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  • Take Control of Notes

    Josh Centers

    Besturingssystemen Unlock the potential of Apple’s Notes app! Version 1.7, updated December 13, 2023 This book tells you everything you need to know about Apple's Notes app for iOS, macOS, and the web, from basic features like formatting to advanced features like scanning documents, password protecting notes, making sketches, and managing attachments. Apple’s Notes has come a long way since it was first introduced with the iPhone as a simple note-taking app, but many users are still unaware of its expanded capabilities. Now available on Macs, on iOS/iPadOS devices, and on the web at, Notes has become a surprisingly powerful tool for writing, sketching, organizing, and sharing information of all kinds. In Take Control of Notes , Josh Centers provides a quick but thorough guide to this deceptively simple app, showing you how to master its many tools—and avoid or work around its limitations. Among many other things, you'll learn how to: • Choose where to store notes (iCloud, IMAP, or a d
  • Dit wil je écht niet weten

    Huib Modderkolk

    Computers ‘De parallelle wereld die Modderkolk beschrijft zou recht uit een Bond-film kunnen komen; het wordt alleen tijd te beseffen dat dit allang geen fictie meer is.’ – Roxane van Iperen ‘Fantastisch boek. Huib behoort tot de allerbesten.’ – Tim Hofman 'Ik wil dit eigenlijk niet weten,' krijgt onderzoeksjournalist Huib Modderkolk regelmatig te horen wanneer hij vertelt over de gevaren van moderne technologie. Diezelfde houding treft hij bij bedrijven en de overheid. Als hij zelf doelwit wordt van een inlichtingenoperatie, ondervindt Modderkolk de gevolgen van die naïeve opstelling. Zijn daaropvolgende onderzoek brengt hem bij mensen die, soms met gevaar voor eigen leven, stap voor stap laten zien dat internet een magnifiek wapen is. Van Den Haag tot Sint Petersburg en van Eindhoven tot Teheran stuit hij op angstaanjagende verhalen die normaal verborgen blijven. Zo ontdekt hij waar onze meest intieme data belanden, waarom Nederland een risicovol detectiesysteem verspreidde en ho
  • Take Control of iCloud, Ninth Edition

    Joe Kissell

    Computers Understand iCloud’s capabilities and limitations, and put its key features to good use! Version 9.1, updated January 16, 2024 Apple’s iCloud service is highly useful, but it can also create headaches for the average user. In this book, Joe Kissell explains how to avoid frustrations and make iCloud work for you across all your devices. iCloud is a simple idea in theory—access to all your data on all your devices, via the cloud—that can become complicated when put into practice. Instead of wasting time fiddling with iCloud, when there are many other more important things to be done with the information it contains, learn how to minimize frustrations with Take Control of iCloud, Ninth Edition ! Whether you want a quick tip or a deep dive into the inner workings of iCloud, you’ll find what you need in this best-selling book by Apple expert Joe Kissell. Start by learning what iCloud can do, how it differs from other cloud services, and how best to set it up on Macs, iOS and iPadO
  • Reinforcement Learning, second edition

    Richard S. Sutton & Andrew G. Barto

    Computers en internet The significantly expanded and updated new edition of a widely used text on reinforcement learning, one of the most active research areas in artificial intelligence. Reinforcement learning, one of the most active research areas in artificial intelligence, is a computational approach to learning whereby an agent tries to maximize the total amount of reward it receives while interacting with a complex, uncertain environment. In Reinforcement Learning , Richard Sutton and Andrew Barto provide a clear and simple account of the field's key ideas and algorithms. This second edition has been significantly expanded and updated, presenting new topics and updating coverage of other topics. Like the first edition, this second edition focuses on core online learning algorithms, with the more mathematical material set off in shaded boxes. Part I covers as much of reinforcement learning as possible without going beyond the tabular case for which exact solutions can be found. Many algorithms present
  • CloudKit with SwiftUI

    J.D. Gauchat

    Programmeren Quick Guides for Masterminds are excerpts from our best-selling books SwiftUI for Masterminds, UIKit for Masterminds, and HTML5 for Masterminds, providing a cost-effective alternative to getting the information you need. Description With this guide, you will learn how to share data between devices using CloudKit databases and the SwiftUI framework. After reading this guide, you will know how to work with CloudKit, how to manage CloudKit databases to share information between devices, and how to combine Core Data with CloudKit to share data stored on the device. Swift 5.7 | iOS 16 | Xcode 14 Table of Contents ICLOUD Data in the Cloud Enabling iCloud Testing Devices CLOUDKIT Enabling CloudKit Implementing CloudKit Custom Implementation Records Zones Query Asynchronous Operations Batch Operations References CloudKit Dashboard Custom CloudKit Application Assets Subscriptions Errors Deploy to Production This guide assumes that you have a basic knowledge of app development, Xcode, and the S
  • The Art of Deception

    Kevin D. Mitnick, William L. Simon & Steve Wozniak

    Computers The world's most infamous hacker offers an insider's view of the low-tech threats to high-tech security Kevin Mitnick's exploits as a cyber-desperado and fugitive form one of the most exhaustive FBI manhunts in history and have spawned dozens of articles, books, films, and documentaries. Since his release from federal prison, in 1998, Mitnick has turned his life around and established himself as one of the most sought-after computer security experts worldwide. Now, in The Art of Deception, the world's most notorious hacker gives new meaning to the old adage, "It takes a thief to catch a thief." Focusing on the human factors involved with information security, Mitnick explains why all the firewalls and encryption protocols in the world will never be enough to stop a savvy grifter intent on rifling a corporate database or an irate employee determined to crash a system. With the help of many fascinating true stories of successful attacks on business and government, he illustrates just ho
  • Engineers' Survival Guide

    Merih Taze

    Programmeren - Authored by Merih Taze , Senior Software Engineering Lead at Facebook (Previously Microsoft and Snapchat) Paperback version is available on Amazon There are a lot of amazing technical books out there. But what about your life as an engineer ? How you interact with others ? How happy are you with your career ? * Are you tired of the need to put on a fake confidence show ? * Are you having a hard time convincing others ? * Are you interested in getting promoted ? * Are you overworked and can't find a way to get the help you need? * Are you scared of the feedback from your peers? * Do you find yourself in conflicts with no solution in sight? * Want to learn the secrets of having your manager work for you? * Interested in building a career you'll be proud to talk about? If you've been feeling alone in your journey and keep wishing you had a friend or a mentor you could get some advice about non-technical aspects, look no further! Inside, you will find the summary of advice, tactics, and
  • A Seniors Guide to iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 pro : An Easy to Understand Guide to the 2023 iPhone with iOS 17

    Scott La Counte

    Computers Embracing new technology can seem daunting, especially with devices as advanced as the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. This guide is crafted especially for seniors, simplifying the ins and outs of Apple's latest innovations while ensuring an enjoyable learning experience. Inside this guide, seniors will explore: Simplified Design Overview: A straightforward look at the modern redesign with flat edges and a less prominent notch, ensuring easy comprehension.Camera System Made EasyCinematic Mode, Simplified: A step-by-step guide to capturing videos of cherished moments.User-Friendly Tips: Practical advice and recommendations crafted for senior users to make the most of their device.Using Face IDUsing Dynamic IslandHow to use Picture-in-Picture for movies and TV showsHow to add widgets to your Home screenOrganizing apps with the App LibraryBuying, removing, rearranging, updating appsUnsending and editing text messagesUsing SiriUsing pre-installed apps like Notes, Calendar, Reminders, and mor
  • Logic Programming

    Fouad Sabry

    Computers en internet What Is Logic Programming A paradigm for computer programming known as logic programming is one that relies heavily on formal logic. Any program that is developed in a logic programming language is merely a collection of statements that are formatted in a logical manner and represent facts and rules regarding a particular issue domain. The answer set programming (ASP) and the Datalog programming languages belong to the major families of logic programming languages. Clauses are the fundamental unit of expression for writing rules in each of these languages: H :- B1, …, Bn. How You Will Benefit (I) Insights, and validations about the following topics: Chapter 1: Logic programming Chapter 2: Prolog Chapter 3: Declarative programming Chapter 4: Horn clause Chapter 5: Datalog Chapter 6: Definite clause grammar Chapter 7: Constraint logic programming Chapter 8: SLD resolution Chapter 9: Abductive logic programming Chapter 10: Syntax and semantics of logic programming (II) Answering t
  • Programmeren met Python voor Dummies

    John Paul Mueller

    Programmeren Python is een van de populairste programmeertalen ter wereld. En dat is niet zo gek: Python biedt betrouwbare code en een bondige syntaxis waarmee je apps kunt maken met minder regels code dan met andere programmeertalen. Bovendien wordt Python voor allerlei onderwerpen gebruikt door mensen zonder programmeerervaring. Met Programmeren met Python voor Dummies leer je in heldere stap-voor-stapinstructies de syntaxis van Python kennen en ontdek je de logica achter het programmeren. Met dit boek heeft Python geen geheimen meer voor jou! John Paul Mueller is auteur en redacteur. Hij heeft zo'n honderd boeken en meer dan 300 artikelen geproduceerd, onder meer voor verschillende magazines.
  • WordPress voor Dummies

    Lisa Sabin-Wilson

    Internet Deze volledig bijgewerkte nieuwe editie van 'WordPress voor Dummies' behandelt alle belangrijke aspecten van WordPress die je moet kennen als je de software gaat gebruiken voor je eigen website. Je leest over het beheren en onderhouden van je WordPress-website met plug-ins en thema's en over de manier waarop je inhoud beheert met het handige Dashboard van WordPress. Als je van plan bent je te verdiepen in de mogelijkheden die WordPress voor blogs en websites biedt, heb je precies het goede boek in handen! Lisa Sabin-Wilson is eigenaar van een bedrijf dat is gespecialiseerd in bloggen en WordPress en spreekt op congressen over dit onderwerp.
  • Architecture Modernization

    Nick Tune & Jean-Georges Perrin

    Software Proven techniques and principles for modernizing legacy systems into new architectures that deliver serious competitive advantage. For a business to thrive, it needs a modern software architecture that is aligned with its corporate architecture. This book presents concrete practices that sync software, product, strategy, team dynamics, and work practices. You’ll evolve your technical and social architecture together, reducing needless dependencies and achieving faster flow of innovation across your organization. In Architecture Modernization: Socio-technical alignment of software, strategy, and structure you’ll learn how to: • Identify strategic ambitions and challenges using listening and mapping tours • Visualize your business landscape and crucial capabilities with Wardley Mapping • Create a product taxonomy as a framework for your architecture • Run big picture EventStorming workshops to map business domains • Apply Team Topologies patterns to identify and refine val
  • iCloud for Beginners

    Imagine Publishing

    Internet Teaching you everything you need to know about iCloud, Apple's revolutionary back-up and sync service, iCloud for Beginners guides you through every essential element. From how to set-up your free iCloud account to sharing your information across your Apple devices, these easy-to-follow guides and step-by-step tutorials will show you exactly how to get the most out of your iPad, iPhone and Mac. Designed by experts as an accessible, friendly guide to world-beating software and devices, the For Beginners series will help give you the confidence to learn everything you need to know. Clear, easy-to-understand and comprehensive, For Beginners’ first class tutorials, features and reviews are created with you in mind, ready to give you the tools you need to get the most out of your new passion.
  • 100 Things Every Mac User Should Know

    Macworld Editors

    Computers We all like to think we're pretty savvy when it comes to using our Macs, and in the case of the typical Macworld reader, that's usually true. But there's a funny thing we've noticed when we talk even to veteran Mac users: There's almost always some essential stuff—basic things that would make their Mac use easier or more efficient—that they've either forgotten or never learned.  So we got some Macworld editors and contributors together and asked: What are the things that every Mac user should know how to do? Not the really basic stuff—Command-C, Command-V, and so on—but the skills and knowledge that mark you as Mac-literate. After much pondering and discussion, we came up with a list of 100 items that fit the bill. Those skills run the gamut from startup to shutdown: they include smart ways to manage files and accounts, search, and customize your Mac.  We'll bet that you already know many of them. But we'll also bet that you don't know them all. And if you can really
  • Gij zult bloggen

    Ernst-Jan Pfauth

    Internet Bloggen kost tijd, moeite en ontzettend veel doorzettingsvermogen. Maar het is het waard: met een blog kun je een breed publiek vinden en nieuwe kansen voor jezelf creëren. Gij zult bloggen is een bliksemstart voor iedereen die zich tot het blogevangelie bekeert, en staat boordevol tips voor een succesvolle blog. Ernst-Jan Pfauth bespreekt op heldere en aanstekelijke wijze alles wat je als blogger moet weten: het idee achter je blog, het bepalen van een onderwerp, de praktische uitvoering en de promotie van je blog. De lezer van Gij zult bloggen zal meteen de daad bij het woord voegen. Ernst-Jan Pfauth (1986) is verslaafd aan bloggen. Als hij in 2006 - vier dagen na de start van zijn blog - een ruzie vastlegt tussen Jan Peter Balkenende en Paul Witteman, wordt zijn blog in één klap landelijk nieuws. Hij reist voor technologieblog The Next Web de hele wereld over, zet een succesvolle nieuwsblog op voor, wordt in 2010 chef internet van NRC Media en publiceert een boek over b
  • MacFundamentalist

    Jack Nouws

    Computers Precies honderd keer schreef Jack Nouws een column in het blad MacFan. Over Apple en de Mac. Elke twee maanden een nieuw, scherp verhaal. In honderd columns tijd veranderde evenwel veel. Apple transformeerde van een niche-speler op de computermarkt tot het grootste bedrijf ter wereld. De wereld ging van offline naar online. Van floppies via cd’tjes en usb-sticks naar Dropbox. Steve Jobs kwam, Steve Jobs verdween, Steve Jobs kwam terug, Steve Jobs overleed. Van een tijd waarin e-mail iets nieuws was naar een tijd waarin alles via Facebook en Twitter loopt. Ooit was een groot plaatje downloaden al een klus, nu komt video in HD-kwaliteit streamend je huis binnen. Alles is veranderd. Honderd columns van Jack Nouws vormen een mooi tijdsbeeld van de afgelopen 17 jaar, zeker voor de toegewijde Apple- en Mac-fanaat. Een tijdsbeeld waar Jack vaak scherp en kritisch naar kijkt. Met afstand van de waan van de dag. Een boek voor mensen die graag fan zijn – op het fundamentalistische af, welli
  • The Handy Tips Guide to the iPad

    Andrew Andronicou

    Computers The Handy Tips Guide ™ to the iPad is quite simply one of the most comprehensive illustrated tips book available anywhere for the iPad. This brand new edition has been fully revised, expanded and updated and covers iOS 8 in depth. Jump in, discover its secrets now. The Handy Tips Guide ™ is the book equivalent of an expert friend. It gives you a helpful hand the minute you ask for it. A truly exceptional guide, each chapter is filled with gold nuggets of tips, succinct and to the point. Presented in a logical order that allows you to jump to any page you want, precisely when you need it, giving you answers, fast. There are an indulgent amount of high definition screenshots that complement the clear and concise writing to help you better understand.  A wonderful feature of The Handy Tips Guide™ is that you can pinch-apart the images so they expand for a more detailed view, and pinch-together or press the X to return to normal book view.  The team behind The Handy Tips G
  • GarageBand for iPad: The complete video guide for beginners

    Future Publishing

    Digitale media GarageBand for iPad is a fully interactive guide to Apple's amazing GarageBand app that helps everyone get to grips with its powerful music-creation tools. Using clear step-by-step video walkthroughs for each major part of GarageBand, you'll soon be able to record and edit a song like a pro! GarageBand is an incredible app for beginners and musicians alike, but it can be hard to know where to start with it. This easy guide takes you through using the virtual instruments, recording your song, plugging in and using real instruments, editing and tweaking your song, and sharing it with the world. There's a video for every step, so you'll be able to see exactly how to use the app to its full potential. With these friendly videos and interactive images from the experts behind MacFormat and Tap! magazines, you'll be writing and recording songs in no time!
  • File Based Audio

    Hans Beekhuyzen

    Digitale media The guide on audio reproduction based on the use of computer storage. What systems are available? Do you use an audio brand player or a dedicated PC. And how to connect the d/a-converter, via TCA or USB? Do you need to be a computer wiz? How do you set up a home network. What's the influence of cables and why? How to go about metadata? File Based Audio gives answers to all these questions and more. And if your question is not answered, ask the author on a special Facebook page.
  • Markdown

    David Sparks & Eddie Smith

    Computers en internet Markdown started as a clever way to write for the web but has become so much more. This book demystifies Markdown, making it easy for anybody to learn. This book includes 130 pages, 27 screencasts with over one and half hours of video, and an additional hour of audio interviews. You can go from no knowledge to Markdown pro. It will change the way you write forever. Chapters include: Chapter 1 - Why Markdown Learn why Markdown is such a big deal and why you need to learn it. Chapter 2 - Markdown Basics This is a complete guide to Markdown syntax with cheat sheets and video screencasts for every major component. Chapters 3-6 - Markdown on the Mac, PC, iOS, and the web Get a hands on guide to some of the best apps for writing Markdown on every platform with written guides, automation tools, screenshots, and extensive video tutorials. Chapter 7 - Advanced Markdown Markdown has grown and there are several advanced techniques for getting even more out of Markdown including a guide and video
  • 60 Mac Tips, Volume 1

    David Sparks & Brett Terpstra

    Besturingssystemen 60 Mac Tips is a carefully built list of tips and tricks to make you more efficient on your Mac . With 53 screencasts and over 1.5 hours of embedded video, the book explains why each trick is special and most include a screencast showing you how to perform it on your very own Mac. Carefully paced, this book takes intermediate and beginner Mac users and turns them into Mac power users. Chapters Include: 1. OS X Tips Master Mission Control, demystify proxy icons, replace your icons, build your own automator scripts, and more. 2. Mail Tips Learn tips that will change how you use Apple Mail. 3. Spotlight Tips That little magnifying glass in the upper-right corner of your Mac can do a lot more than you think. 4. Keyboard Shortcuts Learn little known keyboard shortcuts and create your own so you can fly on your Mac.  5. Terminal Tips Does the Terminal seem like some dark and ominous corner of your Mac that mere mortals should avoid? Not anymore. Learn how to tweak your Mac with termina
  • Ik weet je wachtwoord

    Daniël Verlaan

    Internet Je koopt iets op Marktplaats en even later wordt je bankrekening geplunderd; je slimme thermostaat is gegijzeld en zolang je niet betaalt blijft het 37 graden in je huis; je gloednieuwe beveiligingscamera zegt opeens 'suck my dick' tegen je. Het internet is een wereld vol mogelijkheden - ook voor criminelen. Het zijn griezelige, maar ook verbluffende verhalen. Met gevaren waar je je tegen kunt beschermen. Hoe? Daar weet techjournalist Daniël Verlaan alles van. Hij ging undercover in schimmige netwerken, sprak met de puber die de Nederlandse banken platlegde en zocht uit hoe een kleine arthousebioscoop op grote schaal onze computers gijzelde. Ik weet je wachtwoord wil je niet paranoïde maken, wel minder naïef. Lees de verhalen van Daniël Verlaan en wees voorbereid. Daniël Verlaan (1989) is een van de belangrijkste techjournalisten van het moment. Hij werkt voor RTL Nieuws. Vorig jaar ontving hij de Loep, de prijs voor de beste onderzoeksjournalistiek, en de Tegel, de belangrijkste
  • Programmeren met Swift 3.0

    Roelf Sluman

    Programmeren Programmeren met Swift, het eerste deel uit de serie iOS Apps bouwen met Swift, bevat alles wat je moet weten om zelf iOS-apps te kunnen maken. Ook als je nog nooit eerder hebt geprogrammeerd, kun je met dit boek uit de voeten. Sterker nog: als je dit boek hebt doorgewerkt, kun je je eigen apps bouwen. Geen apps met alleen maar een button en een label, maar interactieve apps met meer dan één scherm, tabellen, picker views enzovoort. Deze uitgave is volledig bijgewerkt voor Swift 3 en Xcode 8.
  • Email

    David Sparks

    Computers This book tackles your over-stuffed inbox. The Email Field Guide covers both why email has become such a problem for everyone and how to manage it more effectively. The book was built entirely in iBooks Author and features a gorgeous craftsman-inspired design. There are 36 screencasts, 8 audio interviews, over 46,000 words, and other rich-media assets to help you become the boss of your email. The material is accessible to beginners and power users alike with a thoughtful, fun, and systematic approach to managing your email. Chapters include: 1. The Email Problem What is it about email and why does it make us crazy? This problem of overwhelming mail isn't new. It has existed a long time but the digital age makes it worse, exponentially. 2. Tactical Email This chapter explains some of the best practices for managing email from any platform. Topics include inbox management, email bankruptcy, best practices for processing your inbox including a detailed workflow, email notifications, rep
  • Diving In - iOS App Development for Non-Programmers

    Kevin J McNeish

    Programmeren Winner of the Publishing Innovation Award! "Dedicated to Steve Jobs, this self published book highlights much of what Jobs himself strove for - clear, crisp design, intuitive interface and user experience coupled with high quality, clear content." - Digital Book World "Most of the books I scanned, even the "Dummies" series, assumed a basic knowledge of computer programming even for iOS beginners. What I like about Kevin's writing is that he doesn't make any assumptions - he just takes you there - step by step." - Lorraine Akemann - Moms With Apps "Great for developers too! With this book, I finally understand the relationship between Xcode, Swift, Cocoa Framework, and the related Mac tips. If I don't get a concept, the video at the end of each chapter brings it all together. - Dan Neuman This first book in the series from Kevin McNeish, winner of the Publishing Innovation award, award-winning App Developer, highly acclaimed iOS trainer and conference speaker , is specifically designed
  • 70 iOS 7 and Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets

    Saied G

    Besturingssystemen " iOS 7 is completely redesigned with an entirely new user interface and over 200 new features, so it's like getting a brand new device."  We went through all of the 200 features and picked the best ones to show you. We also included legacy tricks as well.  Almost every single tip has a video a accompany it so you can see it in action. Be the first to know all the cool things you can do in iOS 7! Check us out at for more books and apps.
  • Webdesign Rules!

    Ruben Bos

    Internet De toenemende vraag naar websites en bijbehorende spraakverwarring waren in 2008 aanleiding om Webdesign Rules! te schrijven.  Een boek voor communicatiebureaus, marketingafdelingen en zelfs voor iedereen die voor zijn gevoel alleen maar met de ontwikkeling van een website is opgezadeld.
  • Presentations

    David Sparks

    Computers Most presentations are terrible. That, however, does not need to be the case for your presentations. Author David Sparks, a trial attorney and seasoned technology speaker, explains how to create your own exceptional presentation. This Presentations Field Guide explains how to plan a presentation that will connect with your audience, the technical wizardry to create a stunning presentation, and walks you through presentation day to make sure it goes off without a hitch. The book was built entirely in iBooks Author. There are 44 screencasts, embedded Keynote files, audio interviews, and other rich media assets to help you make your next presentation riveting. The material is accessible to beginners and power users alike with a thoughtful, fun, and systematic approach to planning, creating, and delivering a stellar presentation. Chapters include: 1. The Trouble with Presentations Presentation technology should make life easier. So why does everyone groan and mumble "Death by PowerPoint"
  • Hello iPhoto for iPad & iPhone

    Saied G

    Digitale media Introducing Hello iPhoto for iPad & iPhone - "the manual," reinvented with iBooks. Hello iPhoto interactively guides you through all the features of iPhoto. With over 200 screenshots, you're going to get an in-depth look at iPhoto and so many cool and hidden features. Hello iPhoto for iPad & iPhone features "Tap to Learn." Just tap what you're intrigued by and Hello iPhoto will teach it to you. While you're in a lesson, you'll notice magnifying bubbles in many screenshots so you'll never have to guess where the button or feature is that you're reading about. You'll learn about iTunes to sync your photos. You'll also learn about iPhoto for the Mac. This includes importing and organizing photos, and using Faces (face recognition) to organize your family and friends automatically. This is the beginning of our Hello series. Say tuned. Please feel free to follow us at and
  • OS X 10.9 Mavericks: The Ars Technica Review

    John Siracusa

    Besturingssystemen Ars Technica provides an in-depth look at OS X 10.9 Mavericks. John Siracusa has been reviewing OS X for Ars Technica since 1999.  The tenth major release receives his usual, thorough treatment.  Learn what’s new in Mavericks: the features, the applications, and the technologies and philosophies that underpin them, all within the historical context of the Mac platform, with a special eye towards the ongoing influence of iOS.
  • OS X 10.10 Yosemite: The Ars Technica Review

    John Siracusa

    Besturingssystemen Yosemite is a milestone in the development of OS X, a product that John Siracusa has been reviewing for Ars Technica since 1999.  Learn what’s new in Yosemite: iOS integration, Extensions, application changes, iCloud Drive, and, of course, the bold new look.  This is not a how-to guide; it’s a review of the operating system that explores the technologies and philosophies behind the features, all within the historical context of the Mac platform.
  • The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

    Professor Shoshana Zuboff

    Computers THE TOP 10 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK OF THE YEAR ONE OF BARACK OBAMA'S TOP BOOKS OF THE YEAR Shortlisted for The Orwell Prize 2020 Shortlisted for the FT Business Book of the Year Award 2019 'Easily the most important book to be published this century. I find it hard to take any young activist seriously who hasn't at least familarised themselves with Zuboff's central ideas.' - Zadie Smith, The Guardian The challenges to humanity posed by the digital future, the first detailed examination of the unprecedented form of power called "surveillance capitalism," and the quest by powerful corporations to predict and control us. The heady optimism of the Internet's early days is gone. Technologies that were meant to liberate us have deepened inequality and stoked divisions. Tech companies gather our information online and sell it to the highest bidder, whether government or retailer. Profits now depend not only on predicting our behaviour but modifying it too. How w
  • Superintelligence

    Nick Bostrom

    Computers en internet This seminal book injects the topic of superintelligence into the academic and popular mainstream. What happens when machines surpass humans in general intelligence? Will artificial agents save or destroy us? In a tour de force of analytic thinking, Bostrom lays a foundation for understanding the future of humanity and intelligent life.
  • CSS Transforms: An Interactive Guide

    Vicki Murley

    Internet If you're a web developer looking to create content that goes beyond typical gridded layouts, then this is the book for you.  Strong knowledge of CSS transforms is essential for creating interesting layouts and rich animations in web content for ebooks, native apps, and of course websites. This book takes you through each piece of the technology, with interactive examples along the way that illustrate key concepts, illuminate details, and solidify understanding. Whether you're a beginner who is looking to enhance a single web page or an experienced programmer who has gotten an unexpected result when dabbling with CSS transforms, you'll learn something new from this book.  "CSS Transforms: An Interactive Guide" also touches on the history of this technology, browser support, and web standards in general. After reading this book, you'll have a complete understanding of the technology.
  • Flying with Objective-C - iOS App Development for Non-Programmers

    Kevin J McNeish

    Programmeren Updated to the Latest Versions of iOS and Xcode All books in this series are updated to the latest version of iOS and Xcode. Updates are available free of charge! Review: Most of the books I scanned, even the “Dummies” series, assumed a basic knowledge of computer programming even for iOS beginners. What I like about Kevin’s writing is that he doesn’t make any assumptions – he just takes you there – step by step. - Lorraine Akemann, moms with apps This second book in the series from Kevin McNeish, winner of the Publishing Innovation Award, highly acclaimed iOS trainer and conference speaker, and award-winning App Developer, is specifically designed to teach non-programmers Objective-C; the language used to create Apps for the iPhone and iPad. This book series assumes you know nothing about programming. Book 2: Flying with Objective-C builds on what you learned in Book 1: Diving In. In the first two chapters, the author helps you understand basic concepts, such as "what is
  • 90 OS X Mavericks and Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets

    Saied G

    Besturingssystemen OS X Mavericks is Apple's latest and greatest update to their Mac operating system. We've clicked every corner and packed our book with secrets even the pros don't know. Each tips is accompanied by a video so sit back and enjoy our book.
  • Life 3.0

    Max Tegmark

    Computers en internet ' This is the most important conversation of our time, and Tegmark's thought-provoking book will help you join it' Stephen Hawking THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER. DAILY TELEGRAPH AND THE TIMES BOOKS OF THE YEAR SELECTED AS ONE OF BARACK OBAMA'S FAVOURITE BOOKS OF 2018 AI is the future - but what will that future look like? Will superhuman intelligence be our slave, or become our god? Taking us to the heart of the latest thinking about AI, Max Tegmark, the MIT professor whose work has helped mainstream research on how to keep AI beneficial, separates myths from reality, utopias from dystopias, to explore the next phase of our existence. How can we grow our prosperity through automation, without leaving people lacking income or purpose? How can we ensure that future AI systems do what we want without crashing, malfunctioning or getting hacked? Should we fear an arms race in lethal autonomous weapons? Will AI help life flourish as never before, or will machines eventually outsmart us at al
  • Beginning Objective C Programming

    Jason Lim

    Computers Learn Objective C quickly with this concise app that teaches you all the essentials about Objective C programming step by step.  With Objective C, you will have the fundamentals to build iPhone, iPad and Mac apps.  Written for people who have no programming experience.  Zoom in on the most essential concepts with EXAMPLES!  Soon, you can utilize your skills and make your own iPhone/iPad/Mac apps!  We cover the following topics: Installing Xcode Getting Started: Our First Objective C Mac Application Variables If-Else Statements Learning about Objects Methods Managing Multiple Objects NSString Comparisons Loops Arrays Building your First iPad App Another iPad Example Going Further
  • Logic Pro X - How It Works

    Edgar Rothermich

    Digitale media " Logic Pro X - How It Works " was not only the first manual available for Apple's music production app "Logic Pro X", it is the most comprehensive one and simply the best way to learn Logic. " Logic Pro X - How It Works " is also the only Logic book available as an interactive multi-touch eBook. On 849 pages, the author explains the app in great detail with additional background information that is often required to fully understand specific features. Many of the information regarding the functionality of Logic Pro X is found neither in the official documentation nor anywhere else.  Logic Pro X is a very deep and sometimes complex application that users (beginners and pros alike) often struggle with. This is where the unique approach of the Graphically Enhanced Manuals series come in. No matter how complex or complicated the subject is, the author provides easy to understand graphics and diagrams that let the reader understand and master the material. This interactive
  • #iPadOnly. The First Real Post-PC Book [iPad Version]

    Augusto Pinaud & Michael Sliwinski

    Computers This book is a result of our experience of using iPads as our main machines for over a year now. We believe this to be the first real post-PC book. We show how we use our iPads to work, play and everything in between... and how much fun we have in the process. The best part: you can do the same.
  • Werken met Lightroom 5

    Johan W. Elzenga

    Digitale media 'Werken met Lightroom 5' is een Nederlandstalig instructieboek voor het werken met Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. Het boek behandelt alle aspecten van het werken met dit programma, het importeren van foto's, het organiseren van de bibliotheek, het bewerken van de (raw) beelden en het presenteren van het resultaat als diashow, boek, afdruk of webgalerie.
  • iPad Pro Guidebook

    Thomas Anthony

    Computers Updated 2020. With massive 12.9-inch and 11-inch displays, blazing performance and support for both Apple Pencil and the Smart Folio Keyboard, the iPad Pro enables millions of users to create and engage with content in entirely new ways. iPad Pro Guidebook is here to help you discover everything you need to know about iPad Pro. It’s packed with knowledge, in-depth tutorials and tips that uncover its apps, user interface and settings. You’ll learn about the history of the iPad, how the Apple Pencil can be used to draw and write, how to stream music via Apple Music, edit photos, troubleshoot common problems and more. With colorful screenshots, concise text and helpful tips, you’ll soon be a master of everything iPad Pro with this in-depth guidebook. Inside you'll discover: * The history of the iPad * Software & hardware features of the iPad Pro * In-depth coverage of iOS 13 * Detailed app tutorials * The secrets of mastering mobile photography * How to edit photos * Essential
  • Total Mountain Lion

    Macworld Editors

    Besturingssystemen The last few years have seen some dramatic changes at Apple. Apple has built an entirely new business around the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch—devices that run iOS. The wild success of those devices has driven more people into the arms of the Mac for the very first time than ever before. Combine the influx of new Mac users with the popularity of the iPhone and iPad, and you get Lion and Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion makes amends, smoothing out Lion’s rough edges while unabashedly taking another step toward unifying the core concepts of iOS and Mac OS. Beloved features like the "Save As" command have made a reappearance, while apps previously only available on iOS are debuting on the Mac. Whether you’re a relatively new Mac user or someone who remembers the days before there were three colored buttons in the upper left corner of every Mac window, Mountain Lion has something new for you. In this book, we’ve assembled in-depth looks at all of Mountain Lion’s new features and adju
  • iOS 5 Upgrade Guide

    Macworld Editors

    Besturingssystemen iOS 5 has hit the stage, and eager users everywhere are getting ready to upgrade their devices. If you’re concerned about the upgrade process, or simply want to know all your setup options before making the big switch, let the editors at Macworld help you upgrade your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to iOS 5 with this step-by-step guide. After you've set up your device, we'll walk you through the mysteries of iCloud, introduce you to each of iOS 5's marquee features, and uncover hidden gems within apps.
  • Final Cut Pro X - How It Works

    Edgar Rothermich

    Digitale media This book is an old version for Final Cut Pro X v10.0.9 The new book for version 10.3 is called "Final Cut Pro 10.3 - How it Works" and is also available on the iBooks Store
  • Mastering Xcode 7 and Swift

    Kevin J McNeish

    Programmeren The Most In-Depth Coverage of Xcode 7 Mastering Xcode and Swift contains the most in-depth coverage of Xcode that you will find! It is a deep dive into the tools and technologies of Xcode and Swift. This book helps you master techniques including: - Creating an app architecture that lets your apps run on iOS devices, Apple Watch and Apple TV - How to use all of the iOS user-interface controls - Best practices for implementing Core Data - In-depth coverage of using table views to manage lists of data - Making the most of the user interface Auto Layout model - Mastering Dynamic Type - Implementing In-App purchases - And much more! Step-by-Step Instructional Videos Provide Clear Instruction! Mastering Xcode and Swift includes over a dozen step-by-step instructional videos that help you perform the step-by-step instructions detailed in the book. Sample Projects Speed your App Development! This book also comes with nearly 30 sample projects that demonstrate the technologies of Xcode and Sw
  • Facebook for Small Business: A Beginners Guide Setting Up a Facebook Page and Advertising Your Business


    Computers Webpages are so yesterday! If you really want your business to succeed you need to get it social.  If you’re sitting there thinking, “MySpace here I come!” then you really need this book; if you already know that Facebook is on your business’ to do list, then this book will also come in handy. Before you start thinking “Hey, my mom’s on Facebook…maybe she can be in charge of this project” you should be forewarned—Facebook for Business’ is not yo mama’s Facebook; sure your mom can whip up a page by a few clicks, but if you want to stand out from the rest, then you will have to do something a little more challenging: coding (this is only if your mom isn't up to date like the rest of our moms. If your mom is a coding queen, then why are you reading this again?). Don’t worry! We aren't talking Matthew Broderick hunkered down in front of a computer trying to stop a nuclear war type of coding—this coding is so simple your mom might very well be able to do it
  • iBooks Author: The Definitive Guide

    Trailer Park Inc.

    Software Unlock the full power and potential of iBooks Author with our #1 Bestselling interactive manual! Built using iBooks Author by experienced designers and developers, our book will get you up and running in no time. Through interactive galleries, video demonstrations, and invaluable professional tips and tricks, "iBooks Author: The Definitive Guide" gives you everything needed to quickly learn and master this innovative digital publishing application. Topics Include: • Template Overview • Creating Table of Contents and Glossary • Adding Text, Images and Interactive Content • Working with HTML5 Widgets and 3D Objects • Previewing and Publishing • Professional Tips & Tricks
  • Digitale fotografie voor Dummies

    Julie Adair King

    Digitale media Je hebt een digitale camera gekocht en je zit nu met een hele lading nieuwe foto's waarvan je niet precies weet wat je ermee moet doen, of hoe je ze kunt verbeteren. Maak je geen zorgen; dit boek weet raad! In deze nieuwe editie van 'Digitale fotografie voor Dummies' krijg je up-to-date informatie over fotoapparatuur, scherpstelling en belichting, leer je fotograferen als een professional, je foto's ordenen, verbeteren, afdrukken en online delen met anderen. Julie Adair King is auteur van diverse boeken over digitale fotografie en geeft les in fotografie. Ze is afgestudeerd aan de Purdue University en woont in Indianapolis in de Verenigde Staten.
  • Sandworm

    Andy Greenberg

    Computers "With the nuance of a reporter and the pace of a thriller writer, Andy Greenberg gives us a glimpse of the cyberwars of the future while at the same time placing his story in the long arc of Russian and Ukrainian history." — Anne Applebaum, bestselling author of Twilight of Democracy The true story of the most devastating act of cyberwarfare in history and the desperate hunt to identify and track the elite Russian agents behind it: "[A] chilling account of a Kremlin-led cyberattack, a new front in global conflict" ( Financial Times ). In 2014, the world witnessed the start of a mysterious series of cyberattacks. Targeting American utility companies, NATO, and electric grids in Eastern Europe, the strikes grew ever more brazen. They culminated in the summer of 2017, when the malware known as NotPetya was unleashed, penetrating, disrupting, and paralyzing some of the world's largest businesses—from drug manufacturers to software developers to shipping companies. At th
  • Ansible for DevOps

    Jeff Geerling

    Systeembeheer Covers Ansible 2! Ansible is a simple, but powerful, server and configuration management tool (with a few other tricks up its sleeve). This book helps those familiar with the command line and basic shell scripting start using Ansible to provision and manage anywhere from one to thousands of servers. The book begins with fundamentals, like installing Ansible, setting up a basic inventory file, and basic concepts, then guides you through Ansible's many uses, including ad-hoc commands, basic and advanced playbooks, application deployments, multiple-provider server provisioning, and even Docker orchestration! Everything is explained with pertinent real-world examples, often using Vagrant-managed virtual machines.
  • 12 Things Every iPhone & iPad User Should Know

    Macworld Editors

    Besturingssystemen While using an iOS device isn’t hard—and that's partially why we love them—even savvy users like Macworld readers have holes in their iPhone and iPad knowledge. Maybe you know everything there is to know about Safari caching, but you're in the dark when it comes to iPhone photography. Or perhaps you're a Mail maestro, but you'd like to be faster at composing emails on a digital keyboard. Whether you've forgotten an iOS trick or you want to learn some new ones, our editors have you covered. We polled our community—and our newsroom—to create a list of 12 essential iOS features we think every iOS user should know about. Topics include syncing your accounts and data, managing your apps, printing, and working with Bluetooth. You can learn how to troubleshoot meddlesome battery issues and brush up on your security and backup options; we'll also explain the basics of multitasking and editing text, and walk you through shooting a quality photo and working with PDFs. These iOS essent
  • iCloud Starter Guide

    Macworld Editors

    Computers iCloud does a lot of amazing things: It keeps your mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, and notes in sync. It instantly (almost magically) copies that photo you took of your cousin on your iPhone to your Mac, iPad mini, and laptop. It lets you work with your Macs from afar. It helps you find stranded and wayward devices, and lets you know when your friends are nearby. And it does it all for free. iCloud encompasses so very many different features and fun bits that it’s surprising to realize just how much you can do with a free account. Let Macworld's editors help you get the most out of it. This book collects all the material we’ve written in the last year on Apple’s sync service, and we hope it will help you get to know iCloud and learn how best to use it in your life. This book focuses on OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), Windows 8, iOS 6, and iTunes 11—but we still have some helpful hints for those users with older operating systems. We hope that you enjoy our Starter Guide, but,
  • The iPad Office

    Macworld Editors

    Computers It’s not a question of whether you can get real work done on an iPad. After doing so ourselves, and talking to readers who do likewise, we know that’s happening already. The real question is how to go about doing it.  In this extended Macworld feature, we’ve packed in how-tos for writing, editing spreadsheets, creating presentations, and--yes--even running Microsoft Office itself on your iPad and iPad mini. We also have suggestions for how to best manage your files, access cloud services, print documents, and attend meetings from afar. And don't miss out on reading our in-depth buying guide for finding the perfect external iPad keyboard. To close out this extended feature, we have opinion pieces from Senior Writer Lex Friedman, Editorial Director Jason Snell, and Senior Editor Dan Moren. Follow Dan's three-day iPad-only journey, let Jason tell you why he loves writing on an iPad, and read about Lex's iPad writing experiences. Macworld extended features are packed full with
  • iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, 3/e

    Joe Conway & Aaron Hillegass

    Programmeren This is the eBook version of the printed book.  Updated and expanded to cover iOS 5 and Xcode 4.3, iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide leads you through the essential concepts, tools, and techniques for developing iOS applications. After completing this book, you will have the understanding, the know-how, and the confidence you need to tackle iOS projects of your own. Based on Big Nerd Ranch’s popular iOS Bootcamp course and its well-tested materials and methodology, this best-selling guide teaches iOS concepts and coding in tandem. The result is instruction that is relevant and useful. Throughout the book, the authors clearly explain what’s important to know and share their insights into the larger context of the iOS platform. This gives you a real understanding of how iOS development works, the many features that are available, and when and where to apply what you’ve learned. Here are some of the topics covered: Xcode 4.3, Instruments, and StoryboardsARC, strong and
  • The Linux Command Line Beginner's Guide

    Jonathan Moeller

    Besturingssystemen The Linux Command Line Beginner's Guide gives users new to Linux an introduction to the command line environment. In the Guide, you'll learn how to: -Copy, move, and delete files and directories. -Create, delete, and manage users. -Create, delete, and manage groups. -Use virtual terminals. -Use the bash shell. -Safely use the root account with su and sudo. -Change permissions and ownership of files and directories. -Create and edit text files from the command line, without using a graphical editor. -Diagnose network connectivity problems. -And many other topics.
  • Beginning Java Programming

    Greg Lim

    Computers Learn Java Programming in the quickest time possible with this concise app that teaches you all the essentials about Java programming.  Written for people who have NO background in programming or are beginners.  Beginning Java Programming zooms in on the most essential concepts with EXAMPLES!  We cover the following topics:  Getting Started: Running Your First Java Program Variables Input and Output Using Arithmetic in Java Boolean Logic If-Else and Switch Statements Strings Loops Learning About Objects MethodsManaging Multiple Objects Arrays Java Packages Throwing and Catching Exceptions Going Further
  • Learn 3D with Cheetah 3D 6

    Tonio Loewald

    Computers Understanding 3D graphics is fast becoming the key skill for the 21st century. Whether you're casually interested in learning to create 3D graphics on a Mac OS X, or a graphics professional looking to expand your skill set, this book will help you learn 3D concepts and how to use the easiest-to-use complete 3D package on the Macintosh.
  • Using OS X Mavericks Server at Home

    Terry Walsh

    Besturingssystemen Fully revised and updated for the release of Apple's latest operating system, Using OS X Mavericks Server at Home is We Got Served's essential guide to getting the most out of the server platform - in the home or in a small business environment.  Available on PDF, ePub and Mobi formats to support a wide range of devices, this 400+ page eBook is fully illustrated with hundreds of colour screenshots to guide you step by step as you get up and running with OS X Mavericks Server - choosing the right hardware, installing the latest release of OS X, upgrading the software to use the Server app and finally configuring OS X Mavericks Server for your needs. Written in straightforward language for everyday users and those new to OS X, this comprehensive guide ensures you can get the most out of OS X Mavericks Server in the home by walking you through the product's essential features. Learn about file and folder sharing with Macs, PCs and mobile devices, setting up shared family calendars a
  • Het MacBoekje

    David Bakker & Herman Kopinga

    Computers en internet Goed gereedschap is het halve werk. En een Mac, een Apple-computer, is uitermate goed gereedschap. Maar zo’n Mac werkt wel even anders dan een gewone computer. Hoe? Dat lees je in Het MacBoekje .   In dit boek vertellen professionals hoe ze hun werk doen op de Mac. Welke series zet Ronald Plasterk op zijn iPod Touch? Hoe maakt Koen van OneMoreThing die mooie video’s op zijn Mac? Hoe doet een illustrator zijn werk op een Mac? Hoe schrijft Victoria Koblenko haar columns op de Mac? En hoe kun je als presentator een voorsprong hebben op alle andere sprekers door een Mac te gebruiken?  Wat je ook wilt doen met je Mac, in het MacBoekje lees je hoe je jouw werk zo handig mogelijk kunt doen.  of je uit dit boekje nou nét die ene tip haalt die je een half uur per week bespaart …, of dat je het cadeau doet aan een bevriende Mac-gebruiker die jou altijd om hulp vraagt…, of dat je een kijkje wilt nemen in de keuken van professionele en bekende Mac-gebruikers …,  Het
  • Objective-C Programming

    Aaron Hillegass & Mark Fenoglio

    Computers This is the eBook version of the printed book. Want to write applications for iOS or the Mac? This introduction to programming and the Objective-C language is the first step on your journey from someone who uses apps to someone who writes them. Based on Big Nerd Ranch's legendary Objective-C Bootcamp, this book covers C, Objective-C, and the common programming idioms that enable developers to make the most of Apple technologies. This is the only introductory-level book written by Aaron Hillegass, one of the most experienced and authoritative voices in the iOS and Cocoa community. Compatible with Xcode 4.2, iOS 5, and Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), this guide features short chapters and engaging style to keep you motivated and moving forward. At the same time, Aaron’s determination that you understand what you’re doing—or at least why you’re doing it—encourages you to think critically as a programmer.
  • Total Lion Superguide

    Macworld Editors

    Besturingssystemen Nobody spends more time with Apple’s computers and software than the writers and editors at Macworld, the world’s foremost Mac authority. Now, let Macworld’s team of experts take you on a tour of Apple’s newest operating system, Mac OS X 10.7, aka Lion. Rebuilt to incorporate many of the lessons learned from Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, Lion blends Multi-Touch gestures, full-screen views, improved navigation, and redesigned apps with the same Mac OS you know and love. In this book, we walk you through everything you need to know about Lion, starting with a comprehensive rundown of all the new features present in this version of Mac OS X. We help you install Lion, troubleshoot any installation woes, and learn how to set up a boot disc or drive. Once you’ve got Lion up and running, discover how to navigate the new interface by using Multi-Touch gestures, Mission Control, and Launchpad; share files in AirDrop; and control other screens via Screen Sharing. Avoid ever
  • Ghost in the Wires

    William L. Simon, Steve Wozniak & Kevin Mitnick

    Netwerk In this "intriguing, insightful and extremely educational" novel, the world's most famous hacker teaches you easy cloaking and counter-measures for citizens and consumers in the age of Big Brother and Big Data (Frank W. Abagnale). Kevin Mitnick was the most elusive computer break-in artist in history. He accessed computers and networks at the world's biggest companies -- and no matter how fast the authorities were, Mitnick was faster, sprinting through phone switches, computer systems, and cellular networks. As the FBI's net finally began to tighten, Mitnick went on the run, engaging in an increasingly sophisticated game of hide-and-seek that escalated through false identities, a host of cities, and plenty of close shaves, to an ultimate showdown with the Feds, who would stop at nothing to bring him down. Ghost in the Wires is a thrilling true story of intrigue, suspense, and unbelievable escapes -- and a portrait of a visionary who forced the authorities to rethink the way they pursu
  • iPad Advanced Manual

    The Editors of Geekpreneur

    Computers Hidden among the iPad’s Settings menus, preferences and iTunes options are ways to get more out of Apple’s tablet than you ever thought possible. Using just the iPad’s standard tools — without hitting the App Store or jailbreaking your device — it’s possible to uncover a heap of advanced tips and tricks that are simple to employ and bring real benefits to every iPad and iPad 2 user. • Learn how to run accurate GPS navigation on a wifi-only iPad. • Get more battery time than even Apple thought possible! • Turn all your iBooks into audiobooks. • Access any App Store anywhere in the world. All of the 20 advanced iPad techniques are presented here with simple, step-by-step instructions and screenshots. Become an advanced iPad user and get more from your device.
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 voor Dummies

    Greg Harvey

    Software Ben je niet van plan de rest van je leven te wijden aan het bestuderen van Excel, maar wil je het gewoon gebruiken? Dan is dit het juiste boek voor je! 'Microsoft Excel 2016 voor Dummies' vertelt je exact hoe je het programma kunt gebruiken voor de dagelijkse cijferklusjes. Binnen de kortste keren ben je een professional in het bouwen en bewerken van spreadsheets, cellen opmaken, formules invoeren, grafieken ontwerpen, databases opzetten en nog veel meer. 'Microsoft Excel 2016 voor Dummies' gaat bovendien in op de complexere functies van het programma, zoals het converteren van spreadsheets naar webpagina's en het analyseren van data met PivotTables. Of je nu een beginner bent of je Excel-vaardigheden wilt uitbreiden, met dit boek kun je zonder stress met Excel aan de slag! Greg Harvey is directeur van Mind Over Media, auteur van talloze computerboeken en een ervaren docent.
  • Learn to Code in Swift 4

    Kevin J McNeish

    Programmeren Learn Swift programming from the ground up with award-winning author, and iPhone Life magazine writer/blogger Kevin McNeish! After completing this book, you will have the skills and clear understanding to write well-designed Swift code for your iOS apps. This book has been updated to Swift 4 and therefore requires the use of Xcode 8 or newer. This means you get the most up-to-date information available on Swift. This book assumes no previous programming experience! It teaches you best practices for creating iOS apps in Swift using advanced educational tools such as: • 20 embedded step-by-step movies with coding exercises. • Interactive diagrams that help you visualize how code works. • 25 Swift sample projects • An online forum where you can get all your questions answered. This book goes beyond basic syntax and uses practical examples demonstrating how to use the full power of Swift in your iOS apps. It provides clear, in-depth explanations of Swift concepts. In the first few
  • iOS 7 App Development Essentials

    Neil Smyth

    Programmeren Beginning with the basics, this book provides an outline of the steps necessary to set up an iOS development environment. An introduction to the architecture of iOS 7 and programming in Objective-C is provided, followed by an in-depth look at the design of iOS applications and user interfaces.  More advanced topics such as file handling, database management, in-app purchases, graphics drawing and animation are also covered, as are touch screen handling, gesture recognition, multitasking, iAds integration, location management, local notifications, camera access and video and audio playback support. Other features are also covered including Auto Layout, Twitter and Facebook integration, event reminders, App Store hosted in-app purchase content, collection views and much more.  New features of iOS 7 are also covered, including Sprite Kit-based game development, local map search and user interface animation using UIKit dynamics. Fully updated for iOS 7 and Xcode 5, the aim of th
  • Robert C. Martin Clean Code Collection, The

    Robert C. Martin

    Software The Robert C. Martin Clean Code Collection consists of two bestselling eBooks: Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftmanship by Robert C. Martin The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers by Robert C. Martin In Clean Code , legendary software expert Robert C. Martin has teamed up with his colleagues from Object Mentor to distill their best agile practice of cleaning code "on the fly" into a book that will instill within you the values of a software craftsman and make you a better programmer—but only if you work at it. You will be challenged to think about what's right about that code and what's wrong with it. More important, you will be challenged to reassess your professional values and your commitment to your craft. In The Clean Coder , Martin introduces the disciplines, techniques, tools, and practices of true software craftsmanship. This book is packed with practical advice—about everything from estimating and coding to refactoring and testing. It
  • Wij zijn anonymous

    Parmy Olson

    Computers In 2011 hackte een groep hackers die zichzelf Anonymous noemt de computersystemen van VISA, Mastercard en PayPal. Ze infiltreerden de netwerken van totalitaire regimes in Libië en Tunesië. Ze vielen ook de FBI, de CIA en de NAVO aan. Met andere woorden: zo anoniem en terughoudend als de leden van Anonymous zijn, zo brutaal en openbaar zijn hun acties. Met hun wereldwijde cyberaanvallen weten ze de sympathie van het grote publiek voor zich te winnen, maar het dringt al snel tot iedereen die ook maar iets met computerbeveiliging te maken heeft door, dat dit collectief een serieuze bedreiging vormt voor de openbare veiligheid. Wij zijn Anonymous is het verhaal van gemeenschappelijke doel van ontelbare hackers die schijnbaar moeiteloos alle beveiligingssystemen weten te omzeilen zonder een spoor achter te laten. Vier vooraanstaande, maar uiteraard anonieme, leden vertellen hun verhaal. Door hun achtergrond, hun problemen met de gevestigde orde en hun wil de wereld te veranderen, schetst
  • A Thousand Brains

    Jeff Hawkins & Richard Dawkins

    Computers en internet A bestselling author, neuroscientist, and computer engineer unveils a theory of intelligence that will revolutionize our understanding of the brain and the future of AI. For all of neuroscience's advances, we've made little progress on its biggest question: How do simple cells in the brain create intelligence? Jeff Hawkins and his team discovered that the brain uses maplike structures to build a model of the world—not just one model, but hundreds of thousands of models of everything we know. This discovery allows Hawkins to answer important questions about how we perceive the world, why we have a sense of self, and the origin of high-level thought. A Thousand Brains heralds a revolution in the understanding of intelligence. It is a big-think book, in every sense of the word.  One of the Financial Times ' Best Books of 2021 One of Bill Gates' Five Favorite Books of 2021
  • Motion 5 - How It Works

    Edgar Rothermich

    Digitale media This is the only interactive multi-touch eBook available for the application "Motion 5"! "Motion 5 - How It Works" from the GEM series (Graphically Enhanced Manuals) explains Apple's popular motion graphics application "Motion 5" with rich illustrations and diagrams that are not found in any other manual. This 312 pages interactive Multi-Touch eBook (with an extensive Glossary) presents this software application in great detail with that easy to understand, visual approach known from other books from the best-selling GEM series. "I wish all the manuals on software were like yours!" - Giovanni C. "You have the gift of making difficult concepts understandable" - William B. "Your style is the most informative and clear I have ever seen" - Mark D. "Great stuff Edgar! I bought your other Logic GEM books and love em..." - fform "Thank you so much for your fantastic guides; I've learned so much!" - Brandon B. "I love your manuals."  - Eli.  UNDERSTAND , not just LEARN That is the m
  • Lightroom Classic CC

    Boudewijn Vermeulen

    Software Adobe’s Lightroom is zo’n beetje de standaard toepassing voor vele professionele en enthousiaste fotografen. Met dit boek hebben we gekozen voor een praktische aanpak waarbij wordt uitgegaan van een vaste werkwijze voor het importeren en organiseren van foto’s en in zes overzichtelijke stappen behandelen we het ontwikkelen en bewerken tot het perfecte plaatje. Elk hoofdstuk bevat duidelijke afbeeldingen en de korte instructiefilmpjes verduidelijken de tekst. Dit boek wil geen naslagwerk zijn, waarin alle mogelijke instellingen worden behandeld. In plaats daarvan behandelen we de instellingen en opties die passen bij de gehanteerde werkwijze. Daarmee kun je snel aan de slag en bouw je voldoende kennis op om je eigen weg te vinden. In het boek behandelen we de Installatie, de Bibliotheek, het importeren en organiseren van de foto’s, het onderdeel Ontwikkelen inclusief het gebruik van filters (presets) en we vertellen hoe je je eigen filters kunt maken. Een apart hoofdstuk is vol
  • Writing A Novel with Ulysses

    David Hewson

    Computers Ulysses III is rapidly becoming one of the apps of choice for Mac-based novel writers. Best-selling novelist David Hewson,  author of the ever-popular Writing A Novel with Scrivener, offers a professional insight into how to use this unique app for writing fiction.  This ebook covers all the aspects of Ulysses a writer needs to master in order to produce a finished book, from initial planning through to completed ebook, word file or pdf. You will learn how to use Ulysses to structure a book into parts and scenes and ways to manage research and ideas. Hewson also describes how Ulysses stores work uniquely in its own library, enabling you to work on the same draft manuscript across different machines while on the move. For budding screenwriters there is a section on how to use Ulysses to produce scripts to professional formats that can be edited later in movie apps such as Final Draft. Now updated to cover the latest Yosemite version of Ulysses on the Mac, and the latest compa
  • Co-Intelligence

    Ethan Mollick

    Computers en internet **A New York Times Bestseller** 'Co-Intelligence is the very best book I know about the ins, outs, and ethics of generative AI. Drop everything and read it cover to cover NOW' Angela Duckworth Consumer AI has arrived. And with it, inescapable upheaval as we grapple with what it means for our jobs, lives and the future of humanity. Cutting through the noise of AI evangelists and AI doom-mongers, Wharton professor Ethan Mollick has become one of the most prominent and provocative explainers of AI, focusing on the practical aspects of how these new tools for thought can transform our world. In Co-Intelligence , he urges us to engage with AI as co-worker, co-teacher and coach. Wide ranging, hugely thought-provoking and optimistic, Co-Intelligence reveals the promise and power of this new era.
  • Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition

    Eric Matthes

    Programmeren The best-selling Python book in the world, with over 1 million copies sold!   A fast-paced, no-nonsense, updated guide to programming in Python. If you've been thinking about learning how to code or picking up Python, this internationally bestselling guide to the most popular programming language is your quickest, easiest way to get started and go! Even if you have no experience whatsoever, Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition , will have you writing programs, solving problems, building computer games, and creating data visualizations in no time. You’ll begin with basic concepts like variables, lists, classes, and loops—with the help of fun skill-strengthening exercises for every topic—then move on to making interactive programs and best practices for testing your code. Later chapters put your new knowledge into play with three cool projects: a 2D Space Invaders-style arcade game, a set of responsive data visualizations you’ll build with Python's handy libraries (Pygame, Matp
  • 100 More Things Every Mac User Should Know

    Macworld Editors

    Computers Two years ago, we adapted a feature from Macworld into a book called 100 Things Every Mac User Should Know. The idea was to compile a bunch of tidbits—keyboard shortcuts, Finder techniques, and the like—that we thought every savvy Mac user should understand and feel confident about using: not ABC beginner stuff, and not truly esoteric expert-level maneuvers, but the kinds of things that mark you as experienced and informed. Of course, there are a lot more than 100 such things. So we decided to revisit the idea, coming up with another 100 pieces of Mac-related information we think users should have at their command. So, yes: You now have 200 things you need to know. As we said back in 2011: We’re sure you know a lot of the things we’ve listed here. But we bet that very, very few of you, if you’re really being honest, can say you know them all. Check them out, and let us know if we’re wrong.
  • iPad® Productivity: How to get efficient with your iPad®, Evernote® and GTD®

    Christopher J. Lee

    Computers You have your iPad, now what? You could continue to use your tablet as an excellent web surfing tool. You could also use it to play one of the many, many games out on the App Store. Or, you could simply turn it over to your spouse or your kid(s) for their enjoyment. I suggest a different path, a path that will keep your iPad in your own hands, at work…a path that will put you on a road towards increased productivity! What follows are some of the apps and processes that have helped me on my own productivity journey. Please give some or all of them a try and let me know how they may have helped you! Here are some of the topics that I will cover: 1. iOS 8 2. OmniFocus on the iPad 3. Evernote on the iPad 4. Notetaking including handwriting recognition 5. PDF Processing 6. Workflow automation 7. Tips and Tricks 8. Microsoft Office for the iPad 9. GTD on the iPad 10. And much more... Through the above topics and much more this book will show you how to transform your personal workflow wit
  • iPad iOS 5 Development Essentials

    Neil Smyth

    Programmeren This iOS 5 edition of iPad Development Essentials contains 58 chapters of in-depth information on the development of apps for the iPad fully updated for use with the iOS 5 SDK. The aim of this book is to teach you the skills necessary to build your own apps for the iPad. Beginning with the basics, this book provides an overview of the iPad hardware and the architecture of iOS 5. An introduction to programming in Objective-C is provided followed by an in-depth look at the design of iPad applications and user interfaces. More advanced topics such as file handling, database management, graphics drawing and animation are also covered, as are touch screen handling, gesture recognition, multitasking, iAds integration, location management, local notifications, maps, split views, camera access and video playback support. New iOS 5 specific features are also covered in detail including page view controller implementation, the UIDocument class, iCloud based storage, Storyboard user interface de
  • iPad 2 Superguide

    Macworld Editors

    Computers There are so many things you can experience, watch, and even create using Apple’s iPad that it’s hard to know where to start. Thankfully,  Macworld's team of expert editors has created this straightforward guide to the iPad 2. Inside this book, you’ll find a complete rundown of the best ways you can use your iPad to communicate, be productive, and enjoy multimedia. First activate your iPad and fill it with your favorite music, movies, television shows, podcasts, apps, and files using iTunes. This book will show you how to convert media for easy iPad consumption; master multitouch gestures and tweak system settings; keep your Home screens organized with folders and multitasking; and conquer the secrets of its virtual keyboard. In case you run into any issues while using your device, this book also contains invaluable troubleshooting advice, including how to protect your iPad from would-be intruders. It may not have the power of a full-fledged notebook computer, but the iPad
  • Moving to zsh

    Armin Briegel

    Computers *** Version 5: updated for macOS Big Sur *** macOS Catalina changes the default shell from bash to zsh. zsh will succeed bash as the default shell. bash has been the default shell in Mac OS X Terminal since the introduction of Mac OS X 10.3 Panther in 2003. Like many other Mac users, I have been using bash as the main shell for the last 16 years. In this book, I will document my experiences moving bash settings, configurations and scripts over to zsh.  This books explains - why Apple is changing the shell - implications for infrequent and expert Terminal users - how to move from bash to zsh - configuring zsh to be more productive - moving scripts from bash to zsh This books is based on and expands the successful blog post series on, scripting classes and presentations. All the topics will be illustrated with lots of useful examples and practical applications.
  • Arduino voor dummies

    John Nussey

    Computers Of je nu kunstenaar, designer, programmeur of hobbyist bent, met Arduino is iedereen in staat om met elektronica te spelen. In 'Arduino voor Dummies' lees je alles wat je nodig hebt om succesvol aan het Arduino-project van je keuze te kunnen werken. Zo is er aandacht voor het bouwen van eenvoudige prototypen met behulp van breadboards en andere componenten die de verbinding vormen tussen Arduino en de fysieke wereld. Ook maak je kennis met diverse zogenoemde shields, kant-en-klare printjes die de functionaliteit van Arduino enorm kunnen uitbreiden. John Nussey is een fervent promotor van Arduino als ontwikkelplatform en heeft talloze mensen lesgegeven in de kunst van het ontwerpen van interactieve systemen en prototyping.
  • Agile Project Management Methodology for Beginners: Scrum Project Management for Beginners

    Andy Webb

    Computers The older rigid traditional models of delivering changes has been replaced with an agile way of delivering changes. The world of apps, and internet driven economy means that any change has to be delivered almost overnight with no scope for delays and the consumer wants things almost immediately.Agile provides that project management methodology to help you get the results immediately. Written for beginners, this book explains Agile concepts using the Scrum approach and fits them together into a cohesive framework. Instead of merely defining terms, it presents Agile as a living, dynamic system for stripping away the frills and getting back to basics while managing projects. The first half of the book explains the Agile Manifesto in detail, both in theory and practice. The second half of the book gives detailed explanations for applying Scrum, which is an Agile method known for its simplicity and ease of implementation. Small startups and entrepreneurs will find practical advice, encour
  • Numbers for iPad

    Sean Kells

    Software A newer edition of this book is available: "Numbers for iPad & iPad Pro (Vole Guides)" by Sean Kells. This handy guide covers all of Numbers for iOS, Apple's chart-topping spreadsheet app tuned to work with your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. If you're coming from Numbers for Mac or Microsoft Excel, you'll find all the steps needed to transfer your spreadsheets and make a painless transition from point-and-click to tap-and-drag. • Use just your fingers to create spreadsheets with tables, charts, graphics, and media. • Create spreadsheets based on Apple's professionally designed templates or your own custom templates. • Store spreadsheets in iCloud or third-party cloud locations such as Dropbox or Google Drive. • Use Handoff to pass spreadsheets seamlessly between your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. • Organize your spreadsheets into folders. • Restrict access to your spreadsheets by password-protecting them. • Add multiple sheets and tables to your spreadsheets.
  • Kanban and Scrum

    Henrik Kniberg

    Computers Scrum and Kanban are two flavours of Agile software development - two deceptively simple but surprisingly powerful approaches to software development. So how do they relate to each other? The purpose of this book is to clear up the fog, so you can figure out how Kanban and Scrum might be useful in your environment. Part I illustrates the similarities and differences between Kanban and Scrum, comparing for understanding, not for judgement. There is no such thing as a good or bad tool - just good or bad decisions about when and how to use which tool. This book includes: - Kanban and Scrum in a nutshell - Comparison of Kanban and Scrum and other Agile methods - Practical examples and pitfalls - Cartoons and diagrams illustrating day-to-day work - Detailed case study of a Kanban implementation within a Scrum organization Part II is a case study illustrating how a Scrum-based development organization implemented Kanban in their operations and support teams.
  • Scary Smart

    Mo Gawdat

    Computers en internet A Sunday Times Business Book of the Year. Scary Smart will teach you how to navigate the scary and inevitable intrusion of Artificial Intelligence, with an accessible blueprint for creating a harmonious future alongside AI. From Mo Gawdat, the former Chief Business Officer at Google [X] and bestselling author of Solve for Happy. Technology is putting our humanity at risk to an unprecedented degree. This book is not for engineers who write the code or the policy makers who claim they can regulate it. This is a book for you. Because, believe it or not, you are the only one that can fix it. – Mo Gawdat Artificial intelligence is smarter than humans. It can process information at lightning speed and remain focused on specific tasks without distraction. AI can see into the future, predict outcomes and even use sensors to see around physical and virtual corners. So why does AI frequently get it so wrong and cause harm? The answer is us: the human beings who write the code and teach AI to
  • iPhone Field Guide

    David Sparks

    Besturingssystemen This is a limited time introductory price. The iPhone changed the world. With an iPhone in your pocket, you have more computing power available to you than NASA did for the moon shot. How much of that are you using? Learn to get the most from your iPhone from this media-rich book that is sometimes user guide, sometimes opinionated app recommendations, and sometimes iPhone sensei. Built entirely in iBooks Author, this multimedia book includes screenshots, photo galleries, video screencasts, and audio interviews all engineered to make you an iPhone power user. There are over 50 screencasts adding up to over two hours of video instruction, 450 pages, 44 chapters, and over 65,000 words to help you learn how to squeeze every bit of awesomeness from your iPhone.  The material is accessible to beginners and power users alike with a thoughtful, fun, and systematic approach to iPhone mastery. Moreover, this book is beautifully designed and a joy to read. This is the seventh book in the Ma
  • Official 2 Guide to the CISSP CBK, Fourth Edition

    Adam Gordon & Javvad Malik

    Computers As an information security professional, it is essential to stay current on the latest advances in technology and the effluence of security threats. Candidates for the CISSP® certification need to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the eight domains of the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK®), along with the ability to apply this in depth knowledge to daily practices.  Recognized as one of the best tools available for security professionals, specifically for the candidate who is striving to become a CISSP, the Official (ISC)²® Guide to the CISSP® CBK®, Fourth Edition is both up-to-date and relevant. Reflecting the significant changes in the CISSP CBK, this book provides a comprehensive guide to the eight domains.  Numerous illustrated examples and practical exercises are included in this book to demonstrate concepts and real-life scenarios. Endorsed by (ISC)² and compiled and reviewed by CISSPs and industry luminaries around the world, this textbook provides unr
  • Beginning Excel VBA

    Iducate Learning Technologies

    Computers Learn Excel VBA in the shortest time with this concise book that zooms in straight on the most important concepts with EXAMPLES. Soon, you can develop your own Excel VBA financial/quantitative models, reports, macros and much more!  We cover Variables, Functions, If-Else conditions, loops, built in functions and much more.  Book also comes in handy whenever you need quick reference to worksheet functions eg. sum(), average() etc.
  • Mac voor Dummies

    Edward C. Baig

    Computers Heb je net je eerste Mac gekocht? Stap je over van een pc? Deze nieuwe editie van 'Mac voor Dummies' geeft je alle actuele informatie die je nodig hebt om zorgeloos van je Mac te genieten. Je maakt kennis met het nieuwe besturingssysteem Sierra, van het installeren tot het omgaan met bestanden, de Mac App Store en iCloud. Bovendien lees je hoe je met Safari het web verkent, hoe je e-mail installeert en optimaal gebruikmaakt van iLife. Edward C. Baig schrijft wekelijks de column Personal Technology in USA Today en is auteur van meerdere boeken, waaronder 'iPad voor Dummies'.
  • The Age of AI

    Henry A. Kissinger, Eric Schmidt & Daniel Huttenlocher

    Programmeren THE WAY HUMANS NAVIGATE THE WORLD IS ALTERING, FOREVER. THIS IS YOUR ESSENTIAL AI ROADMAP. AI is revolutionizing how we approach security, economics, order and even knowledge itself. It is changing how we experience reality, and our role within it. Three of our most accomplished and deep thinkers explore what this means for our present and our future, tackling the questions that will affect as all: What will it mean to be human? What are the key frontier risks? What AI ethics are we going to need? How is AI impacting politics, defence, medicine and education? 'Absolutely masterful . . . the book we all need' Fareed Zakaria 'A muscular contribution to one of the 21st century's most pressing debates' The Economist Henry Kissinger was the 56th Secretary of State and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize; Eric Schmidt , Google's former CEO, lead the company's growth for over a decade and Daniel Huttenlocher is dean of the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing.
  • De kleine Instagram voor dummies

    Jaap de Bruijn

    Internet Facebook is Facebook, maar Instagram heeft de toekomst. Zegt men. Instagram zit in de lift. Na tieners en hobbyfotografen kiest een steeds groter wordende groep 'gewone' en professionele gebruikers voor het sociale netwerk waar alles draait om beeld. Foto's, maar ook video's. Van snapshots tot slimme campagnes, alles is mogelijk. Dit boek biedt veel praktijkvoorbeelden en een toegankelijke uitleg van alle mogelijkheden van Instagram. Jaap de Bruijn heeft jarenlange ervaring met het professioneel gebruik van internet en sociale media. Hij was begin deze eeuw het eerste Hoofd Nieuwe Media bij de Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst en is inmiddels social media manager bij een zorgverzekeraar.
  • All the C You Need to Know

    Bill Dudney

    Computers This short book helps Objective-C developers understand C, the base language underneath Objective-C. After finishing this book you will have a much deeper understanding of the C language and how many of its features are used to give Objective-C flexibility. If you've ever wondered why the NSError ** parameter at the end of many Foundation APIs has two asterisks instead of one this is the book for you.
  • iTunes

    Jingting Liu

    Computers The second book in the series. This book has following features: -- Easy to read tips and tricks for everyday use of iTunes -- Simple and clear layout for every single page -- Illustrated and interactive contents This book is aimed to help you getting the most from iTunes 10. It includes tips and tricks across various of topics, such as Importing CD tracks automatically, Syncing with iOS devices, iTunes DJ and more. If you like this book, please share your rating and comments with us.
  • Psychology of Web Design

    Smashing Magazine & Various Authors

    Internet Among the most important ingredients for successful Web designs are creativity, planning, coding and design skills. However, many people forget that various psychological factors also play an important role when making design decisions. Psychology of Web Design gives you insights on how the human brain deals with different elements, colors, contrast, symmetry and balance. Combining the usability guidelines from Maslow's pyramid will surely help you design closer to your audience's desires. TABLE OF CONTENTS - Persuasion Triggers In Web Design - Designing For A Hierarchy Of Needs - Designing For The Mind - 10 Useful Usability Findings And Guidelines - 30 Usability Issues To Be Aware Of - Designing For Start-Ups: How To Deliver The Message Across - Color Theory For Designers - Part 1 - Color Theory For Designers - Part 2 - Color Theory For Designers - Part 3
  • How to Get Things Done with OneNote

    Dominic Wolff

    Internet Do you want to easily accomplish your to-do-list in a day? Do you want to be less busy in life? Do you wish to have more time? Here’s the thing. Most people are so busy all the time that they no longer recognize that responsibilities are forgotten and relationships are not strengthened. With the huge pile of tasks undone, stack of mails unread, and heap of post-its that seem cluttered all around, people get busier and life becomes more stressful. Take some time off and start organizing your strategy to get everything under control. Read on How to Get Things Done with OneNote and discover your way to productivity and efficiency. Dominic Wolff, a seasoned author and business owner, found success in his business career improvising David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) with Microsoft’s OneNote . With the two systems combined, Wolff assures that you’ll get your professional and personal lives under control. In Dominic Wolff’s How to Get Things Done with OneNote, you can be more
  • Objective-C Programming For Dummies

    Neal Goldstein

    Programmeren A step-by-step guide to understanding object-oriented programming with Objective-C As the primary programming language for iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS X applications, Objective-C is a reflective, object-oriented language that all programmers must know before creating apps. Assuming no prior programming language experience, this fun-and-friendly book provides you with a solid understanding of Objective-C. Addressing the latest version of Xcode, debugging, code completion, and more, veteran author Neal Goldstein helps you gain a solid foundation of this complex topic, and filters out any unnecessary intricate technical jargon. Assumes no prior knowledge of programming and keeps the tone clear and entertaining Explains complicated topics regarding Objective-C with clarity and in a straightforward-but-fun style that has defined the For Dummies brand for 20 years Features all material completely compliant with the latest standards for Objective-C and Apple programming Objective-C Programming
  • De pindakaasmoord

    Carrie & Eddie

    Internet In De pindakaasmoord van Carrie & Eddie, bekend van Moorddossier, bespreekt het podcastduo opgeloste Nederlandse moordzaken van de afgelopen decennia. Voor lezers van De Kooi en Sporen liegen niet ‘Deze podcast is zo goed omdat het met respect wordt gemaakt. Fantastisch. Mijn tip: lees dit boek!’ - Carlo Boszhard In De pindakaasmoord van Carrie & Eddie van Moordzaken – de Podcast worden de intrigerendste moordzaken van Nederland ontrafeld. Wanneer een dertigjarige Limburgse na het eten van een broodje pindakaas op haar werk plotseling onwel wordt en een uur later in het ziekenhuis overlijdt, staat haar omgeving voor een raadsel. Het autopsierapport spreekt van een natuurlijke dood. Maar klopt dit wel? Of was dit de perfecte moord? Carine Voshaar en Edward van der Marel maken sinds augustus 2020 de populaire podcast Moordzaken, waarin ze aan de keukentafel waargebeurde, opgeloste Nederlandse moordzaken bespreken. Wat rammelt er, waar kunnen vraagtekens bij geplaatst worde
  • OS X Yosemite Interactive Starter Guide

    Jeff Benjamin

    Besturingssystemen Need to get up to speed quickly on Apple’s latest desktop operating system release? In this guide, I showcase 25 of the new features that appear in OS X Yosemite. This starter guide features 25 carefully-crafted videos that walk you through each new feature discussed. This visual tool will help you become quickly acclimated with some of OS X Yosemite’s most notable new features, improvements, and additions.
  • The Art of Invisibility

    Kevin Mitnick

    Internet Real-world advice on how to be invisible online from "the FBI's most wanted hacker" ( Wired ). Be online without leaving a trace. Your every step online is being tracked and stored, and your identity literally stolen. Big companies and big governments want to know and exploit what you do, and privacy is a luxury few can afford or understand. In this explosive yet practical book, Kevin Mitnick uses true-life stories to show exactly what is happening without your knowledge, teaching you "the art of invisibility" -- online and real-world tactics to protect you and your family, using easy step-by-step instructions. Reading this book, you will learn everything from password protection and smart Wi-Fi usage to advanced techniques designed to maximize your anonymity. Kevin Mitnick knows exactly how vulnerabilities can be exploited and just what to do to prevent that from happening. The world's most famous -- and formerly the US government's most wanted -- computer hacker, he has hacked into
  • Apple Music: The Ultimate Guide

    iMore Editors

    Digitale media Apple Music is, to quote the company, "All the ways you love music. All in one place." It offers a music subscription service, curated playlists, an always-on 24/7 radio station, and access to your Mac’s library from any devices with iCloud Music Library. Naturally, such an ambitious service isn’t without its complications. If you want to love Apple Music, but it’s got you scratching your head, we’ve got the guide for you. In this book, we cover Apple Music’s basics, the difference between Apple Music and iTunes Match, what iCloud Music Library is (and what it does), and how to use iOS 8.4’s Music app, Apple Music Siri commands, and iTunes 12.2.