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The Hunting Collective


  • Genre: Vrije natuur
  • Release Date: 2021-05-11
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: NLD
  • Your selected Country: Netherlands
  • Track Count: 179


Title Time
Ep. 177: Good Phil Hunting: Endgame 1:14:15 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 176: Phil's First Hunt, Part 1 0:53:04 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 175: Turkey Trek Part Deux, Bipartisan Parties, and Getting Ready to Rendezvous with BHA's Land Tawney and Rachel Schmidt 1:33:19 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 174: Trek for Turkeys 2021, Thank You Dad, and the Desire to Possess Animals with Shane Mahoney 2:07:33 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 173: The Beginning of the End, Elk Don't Want to Die, and Animal Rights as a Conservation Model with Dr. Robert C. Jones 2:06:57 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 172: Texas Turkey Success, Phil's Burner Account, Sit/Git versus Run/Gun, and Top Turkey States with Sam Soholt 1:35:52 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 171: A Crossbow Apology, a Nugget Revival, and a Turkey Hunting Lesson for Phil The Engineer with Tony J. Peterson 1:31:15 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 170: A Podcast About THC Chapters with Luke Reeves 0:49:50 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 169: Coyote Shootin' Folk Songs, Anti-Hunting Hyperbole, and Unpacking Wildlife Killing Contests with Cornell Ethicist Dr. James Tantillo 1:46:01 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 168: Looking for Leaders, Aldo Leopold's Green Fire, and Wisconsin's Wolf Hunt Drama with Patrick Durkin 1:59:44 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 167: Kayla Ray's New THC Tune, Deadly Vegan Data, and Animal Welfare versus Animal Rights with Paul McCarney 2:08:26 CASSETTE INFO/audio
EP. 166: The Value of Mentorship, THC's First Regional Chapter, and Hunters of Color Co-Founders on Achieving Real and Lasting Diversity in Hunting 1:24:48 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 165: The Anthem of a Cult, Tahr Wars, and the Many Sides of Trophy Hunting with SCI's Ben Cassidy 1:45:42 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 164: Cameo for Turks, Dad Noises, the Anti-Hunter Populist High Ground, and Another Ask the Eagle with Janis Putelis 1:43:16 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 163: THC Marriage Counseling, a New Theme Song, and the California Bear Ban Saga with Clay Newcomb 1:32:13 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 162: Hate Listeners Unite, Ammo Shortages Going Long, and Welcoming 8.4 Million New Gun Owners with RECOIL's Iain Harrison 1:12:24 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 161: Emergent Hunters are Badass, Cultural Division in our Pursuits, and the Taibbi Paradox with Miles Nolte 1:28:02 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 160: The Year of the New Hunter, Phil Learns Gun Safety, and a Tragedy in the Duck Blind with Guide Armando Vendittozzi 1:42:26 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 159: Best of 2020: Sizzler Changes Our Lives, Rabbit Hunting with Charles Rodney, and Burying the Hatchet with Dr. Barrie K. Gilbert 2:37:34 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 158: Best of 2020: Dumper's Redemption, Chuck Norris Reads Aldo Leopold, and the Not So Sharpest Moment of the Year 1:31:25 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 157: Running Deer with Dogs: A Paradox, Guarding the Gate, and in Defense of Hunting's Slippery Slope with Clay Newcomb 1:26:55 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 156: Dragging versus Quartering, Scent Control for Normal Folks, and more on Ask the Eagle with Janis Putelis 1:22:24 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 155: Two Dudes from Maryland, Old Bay for Life, and Essential Duck Stamp Knowledge with Sam Soholt 1:52:13 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 154: An Emotional Holiday, Hunting Traditions that Define Us, and Graduate Level Deer Naming with Wired to Hunt's Mark Kenyon 1:34:21 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 153: The Great THC Holiday Contest, We're (Not) a Cult, and Scaling the Future of Meat with Anya Fernald of Belcampo Farms 2:23:35 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 152: Dealing with COVID-19, the Colorado Wolf Reintroduction Debate, and Why We Need Game Cooperatives with Doug Duren 2:25:32 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 151: Jolene the Gas Station Queen, 100 Hunters Flock Shoot 50 Elk, and Wolves on the Ballot with Robbie Kroger from Blood Origins 1:53:04 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 150: The One-Nut Spike, Killing a Wolverine with a Hatchet, and Riding Reindeer with “Alone” Season Six Winner Jordan Jonas 1:51:02 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 149: Defining Extremism in Hunting, Crying in the Woods, and a Discussion on Wounding Game Animals with Janis Putelis and Sam Lungren 2:03:07 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 148: Battling for the Moral High Ground, Animal Rights as a Human Construct, and New Jersey's Bear Hunt Drama with Brian Lynn of the Sportsmen's Alliance 2:00:57 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 147: Finding Common Ground with Animal Rights Activist Paul Bashir 1:47:25 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 146: A Wild and Whole Governor, the Sizzler Changes Our Lives, and How to Butcher a Deer with Danielle Prewett 1:29:03 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 145: Roadtrip Tips, Dream Hunting Rigs, Pick Your One Gun, and More on Ask the Eagle with Janis Putelis 1:27:36 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 144: Bear Grease Predicts the Weather, Connecting Hunting to God, and Elk Failures with Clay Newcomb and His Flashy Mules 1:38:47 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 143: Ryan "Cal" Callaghan on His New Pup, Yelling "Snort" in a Crowed Place, Dirty Public Land Mattresses, and Big-Ass Grizzly Bear Encounters 1:37:33 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 142: That Time Remi Warren Rescued His Future Wife and What Hunters of All Skill Levels Need to Know About Elk 1:22:22 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 141: The End of Living Off the Land in Louisiana, the Market for Alligators, and Catching Dinosaurs with Swamp People's Troy and Jacob Landry 1:36:06 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 140: Burying the Hatchet with Dr. Barrie "Salty" Gilbert and Why We Seek Trophies with Chris Darimont 1:47:42 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 139: Ask the Eagle with Janis Putelis and Dr. Valerius Geist on Wolves, Intelligent Intervention, and the North American Model 2:04:13 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 138: Chuck Norris Reads Leopold, Please Study Our Hunting Brains, and Inside the Mind of a Predator with Neuroscientist Ivan De Araujo 1:40:47 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 137: The Salty Gilbert, David Hasselhoff Reads Edward Abbey, and Olympic Gold Medalist David Wise on Bowhunting and Overcoming Depression 1:47:21 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 136: An Unnamed Cocktail, the Value of Hunting Naps, and Complicated Mountain Goat Management with Pete Muennich 1:36:30 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 135: Wolves Aren't Great Hunters, a Cougar's 17 Kills in Two Months, and Finding the Predator's Purpose with Yellowstone National Park's Dr. Daniel Stahler 2:42:07 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 134: Phil's a Duck Hunter Now, Accidentally Fishing with Firecrackers, and a Balanced Backcountry Marriage with Hillary and Ryan Lampers 1:49:43 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 133: A Tribute to the Late Jim Posewitz, a Non-Discussion about the New Zealand Tahr Cull, and Achieving a Fair Kill with Dr. James Tantillo 1:41:01 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 132: Bipartisan Action and The Great American LWCF Challenge with BHA’s Land Tawney, Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM), and Rep. Steve Stivers (R-OH) 1:07:36 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 131: PETA’s Tofu Propaganda, the Trouble with Cancel Culture, and Pro Snowboarder Mark Carter Has Nothing to Hide 2:27:52 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 130: A Dumper Gets Redemption, the Liberal Hunter Match Game, and Challenging the Anti-Meat Movement with Robb Wolf and Diana Rodgers 1:59:38 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 129: Elmer Fudd Loses His Gun, Charles Rodney on Segregation, and Mat Best and Omar "Crispy" Avila on Gun Culture and Avoiding the Victim Narrative 2:04:41 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 128: Watch for Rattlers and Be Careful with Those Guns: A Conversation with Texas Legend Wyman Meinzer 1:42:52 CASSETTE INFO/audio
Ep. 127: Bear Butchering Interrupted, the Trouble with Supply Chains, and a Plant-Based Meat Takeover with Nick Halla from Impossible Foods 2:07:49 CASSETTE INFO/audio