EUROPESE OMROEP 66 Black Wings - Gallows

66 Black Wings


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2021-06-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: NLD
  • Your selected Country: Netherlands
  • Track Count: 8
  • A gallows (or less precisely scaffold) is a frame or elevated beam, typically wooden, from which objects can be suspended or "weighed". Gallows were thus widely used to suspend public weighing scales for large and heavy objects such as sacks of grain or minerals, usually positioned in markets or toll gates. The term was also used for a projecting framework from which a ship's anchor might be raised so it is no longer sitting on the seabed, riverbed or dock; "weighing [the] anchor" meant raising it using this apparatus while avoiding striking the ship's hull.

    In modern usage the term has come to mean almost exclusively a scaffold or gibbet used for execution by hanging.

  • ℗ 2021 Katafalque


Title Artist Time
Roots Twisted in Sixes Gallows 3:21 EUR 0.99
Ulisa's Wreath Gallows 4:34 EUR 0.99
Blood Spells to Forest Speed Gallows 4:13 EUR 0.99
The Infernal Plateau of Night Gallows 7:38 EUR 0.99
The Saturn Chalice Below Gallows 4:58 EUR 0.99
Blight of New Eden Gallows 4:44 EUR 0.99
Come and See Gallows 4:27 EUR 0.99
66 Wings for the 9 Kings Gallows 7:16 EUR 0.99

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