortunately for Daniel, finding Cinderella doesn’t guarantee their happily ever after…it only further threatens it.
  • Shy Girls Write it Better

    May Sage

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Cassie Franklin trips over nothing on perfectly flat surfaces every day, and she cannot seem to be able to simultaneously speak and look into her audience's eyes.  Cassandra Frank is the ultimate tease; her words have aroused, intrigued and captured the heart of thousands...  And somehow, they are the same person.  Hiding the fact that she writes erotica isn't much of a challenge - no one would ever think that a plain, boring little accountant like Cassie could so much as read anything so scandalous...  But one day, she makes a huge mistake.  Carter Harris employs so many people he can't exactly recall all their names, but strangely, he knows her. She isn't an executive, she isn't sexy, or otherwise noticeable, but the girl is cute - in a helpless, unique sort of way.  He can't pretend to say she ever crosses his mind, though... Until the day he finds the manuscript she worked on during her lunch hour.  Some girls do it is a series of adult romance w
  • For Love of a Grump

    Kait Nolan

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Is there anything better than winning the reluctant love of an inveterate grump? Find out in this collection of three full-length grumpy soft for sunshine romances! GRUMP IN A KILT: Grumpy estate manager Malcolm and his sunshiny nemesis Charlotte see eye to eye on nothing. But when they join forces to give a runaway a home, they just might find a new love and family along the way. SOMEONE LIKE YOU: Struggling author Ivy heads to the mountains of Tennessee in search of inspiration — only to get caught in a blinding snowstorm! Army ranger Harrison offers her shelter in his cabin, where the attraction between them heats up fast… STAY A LITTLE LONGER: As a successful farmer in small-town Tennessee, Logan is constantly busy — yet he can’t seem to keep his mind off the beautiful, talented chef with whom he shared one passionate night. When Athena returns home to hide out from a scandal, their connection reignites… and it’s up to Logan to make her stay!
  • Hard Hand

    Sierra Cartwright

    Romantische fictie Having spent too many years uncovering deception, billionaire Cole Stewart demands one thing from his woman—complete honesty. It’s only when she’s masked in mystery and draped in decadence that Avery Fisher has the courage to be with a man as sexy and dangerous as Cole. But he would know the seductive and vulnerable Avery no matter how clever her disguise. He will demand she reveal everything—not just her identity, but her true nature and the need for his dominance. She will learn Cole is not open to compromise.
  • Verboden liefde

    Lizzie van den Ham

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Als Yvonne Brandsma aan haar laatste jaar VWO begint, kan ze nog niet vermoeden dat ze op het Thorbecke College haar grote liefde tegen het lijf zal lopen... en dat die grote liefde haar docent zal blijken te zijn. Yvonne is in haar laatste jaar VWO opgezadeld met een mentor die ze niet kan uitstaan. Meneer Van Vliet, die erop hamert gewoon 'Martijn' genoemd te willen worden, is haar tekenleraar en mentor, en is wat Yvonne betreft veel te arrogant. Maar hoe langer ze met hem omgaat, hoe meer ze door begint te krijgen dat Martijn een leuke vent is. Te leuk... hij is volkomen onbereikbaar voor haar. Of misschien toch niet?
  • Sweet Distraction

    Lainey Davis

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie I had everything under control…until I hired Alice. My mother's death shattered my family and I was left to raise my brothers. Now I run an empire and nothing will stand in my way as I expand Stag Law. And then Alice Peterson came along. The new corporate chef is supposed to give my company an edge, but Alice Peterson is anything but corporate. Wild and spicy as her food, Alice sweeps into Stag Law and drives me to distraction. I don't like distraction. I summon all my drive and determination to resist my attraction to her, but what if I allow myself one tiny taste? This sizzling office romance simmers with a grumpy/sunshine pairing, crackling tension, and all the feels.
  • A Single Glance

    W. Winters

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie From  USA Today  bestselling author Willow Winters comes a heart-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat gripping, romantic suspense.  I saw her from across the bar. My bar.  My city.  Everything in that world belonged to me. She stood out from the crowd like she was looking for someone to blame for her pain.   That night, I felt the depths of my mistakes. I felt my scars. With a single glance, I knew her touch would take it all away. I craved it more than anything.   I knew she would be a tempting, beautiful mistake. One I would make again and again... even if it cost me everything.
  • Claiming Mine: Unforgiven Riders MC

    Amy Davies

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Sex, secrets and motorbikes. When Ana starts working in a small but quaint café, after running from her old life, she never expects to be surrounded by sexy as sin men... Little does she realise they belong to the local motorcycle club. She's had more than enough of controlling alphas in her life, but can she keep away from them? Ace is the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Unforgiven Riders and yet another controlling alpha. He sees Ana's reluctance to him, but Ace always gets his own way, and he wants Ana. Will Ace be able to prove his feelings for her and break down the walls of protection Ana has built around her heart? Can she let him in? When secrets of Ana's past are revealed and her life is threatened, it's Ace's job to save her. But will he be too late? Will Ace still want her when he finds out about her past? Read Claiming Mine, book one of the Unforgiven Riders, to see if Ace gets his girl.
  • His Secret Muse

    Linnea May

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Women are puppets to him – easy to handle, easy to conquer. Not me, though. Cedric Crow, the aloof and mysterious thriller and suspense writer, a star with millions of fans and billions in his bank account. He is used to have women at his feet, worshipping his every move, his every word.  I had it coming when I dared to roll my eyes at his narcissistic ramblings. But I didn’t expect him to go after me like this.  He wants me. All of me. Submitting to him does something to me that I haven’t felt in a long time. It confuses me. It excites me.  He wakes me from a slumber that has cast a damp over my dull life.  But can I trust this new found happiness? **His Secret Muse is a full-length novel with hot and heavy BDSM - you've been warned. No cheating and a guaranteed HEA.**
  • A Chance Fall

    Fiona Grace

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie In this new romantic comedy series by #1 Bestseller Fiona Grace, life gets turned upside down for April Faith when her daughter leaves for college, her corporate job jades her, and her husband abruptly walks out. April realizes she has lived life too long for others, and she needs a major change. She remembers Dune Island, her childhood summer home off the coast of Georgia, a place where nothing could go wrong in the world—and she needs to revisit what remains of her family’s historic beach house and see if she can restore it, turn it into an inn, open the door for a new life—and maybe, even, a new love…  “Wow, this book takes off & never stops! I couldn't put it down! Highly recommended for those who love a great mystery with twists, turns, romance, and a long lost family member! I am reading the next book right now!” --Amazon reviewer (regarding Murder in the Manor) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   “Wish all books were this good a mystery romance and love. Did not want
  • Billionaire Bully

    Rachel Foster

    Romantische fictie Jett Bailey had been a bully in school. No one knew that was because he was being molested by a family friend. He left and when he came back, he was a stronger man. When he runs into the girl he bullied the most, he starts to make amends. He has no way of knowing just how important she'll become. Olivia Hope had hated school. She'd been miserable and bullied by one of the rich kids. Years later she's a nurse, but being downsized. When her bully comes back to town looking for an employee, her mom convinces her to try it. She has all sorts of ideas of how it will go. She never guessed she'd fall in love with him. 
  • A Perfect Fit

    Heather Tullis

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Cami DiCarlo is crossing off the list of her father's dying wishes. 1 Move from Chicago to Juniper Ridge, CO to open his new hotel—check 2 Live with her five sisters—four of whom she didn't know about until he died—check 3 Marry the guy he picked out for her—oh wait, she didn't know about that one. Though she misses her father like crazy, she can't help resenting him for interfering in her life, or the many, many secrets he'd been keeping—even if he did bring hunky Vince Talmadge into her life. Luckily Vince not only knows what her father wanted—once he meets her he is more than willing to give a relationship a try. After all, it isn't often that you meet a beautiful, capable, fascinating, complicated woman like Cami in this mountain ski town.  The fact that they have definite chemistry doesn't hurt. The question is whether or not he can make her see that they are really a Perfect Fit.  
  • Common Ground

    Wendy Smith

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie A one night stand left Delaney Carruthers with a little girl who has the same eyes as the hottest commodity in Hollywood. In her small town retreat back in New Zealand, she’s pushed the memory of that night as far back as she could and built a successful life. Josh Carter is Hollywood’s golden boy. He’s never forgotten the girl who disappeared right before he landed his breakthrough role, but given up hope of finding her. That’s until he travels to New Zealand for what he thinks is the biggest role of his life—only to find something even bigger. He might have found Delaney, but can the two of them find any common ground?
  • Save Me

    Chelsea McDonald

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Gabriella. Innocent, bright, lily-like. She's a virgin. Fresh from college, she's spent her whole life focusing on her career. She knows what she wants her life to look like, now she's just got to figure out how to get it there.    Sam. Tough, protective, gentle. He's ready. He's never been interested in one-nighters, claims they're too much work after a long day at the station. He wants someone to call his own, a girl he can come home to and share his life with. It was just supposed to be a one night stand. But what if this crazy one night stand sparks something more. They both find this wasn't a one night stand at all, because one night was never going to be enough. This is the first book in the Vibrations Series by Chelsea McDonald.
  • Come to Me

    Sierra Cartwright

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Protecting people, safeguarding secrets... For the men of Hawkeye, the line of duty between bodyguard and client isn’t meant to be crossed. Wolf Stone is their commander, and three hearts are on the line. Things are going to get…complicated.  When Nate Davidson learns there's a bounty on commander Wolf Stone's head, he buries his feelings of rejection and volunteers to serve as protector for the man he admires…and still craves. Trouble is, their well-respected leader doesn't want any help, in the streets or the sheets. Their first angry kiss reignites a passion that time has not diminished, and the past refuses to stay buried as they give in to temptation and up the stakes with the stunning addition of the beautifully submissive Kayla Fagan. The dynamic shifts and the rules bend, in ways neither man could have imagined. With a hitman closing in, time is running out. Kayla and Nate demand more from Wolf, but he isn’t ready to share his deepest secrets...or his heart. His w
  • Billion Dollar Lie

    Linnea May

    Romantische fictie 𝗠𝘆 𝘂𝗹𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗴𝗼𝗮𝗹 𝗶𝘀 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗵 — 𝗯𝘂𝘁 𝗳𝗶𝗿𝘀𝘁 𝗜 𝗻𝗲𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗼 𝗺𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗲. I made it to the top, among the richest of the rich. But I have one more goal in my sights… to become a member of the illustrious Vanguard Society. Being a billionaire is not enough to join their ranks. I just need one thing to win their trust: A fiancée. When Kat stumbles into me at an elite nightclub, I know that she is perfect for the job. She’s beautiful, smart and feisty — and totally off limits. But she’s desperate. She needs me just as much as I need her. One million dollars is all it takes to make her play along. She agrees to become my fake fiancée. My partner in crime. My plaything. The moment I’m alone with her, the urge to break her becomes overwhelming. It’s all a lie, a contract between us, just for as long as I need her. Hell wil
  • Grumpy Fake Boyfriend

    Jackie Lau

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie I'm a pretty simple guy. When I'm not writing a science fiction novel, I'm watching a good movie or reading a book. Alone. I like my reclusive life. That is, until my only friend asks for a favor—pretend to be his baby sister's boyfriend on a couples' getaway. Her ex is going to be there and she needs me as a buffer. I should have said no, but Naomi is bubbly, energetic, and beautiful. She also means everything to her brother. But now, our fake romance is starting to feel all too real, and I find myself stuck between the promise I made to my friend and risking my heart to the one woman who might actually get me…
  • Jackie en Jones: een zomer vol liefde

    Lizzie van den Ham

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Wat als je een reis naar de Dordogne moet begeleiden maar geen woord Frans spreekt... en de neef van je baas bovendien mee is als groepslid? Jackie de Waard werkt al een jaar voor reisbureau Troubadour Themareizen. Als ze door haar baas onverwacht op reis naar Frankrijk wordt gestuurd om een zieke collega te vervangen, schiet ze in de stress. Ze spreekt namelijk geen woord Frans... al staat dat wél op haar CV. Ze vraagt haar beste vriendin Nina mee om haar bij te staan. Haar ellende is compleet als blijkt dat de neef van haar baas zich ook heeft ingeschreven voor de reis naar de Dordogne. Jones Schulte vormt een risico, want hij kan zijn oom over elke blunder die ze begaat op de hoogte brengen. Ze kan dus het beste zo min mogelijk met hem optrekken, maar dat is verdraaid lastig. Jones is namelijk de leukste man die ze in jaren is tegengekomen... Zal Jackie erin slagen deze reis te overleven, haar baan te behouden én haar hart niet te verliezen aan een man die ze eigenlijk als de vij
  • A Chance Love

    Fiona Grace

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie In this new romantic comedy series by #1 Bestseller Fiona Grace, life gets turned upside down for April Faith when her daughter leaves for college, her corporate job jades her, and her husband abruptly walks out. April realizes she has lived life too long for others, and she needs a major change. She remembers Dune Island, her childhood summer home off the coast of Georgia, a place where nothing could go wrong in the world—and she needs to revisit what remains of her family’s historic beach house and see if she can restore it, turn it into an inn, open the door for a new life—and maybe, even, a new love…  “Wow, this book takes off & never stops! I couldn't put it down! Highly recommended for those who love a great mystery with twists, turns, romance, and a long lost family member! I am reading the next book right now!” --Amazon reviewer (regarding Murder in the Manor) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   “Wish all books were this good a mystery romance and love. Did not want
  • Taylor's Unexpected Daddy

    Stella Moore

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie She needs a Daddy. And she’s about to get one from the most unexpected place. Taylor Dawson is a hot mess. From her disaster of an apartment to her failing grades, nothing in her life seems to be going to plan. Until her best friend’s older brother steps in and makes her an offer she thought she’d only get in her wildest dreams. An offer that could change her life, and their small town, forever…
  • Moonstone Beach

    Linda Seed

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie She’s a divorcee who’s still struggling to recover. He’s notorious for his reckless ways with women. What could possibly go wrong? Kate Bennet owns a small bookstore in the breathtaking Central Coast town of Cambria, California. Two years out from a divorce that left her emotionally fragile, she’s starting to think that maybe she’s ready for love again—or at least for a fling with a hot man. Jackson Graham is a local chef who’s controlling when it comes to food, careless when it comes to love, and temperamental when it comes to just about everything. When Kate’s friends set things up between Kate and Jackson, she expects some casual pleasure followed by a hasty goodbye, but Jackson’s long-term crush on Kate means that he’s in this one to win. The problem is, neither he nor Kate knows whether he can change the self-defeating habits that usually send women scurrying for the door. MOONSTONE BEACH is the first book in the Main Street Merchants series by Linda Seed. Rea
  • De Bratva belofte

    Shanna Bell

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Monsters worden niet geboren, ze worden gecreëerd. Kristoff. Mijn ziel is zo zwart als teer. Ik ben een koelbloedige moordenaar, de leider van mijn eigen Bratva. Welke moeder die bij haar volle verstand is, zou een tienerdochter voor mijn deur achterlaten? Een wanhopige moeder die een deal met de duivel wil maken.  Katya. Na jaren in ziekenhuizen te hebben doorgebracht, kan ik eindelijk een leven hebben.  Dan laat mijn moeder me in de steek en aan de zorg over van de meest adembenemende man die ik ooit heb gezien.  Hij is de belichaming van de dood, een Griekse tragedie die zich nog moet ontvouwen. Kan ik door de duisternis breken die hem in zijn greep heeft? NB: dit is de GRATIS proloog van het tweeluik 'de Bratva Royals' dat bestaat uit 'De Bratva kingpin' en 'De Bratva koningin'.
  • Rough Start: A Motorcycle Club New Adult Romance

    Summer Cooper & Sienna Chance

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Enjoy this MC steamy new adult series starter by USA Today Bestselling contemporary romance author Summer Cooper and her friend Sienna Chance! When Eliana and her alcoholic dad ran away from their home, they weren't intending to ever return. Years later, through hard work and grit, she not only graduated from the way-out-of-budget Harvard, but has become a successful lawyer. When she receives the sad news of her father's death, she can't help but feel a slight sense of relief. At last, she can breathe, stop living in fear, and finally come out of hiding. Until a biker, her hotter than ever ex, shows up at the funeral and takes her for the debt that her father owed—a debt that she would never be able to repay. Rev up your heart with a sizzling motorcycle club romance! Join the journey of a passionate high school sweetheart couple, where the tough biker's exterior hides a heart devoted entirely to her. Follow their thrilling love story filled with secrets, protection, and steamy encou
  • Freight Train

    Sapphire Knight

    Romantische fictie (ALTERNATIVE COVER VERSION) Tyler Football is my life and it always has been. I made a vow to be the best, regardless of distractions. I'm Tyler the Freight Train Owens, I can handle anything on the field. Off of it however, my days begin to pile up with college, football, and helping out my brothers. I need a small reprieve. Especially if she's five foot five, brunette and has legs that go on for miles. I can handle a small distraction, no problem. Besides, when that time clock runs out, I don't have time for panties, only touchdowns. Kadence Star football player...Check. Spoiled brat...Check. Manwh0r3...Check. Right when I think I have Tyler Owen's all figured out; he knocks me on my a$$, literally. I wasn't expecting him to help me up, or the little shock that I felt when we touched, but then I didn't think I'd fall in love either. Too bad he has a line of willing women trailing after him, because I refuse to be one of them. The Freight Train may be used to scoring on and off the f
  • The Billionaire's Club

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Romantische fictie How it all began… Three men – Levi, Sian and Matteo – what happened to make them into billionaires?  Together, they work to defy the odds and defy their fathers’ expectations.  Against all odds, they win in the business world.  Learn their stories – and understand the emotional terror that they endured – and overcome – to become the strong, powerful men that they are today.  After knowing their stories – will they ever find their happily ever after?  
  • His Submissive

    Ava Claire

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Recent college grad Leila Montgomery has her sights set on Whitmore and Creighton, a public relations agency for the rich and famous. She's determined to get her foot in the door by any means necessary--but she doesn't count on accidentally mouthing off to the enigmatic billionaire at the helm of the company, Jacob Whitmore. After a hot tryst in the stairwell, Jacob makes Leila a proposition: be his personal assistant and private submissive. Saying no could cost her dream job and a place among the wealthy and elite. But saying yes will cost her heart... This is the first book in the His Submissive Series by Ava Claire.
  • The Cupcake Cottage

    Jean Oram

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie A best friends to lovers hockey romance. My coach is playing matchmaker. And that’s a problem because I work with this beautiful and distracting woman. Also, she’s my best friend’s ex making her very off limits. I also might be crushing on her. Hard. That’s a hat trick of reasons to say no. But if I don’t follow coach’s playbook on and off the ice I’ll be benched. Kind of like my heart. If I say yes to this fake-dating plan…well, it could save my reputation (nice guy, wrong place, wrong time, etc., etc.) as well as get me those deals I so desperately need. It could even help out my teammates who’ve worked too darn hard to have their captain trash it all because he’s afraid to fake it with his friend. To hold her hand. To kiss her in front of the cameras. To show her how she should be truly treated by a boyfriend—pampered and cherished. And maybe to show her how I really feel… Laugh, cry and fall in love along with these two meant-to-be characters as they stumbl
  • Bad Case of Loving You

    Kait Nolan

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie She loves weddings As a romance author, Paisley Parish is a hopeless romantic. Seeing her friends exchange promises of forever does her heart good--even if the whole thing does highlight her own regrettably single status. But that's what cake and champagne are for. She just has to escape the douchecanoe who won't take no for an answer. He hates weddings Former Army Ranger Ty Brooks is happy to see his brother-in-arms starting his new life. He just wishes he was out of this monkey suit and miles away from the seemingly endless parade of guests. All this happily ever after isn't for him, but he's determined nothing's going to ruin Harrison and Ivy's special night. Especially the asshat who's cornered one of the female guests. A blast from the past The knight in a tux who shows up with a glass of champagne pretending to be Paisley's date is none other than the first love who broke her heart. Ty's older, hotter, and shocked to see her. It's clear the old chemistry is alive and kicking, an
  • Engagement Rate

    Annie Dyer

    Romantische fictie He’s gorgeous. He’s successful. And he’s technically my employer. Introducing Jackson Callaghan, who looks like no lawyer ever should. I shouldn’t be noticing how he wears a suit or thinking about what his hair looks like in the mornings. Instead, I’m meant to be sticking to just three things: Growing my marketing business Buying my cheating, arrogant ex out of said business Never getting involved with anyone I work with. Ever. Again. London, England. The residence of the queen, suited City boys and the man who won’t give up: Jackson Callaghan. With his tattoos and a talent for charming, he’s set his sights on one thing other than his career – me. Just one night won’t hurt, will it? A simple hook up isn’t really breaking my own rules. But what happens when a hook up leaves you hooked? ENGAGEMENT RATE is a steamy office romance with no cheating and a happily ever after. It's the first book in the CALLAGHAN GREEN SERIES, set in London, England.
  • Het hart van een cowboy - Een missie in Twin Bridges

    Debra Eliza Mane

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Becky Morgan heeft een leven dat niet bepaald standaard is. Onder haar wat ruige uiterlijk schuilt echter een jonge vrouw die haar uiterste best doet haar leven te beteren. In het slaperige dorp Twin Bridges valt ze als een blok voor de robuuste rancher Nathan. Dat ze echter een vreemd verhaal over hem heeft gehoord van een serveerster genaamd Lucy-Jane maakt het allemaal niet makkelijker. Maar een man zoals hij, die alles heeft wat zij nooit gehad heeft, kan toch niets in haar zien. Zij is immers een "niemand". Nathan Brooks loopt op een dag nietsvermoedend The Wagon Wheel binnen, als een jonge vrouw direct zijn aandacht trekt. Haar roze haren en kleurige tatoeages maken haar een ware blikvanger. Dat ze zich luid proestend verslikt in haar koffie op het moment dat hij binnenstapt maakt dat hij het niet kan laten naar haar te blijven kijken. Toch is dat niet de enige reden waarom hij versteend lijkt. Iets in haar trekt hem aan. Is het soms omdat zij er zo anders uitziet dan hij zich v
  • Quick & Dirty

    Whitley Cox

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie A Quick Billionaires Novel, Book 1 The best way to get over a millionaire is to get under a billionaire. Travel writer Parker Ryan wants to erase every last trace of her ex from her mind, body, and soul, and what better way to forget a man than to take an all-expenses-paid trip to Tahiti? She'll have ten days to write a feature piece about The Windward Hibiscus Resort. That leaves plenty of time for fun and sun— And a smoking hot fling with Tate McAllister, billionaire resort owner, scuba instructor, philanthropist, and let's face it—sex god. Parker knows she's not supposed to mix business with pleasure, but Tate's ready and willing to wow her in and out of the bedroom. She can get the job done and let him fulfill all her fantasies, can't she? But she won't, repeat—won't—fall in love with the man. Even if every part of her wants to.
  • Something Real

    Wendy Smith

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie She’s a single mother. He’s her new next door neighbour. After her husband leaves her, Olivia never thought her fresh start would include finding love. Her entire life she’s been left behind. Can Logan be the one to help her beat her insecurities? Previously published under the author name Ariadne Wayne and with a different distributor. No cliffhanger.
  • Worth The Wait

    Kay Lyons

    Romantische fictie Some people say it’s hard to tell between love and lust. But sometimes, it’s not hard to tell at all.... Twelve years is a lifetime when it comes to age and love. And if the man is your father’s best friend... Well, let’s just say unrequited feelings tend to be awkward. But Laney knows what she wants. Who she wants., and she’s a firm believer that sometimes a woman just has to go for broke and take a chance.... Rand Mitchell has done everything he can to avoid Laney Wyatt due to his awareness of her and, in a small town, that’s not easy, especially when his 911 call results in Laney appearing as his EMT. But it’s then, with her blushes and smiles and follow-up visits, that he wonders if maybe he’s not the only one fighting his feelings? When tragedy strikes Laney and her family, Rand eagerly steps up to help. But all too soon, help becomes more. With their age difference, her father, and small-town gossip stacked against them—can what they feel really be love?
  • Falling

    Wendy Smith & Ariadne Wayne

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Cole Masters walked away from his teenage marriage, knowing that his wife and child would be well looked after by his trust fund. But when he runs into Brooke four years later, he finds that while he’s lived a good life, she’s struggling—balancing two jobs with raising their daughter, Kaia. It doesn’t take long for Cole to realise that he doesn’t just want to fix things. He wants to get to know Kaia. And he wants Brooke back. If only life was that easy. This 34,000 work book is part one of a duet and ends in a cliffhanger. The story will conclude in book two (Rising). Possible trigger is listed on the copyright page.
  • Loving Rowan

    Wendy Smith

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Rowan loves Andrew. Andrew loves Charlie. The friendship between the three of them is shattered when Rowan finds Andrew and Charlie together. Cutting them off is easy for the painfully shy and socially awkward Rowan. When Kyle becomes her new best friend, she assumes that’s all he wants. Kyle has other ideas about the direction of their relationship. But when tragedy strikes, Andrew’s not quite ready to let go of the girl who’s loved him most of her life. And he’s prepared to do anything to keep her. Previously published under the author name Ariadne Wayne and with a different distributor. No cliffhanger. Content warning on copyright page.
  • Happy Truth About Love

    Karice Bolton

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Join Autumn as she unravels the secrets of her past and finds solace in a town where hidden truths are revealed, hearts are mended, and love blossoms against all odds... In the wake of an unexpected inheritance, Autumn Tucker seizes the opportunity to break free from her predictable existence and move to a small mountain town in the heart of Washington. Ignoring her usual overthinking, she embraces the unknown and the thrill of starting anew in Silver Ridge. Little does she know that her uncle's bequest holds more surprises than she ever imagined. Upon arriving at her late uncle's Bed and Breakfast, Autumn's excitement falters as she confronts the dilapidated state of the property. From peeling wallpaper to a broken banister, it becomes clear that her uncle's description of a B&B was a loose interpretation. However, despite the initial setbacks, Autumn falls in love with the town and finds herself drawn to the enigmatic and irresistibly attractive Joel North. Joel’s magnetic pre
  • Dark and Alpha

    Anna Zaires

    Romantische fictie For a limited time, get two FULL-LENGTH novels (reader favorites with 1000s of 5-star reviews!) from NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER ANNA ZAIRES and see why more than a million readers worldwide are “addicted” and “obsessed.”  This unique bundle contains the following books: Twist Me (A Contemporary Dark Romance) “Will you ever let me go?”  “No, Nora,” he replies, and I can feel his smile in the darkness. “Never.”   On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Nora Leston meets Julian Esguerra, and her life changes forever. Stolen away to a private island, she finds herself at the mercy of a powerful, dangerous man whose touch makes her burn.  A man whose obsession with her knows no bounds.  Her enigmatic captor is as cruel as he is beautiful, yet it’s his tenderness that devastates her most. Drawn into his violent world, Nora must find a way to adapt and survive—and find light within the darkness. Close Liaisons (A Sci-Fi Romance) In the near futu
  • Geheime liefde

    Lizzie van den Ham

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Als Maaike van Vliet na de kerstvakantie een rampzalig cijfer voor wiskunde terugkrijgt, is ze de wanhoop nabij. Ze wil niets liever dan op schoolreis naar Zwitserland en haar strenge vader trekt haar vast en zeker terug van deelname als hij hoort dat ze een 3,3 heeft gescoord. Tenslotte dient ze de naam 'Van Vliet' hoog te houden op het Thorbecke College. Haar oom Martijn van Vliet geeft er al jaren tekenen. Maar dan krijgt ze hulp uit onverwachte hoek: Sandor Farkas, de knappe stagiair van haar mentor, biedt aan haar te helpen met wiskunde zodat ze een herkansing kan doen. Al snel ziet ze hem meer als vriend dan als leraar, want hij is zo lief en zorgzaam. Maar heeft hij ook warme gevoelens voor haar? Je leest het in 'Geheime liefde', het eerste deel in een nieuwe serial van de hand van Lizzie van den Ham die zich wederom op het Thorbecke College afspeelt!
  • Not in My Job Description

    Amber Lynn

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Avery Clavens is an average, somewhat socially awkward woman who works as a research assistant in a New York library. At least that's what everyone who knows her believes. In actuality, Avery was caught doing something wrong in her youth by a secret government agency, and when faced with either jail time or being recruited by the agency, she found orange really wasn't her color. After seven years of nothing too exciting happening in the office, she is forced to go undercover with an agent she's pretty sure speaks the English language as interpreted by Martians. It doesn't help that she feel drawn to said agent, or that there is a weird spark anytime the two of them touch. Can the two of them stop arguing long enough to get their man? Avery doesn't know, but dealing with Agent Barnes definitely isn't in her job description.
  • One Night Burn

    Kate Meader

    Romantische fictie All I wanted was a sweet treat to cap off my evening ... Most people celebrate a milestone like graduating from Chicago’s firefighter academy with shots, clubbing, and … okay, more shots. Me? I party with cherry pie at my local diner. Except this hot guy—and I mean smoking hot—snags the last piece. I won’t be denied, however. Rocking a serious case of pie envy, I give him the sad eyes and jackpot! He offers to share. Before long we’re sharing more than pie: heated glances, sparkling conversation, and a kiss that sends me some place I didn’t know existed before I met him. But after every sugar high comes a crash … and I’m about to find out that this guy is very bad for me indeed. One Night Burn is a short and sweet prequel to the full-length novel, Up in Smoke.
  • A Chance To Love: A Single Mother Second Chance Contemporary Romance

    Summer Cooper

    Romantische fictie He didn't look convinced. "Is it wrong to be with the person you love?" My heart skipped a beat and I could no longer meet his eyes. I wasn't ready yet to accept what I saw there. I wasn't ready to accept his love. Dana Duran has no idea what she's doing with her life. Divorced, bitter, and trying to raise a precocious little girl on her own, the last thing Dana needs is another complication in her already hectic existence. But then Carter Knight comes back into town and just like that, Dana's reality is shaken yet again. Torn between protecting her heart and harboring a secret she wishes she could forget, Dana has mixed feelings about Carter's return. But the heart knows what it wants and for Dana and Carter, their hearts want each other. Will they let their past mistakes dictate their present or will Dana and Carter let go of the past and make room for love? Author's Note: This is a full length novel with mature language and themes, intended for adults only.
  • Love Untamed

    J.H. Croix

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie A swoony frenemies to lovers romance from USA Today Bestselling Author J.H. Croix! Friends with benefits? How about enemies with benefits?   Jared Winters is annoying, uptight, arrogant, and way too handsome.   Susie Hammond wants nothing to do with Jared. Nothing at all. Small problem: she can’t stop thinking about him. Or about the kiss-that-never-happened. Except it did. And it was H-O-T. So hot, she can’t forget it no matter how hard she tries.    Susie also has a secret, and the last man she wants to find out is Jared. Le sigh.   Susie is a hurricane force—beautiful, brash, funny, and bossy. She’s the living, breathing example of the kind of woman Jared wants nothing to do with. He’s not interested in relationships—too messy and complicated.    Susie takes complicated to new levels. Jared never meant to kiss her. He’d like to forget that freaking kiss. Except he can’t. Not at all. In fact, he keeps kissing her. And then he gets a
  • Maffia Papa

    Renee Rose

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie ZE IS ALTIJD AL VAN MIJ GEWEEST. Don G gaf me een bevel-- zijn dochter vinden. Breng haar weer op het rechte pad. Breng haar naar huis. Natuurlijk - de maffiaprinses onder handen nemen is mij een genoegen. Maar ze gaat niet naar huis-- ze blijft bij mij. Want ondanks het huwelijkscontract met een andere familie, is Jenna Pachino altijd al van mij geweest. Dit korte verhaal is een op zichzelf staande bonus in de Vegas Underground serie.
  • Perfect Stranger

    Lexy Timms

    Romantische fictie In that perfect stranger, I found my fairytale… Olivia Cadwell, brilliant with numbers but still having trouble figuring out where she fits into the world, is on the run from her hometown, courtesy of her mother's boyfriend—who has decided that Olivia is his next target. Leo Folley, head of the multi-billion-dollar company his father started, is minding his own business and carrying on as usual… until his publicist gives him a deadline: Find a girlfriend, play nice with the press, and be a better face for the company, or the board is going to make trouble. When Leo finds Olivia sleeping in her car in the alley outside of his office, he sees the perfect answer to his dilemma: a girl who needs money and a place to stay in exchange for playing his date for the big charity auction. For Olivia, it's the perfect solution: money, a place to stay, and safety from the man she's sure is searching for her. What's not to love? They both believe they can get through the week without taking a
  • Kickoff

    Jami Davenport

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Struggling pro football wide receiver Derek Ramsey was once Rachel McCormick's best friend and lover. She's about to help him get back his game.<br>  <br> Stuck with an empty bank account, an uncanny ability for evaluating football talent, and a dogged determination to succeed in a man's world, Rachel swears to do just that. When it's suggested Derek needs a pre-game tension reliever, Rachel takes one for the team. <br> <br> The next day, Derek has the best performance of his not-so illustrious career. Soon Derek and Rachel are racking up nights in bed--and other places--and the team is racking up wins. But Derek knows the truth behind a secret that destroyed her father years before. A truth that might destroy Derek, too.  <br> <br> Rachel and Derek are torn between love and duty, and the clock is winding down. It's fourth and goal, one second left in the game. The next play Derek makes must be for Rachel's heart.<br&g
  • Forever In Love

    Leeanna Morgan

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Fans of Netflix's Virgin River series will love this small-town, feel-good romance! Amy Sullivan's life might have been lonely, but it was safe. Until she found a baby on her doorstep. With her alcoholic mother gone, and a five-month-old sister to look after, Amy has no choice but to give her sister what she never had - a family - and that means moving back to Montana and the only man she’s ever loved. After surviving a horrific barn fire, the last person Nathan Gray wants to see is Amy. Nine years earlier she left him faster than a howling nor'wester and now, burned and broken, he has even more reason to keep his distance. Only this time fate and a meddling family have other ideas and their lives are about to come crashing down. Right on top of each other. FOREVER IN LOVE is the second book in the Montana Brides series and can easily be read as a standalone. Each of Leeanna's series are linked so you can find out what happens to your favorite characters in other books. Happy r
  • Merciless

    W. Winters

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie ***Now a USA Today bestselling series! *** From USA Today bestselling author Willow Winters comes a heart-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat gripping, standalone, romantic suspense.  I should’ve known she would ruin me the moment I saw her.   Women like her are made to destroy men like me.  I couldn’t resist her though.   Given to me to start a war; I was too eager to accept.  But I didn’t know what she’d do to me. That she would change everything.  She sees through me in a way no one else ever has.   Her innocence and vulnerability make me weak for her and I hate it. I know better than to give in to temptation. A ruthless man doesn’t let a soul close to him. A cold-hearted man doesn’t risk anything for anyone. A powerful man with a beautiful woman at his mercy … he doesn’t fall for her.
  • Hard to Love

    W. Winters

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie From  USA Today  bestselling author Willow Winters comes a heart-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat gripping, romantic suspense. Our love story isn't a tragedy but it sure as hell started out like one. I grew up in the life, and learned to hate everything in this town.  Everything but her. She was my constant through it all. Just a look would tempt and torment. Just a touch would singe and soothe. I only survived because she was by my side. I feared the danger would bleed into what we had. After all, she was too good for this world. But I was too far gone to push her away. I was Laura’s downfall.  Problem was, she was mine too. Hard to Love is book 1 of the Hard to Love, romantic suspense, series. "This highly addictive read had me glued to its pages, and unable to put it down. This story will have you jaw-dropping, gasping for breath, and begging for more!" Sarah, SWBR Book Blog & Reviews
  • Kiss Me

    W. Winters

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie From USA Today best-selling authors W Winters and Amelia Wilde comes a sinful romance with a touch of dark and angst that will keep you gripping the edge of your seat … and begging for more. I should have known when I couldn’t keep my eyes off her that this would be a mistake.  I was hired to protect her, this woman who’s lost everything yet there’s an obvious fire that blazes behind her beautiful gaze. She stares back, daring and tempting me. It calls to a side of me that’s darker and longs to tame her.  We both have secrets, we both have a past we’re not ready to face. More than that, we both want to get lost in each other, falling into a forbidden game of control and power. Of submission and dominance.  The moment she agrees to my terms, I know I’ve crossed a line. One of many rules I’m willing to break. No one can know, not a soul, but secrets in the life I lead never last for long.
  • The Price of a Promise

    Ember Leigh

    Romantische fictie Their love never stood a chance... Axel Fairchild is the eternal outsider, both in his elite MBA program and in the world of NYC finance. Powering through on charm, swagger, and smarts has always worked for him—and it's poised to pay off in a big way as he prepares to launch his very own finance business with his brothers after graduation. There's only one thing left on his to-do list: prying the love of his life, Cora Margulis, away from her controlling and manipulative family. Cora loves Axel's brash confidence and the way he turns her privileged world upside down. He's a breath of fresh air in the stuffy, elite enclave she's lived in her entire life. As she approaches the end of her MBA program and her father pressures her to join the ranks of their realty empire, Cora can see her escape hatch. The future beyond the luxurious world she's always known scares her, but with Axel at her side, she knows they can create the future of their dreams— together. But the Margulis family is
  • Love Life

    Lexy Timms

    Romantische fictie From international bestselling author, Lexy Timms, comes a forbidden romance that'll set your heart racing. She'd given up on love. He didn't have time for it. She thinks he's a stuck up pretty boy who doesn't care about anyone but himself, and he thinks she's a stuck up prude who wouldn't know how to "put out" if she tried. And yet... Antonio Riverra AKA Tony Rivers comes from a lower class background, raised in the rough streets of gang-infested L.A. His only saving grace was his mother who was a dance teacher. However, Tony kept his knowledge of ballet a highly-guarded secret. He’s applied for early admission to a number of California performing arts colleges, but earned a scholarship to small but prestigious school, the San Oaho College of Visual and Performing Arts. Allison (Allie) Holbrook is the rebellious daughter of a billionaire. She doesn’t know her mother, as she was abandoned on her father’s doorstep when she was three. Since a paternity test confirmed she was his,
  • Little Blue Box

    Frances Dall'Alba

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Regrets, lies, and earth-shattering secrets. When Ella learns the identity of her biological father, nothing will stand in her way. Not even his power. When things don't go to plan, can one little blue box put Ella and Zane back on the same path?  This second-chance contemporary romance is filled with suspense, emotion and a life-changing sizzling romance. There's one thing missing in Ella Harvey's life—her biological father. All she has is a few clues in a little box and a mother not willing to share anything. Add in her impatience and stubbornness and Ella decides to go about finding him herself. Then there's Zane. He's used to barrelling his way through life without too much stress. He has a great family, a new career path and a beloved Ducati motorcycle. When tasked with searching for Ella's father, Zane discovers a secret that threatens to unravel their lives. The attraction between Zane and Ella is flaring up quickly, but all will go up in flames if Zane doesn't tell Ella
  • Seducing Whitney

    Stephanie Julian

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie She's one wicked temptation... Sheltered heiress Whitney Snowden spent years trying to avoid her powerful father’s influence over her life. When he dies suddenly, she finds he had one final hand to play—either she steps in to run his empire or marry a man who will. Otherwise, her calculating stepmother gets everything. Whitney’s charitable foundation would be gone. She turns to the only men who have as much to lose as she does, her father’s righthand men. If Whitney is to outsmart her stepmother, she has to marry one of them. But she wants both. Her heroes are wickedly charming... Handsome. Sexy. Closer than brothers. Chase Delahunt and Ryan Noble have been groomed by Richard Snowden to run his company, not marry his daughter. But their mentor’s death rocks their world, and Whitney’s plan could be their salvation, if jealousy doesn’t get in the way. Chase and Ryan have both lusted after Whitney for years but inviting the beauty into their lives—and their bed—might pu
  • Dirty Rich Cinderella Story

    Lisa Renee Jones

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie A SEXY, STANDALONE FORBIDDEN BOSS ROMANCE! SEDUCED FOR A NIGHT. TAKEN FOREVER. With only nine months left at Stanford, and despite being top of her law school class, Lori Havens takes leave to care for her sick mother. That means she juggles three jobs, the best of which is researcher for novelist, and syndicated columnist of "Cat Does Crime," Cat Summer. One evening after finishing up her work at Cat's apartment building, Lori has an encounter with a sexy stranger, and does something out of character. She goes home with him. The night is perfect, he's perfect, wealthy, powerful and from out of town. Morning comes, and despite their connection, Lori leaves before he finds out she's far from the equal he believes her to be. She's not a charity case and she's not after his money. She will make her own. In other words, she leaves before her prince charming finds out she's no princess.  Flash forward a few months, Lori's mother is healing, and Cat's husband, Reese, has merged his fir
  • Newest Hire

    J. P. Comeau

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Nicholas Hunter is the Warlord of the publishing world, A conqueror of companies Everything he sets his sights on is destroyed. He took my job and threw it out the window, just like many others, And he's hotter than any man I've ever met, despite his cocky attitude… But I have a responsibility - a son. I need to find a new job fast… My former boss' friend did me a favor and recommended me… The problem is I'm unqualified… My new hire's name: Angela Faye I hired her for only one reason… My Executive Assistant vouched for her. Smart, snarky, beautiful, hardworking, funny… She's everything I used to lust after and more. Dad always told me to persevere to find true love. I've persevered more fake relationships than I'll admit. Now, could she break that cycle? Is Angela what I've been waiting for? Or is she just another beautiful woman vying for my attention?
  • Voor nu en voor altijd

    Sophie Love

    Romantische fictie “ Voor nu en voor altijd is een zeer goed geschreven roman over de worstelingen van een vrouw (Emily) die haar ware identiteit probeert te vinden. De auteur is er fantastisch in geslaagd de personages tot leven te brengen en de omgeving te beschrijven. De romantiek is er, maar het ligt er niet te dik bovenop. Hulde aan de auteur voor deze geweldige start van een serie die zeer vermakelijk belooft te worden.” - Books and Movies Reviews , Roberto Mattos Emily Mitchell, 35 jaar oud, woont en werkt in New York City. Ze heeft zich door een aantal mislukte relaties geworsteld. Wanneer haar vriend, met wie ze al zeven jaar een relatie heeft, haar mee uit neemt voor een langverwacht jubileumdiner, weet Emily zeker dat het deze keer anders zal zijn en dat ze deze keer eindelijk de ring zal krijgen. Maar als hij haar in plaats daarvan een klein flesje parfum geeft, weet Emily dat het tijd is om het uit te maken en om haar hele leven weer een frisse start te geven. Wankelend onder haar
  • Liefde is pijn

    Shanna Bell

    Romantische fictie Elena Ik werd in een steegje in het nauw gedreven door monsters. Toen ontmoette ik mijn ridder in een aftands harnas. Hij zal mijn eerste liefde zijn. Mijn laatste. Mijn enige ware. Viking Ze was van mij vanaf het moment dat ik haar zag. Ik zou een moord plegen om haar te beschermen en bij me te houden. Als ik haar ooit verlies... zal ik de wereld laten branden. NB: dit is de gratis korte prequel van 'Liefde is woede,' het eerste boek in de Woeste Liefde maffiaserie.
  • Lovers at Heart, Reimagined

    Melissa Foster

    Romantische fictie Discover the magic of New York Times bestseller Melissa Foster's writing, and see why millions of readers have fallen in love with the Bradens. In LOVERS AT HEART, REIMAGINED… Treat Braden wasn’t looking for love when Max Armstrong walked into his Nassau resort, but he saw right through the efficient and capable facade she wore like a shield to the sweet, sensual woman beneath. One magnificent evening together sparked an intense connection, and for the first time in his life Treat wanted more than a casual affair. But something caused Max to turn away, and now, after weeks of unanswered phone calls and longing for the one woman he cannot have, Treat is going back to his family’s ranch to try to finally move on.   A chance encounter brings Treat and Max together again, and it turns into a night of intense passion and honesty. When Max reveals her secret, painful past, Treat vows to do everything within his power to win Max’s hea
  • Dirty Dom

    Willow Winters

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie I’m not always proud of the man I am, but when you grow up in a crime family, there aren’t a lot of options.  I do what I have to do, and more than often, I f*cking love it.  The power, the women, the money.  All of it comes easy to me.   Until Becca walked into my office. Everything about her was tempting.  Her beautiful eyes that pierced into me, her body that was made for sin.  She came to pay off a debt, but I wanted more.  So I did what I’ve always done, I took what I wanted.   She’s a good girl who never should have walked through that door.  I never should have touched her, but now that I have, I can’t stop.  I’ll push her boundaries, she’ll cave to temptation.   We’ll both forget about the danger.  And that’s a mistake I can’t afford… 
  • Delicate

    W. Winters

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie From USA Today bestselling author W Winters comes an emotionally gripping, standalone, romantic suspense with an edge of darkness.  I never thought of life like the petals of a rose before.  But they’re so alike.   Delicate and easily crushed.  Broken… just like he made me.  He could pluck away and there was nothing I could do except be destroyed and accept my fate.  That’s what he does, he ruins what he touches. Ruthless and cold hearted.   They gave me to him.  To break.  To do as he’d like.  All because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  He grew addicted to the feel of plucking away at me. At leaving me bare and taking control over every piece of me.  And if I’m honest with myself… I grew to love it too.  Delicate is the first look at Broken, the Best Selling Dark Romance by W Winters.
  • Love Thy Nemesis

    LM Tate

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Independent, feisty, shop owner Rachel Edwards has officially sworn off men, and having spent the past year building up her life following trauma from her past relationship, she is strictly on a dating hiatus. Living in a beautiful home in a new town, Rachel is finally piecing her life back together and has no room for distractions. Focused on carving her place in the antiques business, she's determined not to let her new Scottish neighbour, the arrogant Liam McKenzie, disrupt her plans. On first sight they despite each other, and her neighbour warns her off his property but when Rachel's dangerous ex-fiancé returns, Liam is the only one she can turn to. As much as she loathes it, her nemesis may be her only saviour. Forced to accept an offer to move into his house, will her impenetrable walls survive the inferno between them.
  • Sweet for You: A Billionaire Romance

    Harper Ashe

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Can true love – and a sweet tooth – conquer all? Abby Branson has a plus-size crush on handsome billionaire Stephen Blake, CEO of a gourmet foods empire. But when she's hired by Blake Foods as a taste tester for a new line of diet desserts, she's devastated to discover that the real Mr. Blake isn't anything like the fantasy man in her dreams. Until one passionate kiss reveals there's more to the brooding billionaire than meets the eye. With profits slipping, the future of Stephen Blake's gourmet foods company is riding on the successful launch of his diet desserts line. Adding cute and curvy Abby Branson to the project team makes sense. After all, she smart, feisty, and fits the customer demographic to a T. Although love is the last thing on Stephen's mind, he can't help but notice that Abby is more delicious than anything his company creates. Sparks soon fly between the billionaire and the BBW. But with her insecurities and his wounded heart, coming up with the right recipe for r
  • Fake Bride Wanted

    Holly Rayner

    Romantische fictie Julian Meijer is a man who has everything—almost. A billionaire bachelor, and the youngest, hottest member of a long line of Dutch nobility, there's just one thing that eludes him: the Meijer Ruby, a priceless family heirloom that's been lost for generations. After a tip-off leads him to the vaults of an ancient bank, Julian thinks his quest for the ring is over, but a revelation stops him in his tracks: in order to inherit it, he must use it to propose to his future bride! Shelby Bright has loved Julian since their schooldays together, but the two haven't spoken in fifteen years. When a new job role lands her working at his company, she's hoping only that he'll remember who she is. Little does she know, he has much bigger plans in store for her! It's not long before Julian presents his offer: a sham marriage, in exchange for a cash sum large enough to change her life forever. Unable to resist the billionaire's indecent proposal, Shelby finds herself falling head over heel
  • A Promise of Home

    Lani Blake

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie When Branna O'Donnell heads back to Lake Howling, Oregon, she’s not sure what to expect. It’s a place that holds plenty of memories, both good and bad, but Branna is determined to find some peace there from the demons of her past. However, she soon realizes that living in a small town again comes with complications, and one of them is named Jake McBride.  Once the town golden boy, Dr. McBride has returned from Iraq angry and, like her, shouldering a few emotional scars. They strike sparks off each other from the outset, and Branna knows that if she gives in to the attraction between them it’s going to result in a world of pain. The problem is she's not sure how to walk away. 
  • Shutout

    Jami Davenport

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Easton: Hockey isn’t forever. The money, excitement, and glory of being a professional hockey player meant more to me than a family, a home, and a forever. Another man has my forever, and I have hockey. I thought making the big bucks and playing against the best in the world would feel better than this. Instead I’m empty and hollow, like a big piece of my heart was hacked off. There's something missing. Something big. Something I can never get back. Caroline: I loved him, but he wasn’t the love of my life. My husband died too young, too suddenly, too tragically. I was unprepared with no education, no job skills, and no future plans. When a DNA test reveals my twins' true parentage, I have no choice but to do the right thing. I turn to the one man who’d turned his back on me all those years ago. I'd been shutout from his life, and I'd shut him out from mine. Can two strangers make a family? Do we have what it takes to forgive and move on?
  • Crashing the Net

    Jami Davenport

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie This book includes the bonus novella Crashing the Boards.  Jealous boyfriends and glitzy parties can be a recipe for disaster. When the gorgeous yet controlling Cooper interrupts a party Izzy was paid to crash and almost ruins her career as a professional party crasher, Izzy kicks him to the curb. She learned early in life not to count on anyone, and she will not relinquish her independence, not even to a sexy-as-sin pro athlete who can melt her heart with one wink. As the Sockeyes hockey team opens their inaugural season in Seattle, Cooper finds himself minus a girlfriend and plus a surly teenaged nephew. Cooper doesn’t want to be a surrogate dad, he doesn’t want to play in Seattle, and he doesn’t want to be alone. He misses Izzy, but seeing her with other men at parties turns him every shade of green. Regardless, he wants her back, and he’s willing to change, if only she’ll give him a second chance. Aware of her precarious finances, Cooper makes an offer she can’t r
  • Rebounding

    Jami Davenport

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Meet the newest expansion team--The Portland Icehawks. They're a group of guys with chips on their shoulders out to make their former teams regret letting them go. They won't stop until they win it all, but what they haven't counted on is love being part of that equation. As a thirty-five-year-old hockey player, I've learned a hard lesson in loyalty. I was supposed to be a lifer for the Chicago Tigers, but the team left me out in the cold, choosing to protect younger players in the expansion draft. The next thing I know, I'm in a strange city with a fledgling team, and my estranged wife has served me with divorce papers. Not the best way to start a new chapter in my career. As the team struggles to find its identity and win games, I struggle with my role as team captain, proving I'm not too old to play at a high level, and getting beyond my failed marriage. All this is complicated by an undeniable attraction to the owner's granddaughter. As the team racks u
  • Wild Boys After Dark: Logan

    Melissa Foster

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Wild Billionaires After Dark are a series of stand-alone romances that may also be enjoyed as part of the larger Love in Bloom series. Navy SEAL vet turned private investigator Logan Wild has a thirst for justice -- and one-time flings. But when he meets Stella "Stormy" Knight, he finds himself craving more from the mysterious beauty...   Everything's naughtier after dark... Stella “Stormy” Knight is an expert at hiding—her feelings, her past,  and  her identity. Sometimes all that hiding takes its toll, and she needs to come out from under that heavy suit of armor and cut loose—but it never takes her long to put it right back on and disappear without a trace. Private Investigator Logan Wild is relentless in his pursuit to discover the truth for his clients. He works hard, plays even harder, and always walks away unscathed and untethered. Until he meets mysterious and sexy-as-hell Stormy, who leaves him craving more than a one-night stand. Pa
  • Just One Night

    Carly Phillips

    Romantische fictie He’s a billionaire with everything he desires…except the woman he wants most. She’s his best friend, personal assistant, and off limits. Until one night and a positive pregnancy test changes everything. Jordan Greene, the housekeeper’s daughter, is the only woman who can handle billionaire Linc Kingston and his bossy ways. She’s also his lifelong best friend. No matter how hot the attraction between them simmers, there are lines she knows better than to cross. When Linc is gutted by lies and family secrets, Jordan’s comfort ends with a sensual night in bed and a surprise he never expected. Getting his personal assistant pregnant makes him too much like the father he despises, and his initial reaction may cost him everything he loves.
  • Billionaire Rock

    Lexy Timms, Sierra Rose & Ali Parker

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Billionaire Rock - Diamond in the Rough Anthology Part 1 3 Billionaire Stories By Bestselling authors Lexy Timms, Sierra Rose & Ali Parker It’s not always about the money… Bk 1 THE BOSS by Lexy Timms Jamie Connors has given up on men. Despite being smart, pretty, and just slightly overweight, she's a magnet for the kind of guys that don't stay around.   Her sister's wedding is at the foreground of the family's attention. Jamie would be find with it if her sister wasn't pressuring her to lose weight so she'll fit in the maid of honor dress, her mother would get off her case and her ex-boyfriend wasn't about to become her brother-in-law.   Determined to step out on her own, she accepts a PA position from billionaire Alex Reid. The job includes an apartment on his property and gets her out of living in her parent's basement.   Jamie has to balance her life and somehow figure out how to manage her billionaire boss, without falling in love with him.   Bk 2 - The
  • Sinful Intent

    Chelle Bliss

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie "PERFECT mix of suspense, steam, and love!" ~Harper Sloan, NYT bestselling author Morgan DeLuca has a thirst for excitement and a hunger for danger. When the former Navy SEAL takes a job at his cousin’s investigation firm, he gets more than he bargained for with his first client. The tough as nails businesswoman, Race True, has countless enemies and they’ll stop at nothing to ruin her life. But figuring out which one is after her won’t be easy and is more than she can handle on her own. She has no other option than to hire the toughest and most notorious private investigation firm in town. Race will test Morgan’s boundaries and pushes his buttons more than any mission has before. And as danger closes in, the line between business and pleasure blurs, putting more than just Race’s career in jeopardy. Read Sinful Intent and take a walk on the wild side in this steamy romantic suspense novel by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss. "SEXY and absolutely THRILLING!" ~The Book
  • All The Best Men

    Cassandra Dee

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie I went to a wedding and came out with not one hot guy, but three. They say weddings are the best place to meet someone. Yeah, right. In my putrid green bridesmaid dress, I just wanted to disappear. But I saw the best man looking at me. And then his friend looked too. And then  his  friend as well. Was I crazy? Was I going nuts? But it was true. Mason, Kane and Tyler were definitely interested, sending hot vibes my way. But it’s wrong. This is a wedding for crying out loud. I’m supposed to be the maid of honor with flowers in my hair, projecting innocence and purity. Because this is dirty and nasty, taboo as hell. But I want it. Bad. Hot and hungry. Bent over and screaming. And the three best men? Well they’re only too happy to do the honors … Hey Readers -- Have you ever been to a wedding you hated? Well, this wedding starts out that way and ends up on a completely over-the-top dirty note for our sassy heroine. Indulge your fantasies, and relax with an ice cold drink
  • Unmasked

    Melody Grace

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Millions of readers around the world have fallen in love with Melody Grace’s USA Today bestselling contemporary romances. Discover the passion and romance waiting for you in Beachwood Bay…  One night to forget the rules… Noelle Olsen is braced for another bad blind date — until a sexy stranger sweeps her off her feet and tempts her on a wild midnight tour of New York City. Ash Callahan doesn’t lose control. He’s built an empire on cool logic and sense — until a chance encounter with Noelle brings out the reckless streak he never knew he had. One night. Two unlikely hearts. No holding back. As the night unfolds, Ash and Noelle discover new passion and adventure, but can their moment of connection last until the morning light? Find out in the sexy, fun new novella from New York Times bestselling author, Melody Grace!  UNMASKED is part of the Beachwood Bay series, but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel. It is the prequel to UNFORGETTABLE. Author’s note:
  • Late Tackle

    Bree Kraemer

    Romantische fictie When Cooper Holland, soccer star extraordinaire, needs a date for his sister's wedding, he enlists the help of his teammates. Set ups aren't his style, but he's desperate. He's looking for a sweet, homey, girl next door type.  Only Mae Nelson is anything but the girl next door.  She's loud, talkative and asks so many questions that his head is ready to explode.  And not the good head. Mae had no idea who Cooper was when she agreed to go out with him.  He's brooding, quiet and scowls so much she thinks his face might be permanently stuck like that. He's not at all her type. Agreeing to move on, they go their separate ways. That is, until she runs into him at a coffee shop...three days in a row. Each time, she finds him more attractive, more engaging.  And now, she can't stop thinking about him. Wanting him. So they strike a deal. She'll go to the wedding with him and they'll pretend they're dating to make his sister happy. Because fake dating always works. Exce
  • Let Me Burn

    Carrie Elks

    Romantische fictie He's a broken firefighter. She's his sweet escape. Lucas Russell lives for his job. Forced to take extended leave following an accident, he returns to his small home town to stay at the beach cottage his grandparents left him. After a broken engagement, Ember isn't ready for love right now. But she didn't count on meeting a handsome firefighter with a dimpled smile. After Lucas saves her from one awkward situation too many, she finds him impossible to resist. What starts as a fling develops into something much deeper. Until the day Ember's ex-fiancé returns to town and threatens to destroy the connection that's building between them. One thing's for sure. Somebody is going to get burned.
  • Anton

    Zoey Parker

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie This is book 1 of the Esposito Family Mafia romance series! Books 2 and 3 are available everywhere now! I can’t stop myself from taking her – the one woman I was never meant to touch. My job – killing for the Esposito family – isn’t just a business; it’s my life. And to do it properly, I learned long ago to lock my feelings away. But Talia Esposito is doing something to me I was never prepared for. She’s making me lose control . The mob boss’s daughter has had everything she’s ever wanted. But I’m the man she NEEDS. She needs to be broken down and built back up again. And I’m chomping at the bit to do just that. But if touching the girl means breaking the laws I live by... And if getting her pregnant with my baby means setting our world on fire... Then damn it all. Let the laws break. Let the world burn. Nothing can stop me from making her MINE. *** ANTON is the sexy mafia book boyfriend you’ve been waiting for. And when you find out about his surprise baby rom
  • Family Business

    Megan Matthews

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Family bonds are at stake in the first Pelican Bay billionaire romance from USA TODAY Bestselling author Megan Matthews. We’ve all heard the story.  Rich jerk pays a hot chick to be his fake fiancé, and they fall madly in love. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen this time. When my cousin offered $2 million to a family friend, I thought he’d lost his mind. Then I met her. Mari Chambers hasn’t been in America for two years, but now she’s here and alone. Her Guatemala humanitarian project needs more funding, and my cousin’s offer is the payday she can’t refuse no matter his conditions. She’ll put up with anything to get her money, but I can’t sit back and watch her crumble. I also won’t let her fall in love with anyone besides me. Mari’s about to find out there’s more than one billionaire in this town. I’m not as flashy as my cousin, but I’ll flicker all the lights to get her attention. What will my cousin do when I steal his fake fiancé? Love a twist on
  • Forever in Fire

    Kate Meader

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Catch up with the Dempseys this holiday season. Who's getting married? Will we hear the patter of tiny feet? Are the sexytimes still awesome? This check-in focuses on everyone's favorite  Hot in Chicago  couple, Eli and Alexandra, but you can bet Gage steals the show! Forever in Fire contains spoilers for the entire  Hot in Chicago  series, so it’s best enjoyed after you’ve read the rest of those books and preferably, with a glass of wine! This title was previously published as A Hot in Chicago Christmas Short Story.
  • Saving Her

    Katy Kaylee

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie She’s the miracle I didn’t know I needed. God sent her to save my failing ranch, But there’s more to her than what meets the eye. Her mesmerizing curves, her timeless beauty… I get it, I’m not supposed to be falling for her. But when I see her tending to the horses on my ranch, Listening to my employees with compassion, Solving everyone’s problems… I realize I need her to solve my biggest problem – her! God…I love the woman… But she’s got secrets of her own. Secrets that involve a stalker… Or is it her crazy ex? I can see it in her eyes – the hurt, the fear, the vulnerability. And I’m going to protect her, save her, claim her – Her and the baby growing inside her! This is the first book in the Saving Her Series by Katy Kaylee.
  • One Night with a Billionaire

    Lane Hart

    Romantische fictie Billionaire Harrison Avery always gets what he wants, and as soon as he sees Siena Butler, he's desperate to have her. Too bad Siena has sworn off all men, especially gorgeous arrogant ones. She wouldn't date the sexy rich boy for even a million dollars, which is exactly what he offers her. Harrison never meant to offend the beautiful beach shop cashier when he gave her a million-dollar check. He was just trying to get her attention. How could he have known that Siena was fed up with men and would use the check to try and ruin him? When Harrison buys up the beach shop where Siena works as payback, her opinion of him isn't improved. But the more time she spends with her new boss the harder it is to keep hating him. Siena soon realizes that she can only resist the billionaire's charm for so long. What harm could there be to let herself indulge in just one steamy night with the playboy?
  • Il Boss

    Shanna Bell

    Romantische fictie Giovanni Detta: un arrogante magnate del settore immobiliare che pensa di possedermi perché mi ha scelta. Io non credo proprio. Gio. Vendicherò la morte dei miei genitori. Farò soffrire i responsabili. Tutto ciò di cui ho bisogno è lei; la chiave per mettere in atto il mio piano. Jazzy. Mi lascerò tutto alle spalle e ricomincerò da capo. Non abbasserò la testa di fronte a nessuno. L'ultima cosa di cui ho bisogno è lui; l'unico ostacolo alla mia libertà. Che il gioco abbia inizio...
  • Arranging My Bride

    Alexa Riley

    Romantische fictie Amelia's family is traditional, and they've set up a royally approved arranged marriage. When she finds out the person they chose for her is not only her long time crush, but the notorious club owner Prince Felipe, she's dreading her walk down the aisle. Felipe has waited his whole life to marry Amelia. No matter what the tabloids say, he's stayed faithful to her. He can't wait a moment longer to make her his bride, so he decides to get an early taste of what's to come. Warning: Can the stranger that goes down on his knees in the dark be the same one that's going to put a ring on it? You betcha!
  • This Billionaire's Single Mom

    Rachel Foster

    Romantische fictie Phillip is a successful business owner running a huge hotel enterprise. When a hurricane forces him to leave his home, he takes shelter in one of his hotels until his house can be fixed. Fresh out of a nasty divorce, losing his home feels like the cherry on top of his disgusting cake. Until he meets Bree. You think he'd know the employees at his hotels, but he has never taken the time to. She's a single mom working to support her and her son Paxton. The hotel gig barely pays the bills after she has to pay for daycare, but she will do whatever it takes to make it. Now she's falling for a mega billionaire who has a completely different life than her. Will she be able to convince him there should be changes around the hotel or will she send him packing? 
  • Cupid for Hire

    Lila Monroe

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Cupid meets her match in this sizzling new romantic comedy, perfect for fans of Christina Lauren, Sophie Kinsella, and Jasmine Guillory!  She can make anyone fall in love…  Poppy Hathaway is a professional Cupid. Need a love note, raunchy sext, or apology letter so epic that your other half will forget you hesitated a second too long when you asked, ‘Is my cousin hot’? She’s got you covered. But when her most frequent bachelor client, the annoyingly charming (or is that charmingly annoying?) Dylan Griffin comes to her with a big new job, Poppy discovers that three little words can add up to one big complication…  He’s got his eyes on the (wrong) prize…  Dylan doesn’t want help seducing another swimsuit model (for once in his life). He wants Poppy’s help winning his high-school crush - and he’s prepared to make it worth her while. Throw in a summer Catskills trip that’s equal parts ‘Dirty Dancing’ and dirty-talking, and this Cupid is soon o
  • Winning Her: A Billionaire Second Chance Romance

    Summer Cooper

    Romantische fictie Enjoy this alpha male billionaire boss romance by USA Today Bestselling steamy contemporary romance author Summer Cooper! Trent Thompson never forgave his dad for remarrying. When his ailing father begged him to manage their billion-dollar hotel chain, he reluctantly agreed. Returning to the Thompson mansion – once a place of heartache – was the last thing he wanted. The only solace he ever found in that place was the presence of Jessi, the servant's daughter, who brought light into his darkness. His plan was to handle business matters swiftly and depart as soon as possible. Yet, the moment he lays eyes on Jessi again, now a talented chef working at the hotel he manages, his world is thrown into disarray. For years, Trent has suppressed all his emotions – to avoid all kinds of heartache. Will he be able to love anyone at all? Or will it lead to nothing but disaster? Read the whole series now (can be read in any order!): 1. Winning Her 2. Claiming Her 3. Protecting Her Other book
  • Zinderende-liefde

    Helen Conrad

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Bad boy Kane is na vele omzwervingen weer thuis op Big Island, Hawaii. Al sinds de middelbare school koestert hij warme gevoelens voor Annie Ventura, maar toen was hij een buitenstaander en zij het populaire meisje. En hij is vastbesloten haar nu met de echte Kane kennis te laten maken. Maar zal hij erin slagen om haar door zijn ruwe bolster heen te laten kijken en Annie te laten zien wat er in zijn hart leeft..?
  • An Unexpected Home

    Bree Kraemer

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Welcome to Cedarville! A small town where you'll fall in love when you least expect it. After a traumatic few years, Leah picks up and moves to the small lake town of Cedarville, Ohio. Ready to finally find herself – possibly for the first time – she joins her friends and together they open a new business in town. She never expected to love Cedarville so much nor did she expect her heart to fall for the HOT AS SIN police chief, Brandon. But when someone from her past starts causing problems for her in her new home, she has no choice but to put her trust, and her heart, in Brandon's hands to keep her and her friends safe.
  • Verliefd!

    Rose Winter

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Als Kiara Steinenberg na vele jaren zwijmelen eindelijk een date heeft met de knapste jongen van de klas kan ze haar geluk niet op. Billy Wolverton neemt haar mee uit en is van plan haar een leuke tijd te bezorgen. Kiara en Billy verschillen nogal van mening over de definitie van ‘een leuke tijd’. Bijna gebeurt er iets wat Kiara voor het leven zou kunnen tekenen. Gelukkig is daar Sebastian, de beste vriend van haar broer, die haar redt. Stiekem voelt Kiara zich al lange tijd tot hem aangetrokken. Maar Sebastian heeft haar nooit het idee gegeven haar als méér dan het zusje van zijn beste vriend te beschouwen. Waarom is hij dan vastbesloten haar een perfecte avond te bezorgen?
  • Good Guy

    Kate Meader

    Romantische fictie He's a Special Forces veteran making his pro hockey debut. She's a dogged sports reporter determined to get a scoop. She's also his best friend's widow . . . Fans can’t get enough of Levi Hunt, the military veteran who put his NHL career on hold to serve his country and fight the bad guys. So when his new Chicago Rebels bosses tell him to cooperate with the press on a profile, he’s ready to do his duty. Until he finds out who he has to work with: flame-haired, freckle-splashed, impossibly perky Jordan Cooke. The woman he should  not  have kissed the night she buried her husband, Levi’s best friend in the service. Hockey-stick-up-his-butt-serious Levi Hunt might despise Jordan for reasons she can’t fathom—okay, it’s to do with kissing—but her future in the cutthroat world of sports reporting hangs on delivering the goods on the league’s hottest, grumpiest rookie. So what if he’s not interested in having his life plated up for public consumption. Too bad. Jor
  • Dark Desire: A Billionaire Dark Contemporary Romance

    Summer Cooper

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie Enjoy this sexy contemporary series starter by USA Today Bestselling steamy billionaire romance author Summer Cooper! Forgotten on her birthday.  Emily decided that she would ignore her family as punishment. This year, she vowed to find love and went looking in the most unconventional of places. A place that none of her family would approve of. An exclusive club where her friend, a pole dancing superstar, got her a free pass. When she meets a mysterious stranger there, he brings up emotions that she's never felt before.  Soon, the tall, dark, and dangerous billionaire wants more from her, and makes her a proposal that could fulfill all her deepest desires. But wealthy heiresses, good girls like Emily, simply don't get into contracts like this. But if she rejects it, she'll lose him, and the most interesting and exciting experience she's had in her entire life. Indulge in a Sizzling Tale of Dark Desires & Hidden Secrets! Discover the Allure of a Mysterious Billionaire as
  • Feisty

    Julia Kent

    Hedendaagse romantische fictie I’m not too proud to admit that finding Mr. Right involves swiping right. Right? Welcome to dating in avocado toastland. Here I am, on my first blind date, ever, courtesy of a smartphone app and my two annoying best friends. So what is Chris “Fletch” Fletcher doing, walking across the room, looking at his phone like he’s pattern matching a picture to find a real person he’s never met before? Oh. Oh, no . The guy I drop-kicked in seventh grade cannot be my blind date. The guy who earned me this infernal nickname. That’s right. Feisty. It was bad enough that last month all my old kickboxing training came in handy when a disgruntled noncustodial dad invaded my preschool class and tried to take one of my kids without permission. That ended with news coverage of the closed-circuit video that parents saw in real time as I beat him up and pinned his neck to the ground while waiting for police to respond.  We won’t mention the part where I thrust my arm into the air in a po