Whiskey Girl - Melissa Belle

Whiskey Girl

By Melissa Belle

  • Release Date: 2020-09-29
  • Genre: Hedendaagse romantische fictie


They'll do anything for each other…except commit.

Logan Wild isn’t just the hottest bronc-riding cowboy in Texas. He’s also my best friend—with benefits. And that’s all we’ll ever be.
Because I know better than to believe in a fairytale.
While other girls dream of finding their Mr. Darcy, I’m the girl standing behind the bar and cleaning up spilled whiskey. 
Logan gets that.
Until one night in Vegas…when everything changes.

WHISKEY GIRL is part 1 of Logan and Macey’s emotional, friends-with-benefits romance, which continues in Warrior Girl and concludes in Wild Girl. Whiskey Girl and Warrior Girl both end in cliffhangers. Binge on all three cowboy books!

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